5 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Nigeria! (2022)


5 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Nigeria! (2022)

Whether you’re from Nigeria or another country, dogs can be found pretty much anywhere. If you’re currently searching for a companion, then we compiled this list of the most popular dog breeds in Nigeria for you to check out. From urban squares to rural homes, both local and international – dogs are adored worldwide. Some parts of the world might be known for specific breeds. For example, the Chihuahua is often associated with Mexican culture.

The Lhasa Apso is recognized in Tibetan monasteries. German Shepherds are — as the name implies, a signature of Germany. Some dogs might do better in certain climates than others. For example, dogs with many fur and thick coats might struggle a bit more in dealing with scorching temperatures. On the other hand, dogs with thin coats and not much extra coverage to keep their body warm may not be best suited for cold weather climates.


Choosing the right breed of dog for you includes evaluating your environment, your climate, and the culture in which you live. Especially in certain countries, people might prefer certain dog breeds over others. In Nigeria, for example, some breeds of dogs might be more easily seen in homes and around town than others. Over the years, particular dog breeds have grown in popularity with families and individuals in Nigeria.

While finding information on the exact types, breeding practices, and sales of dogs in Nigeria is not always available. Some dog breeds have risen to the top in popularity among Nigerians. Our team at WeLoveDoodles created this list specifically for you. You want a popular dog breed to become your companion? Now here’s your chance.

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Why do people get dogs?

Before jumping into the breeds of dogs that are often found in Nigerian homes, it’s helpful to consider why people get dogs in the first place. Depending on the family or individual, their reason for getting a dog might be the same or different in one or more ways. Here are just a few reasons why people choose to introduce dogs into their living environment.

Security: Especially in areas of uncertainty and unrest, having a dog can provide an element of safety and comfort in having a protective friend. Many dogs have an innate sense of protection and dedication to care for their family or individual. This is often the most popular reason for getting a dog in certain areas. Dogs that fulfill this role are typically more bold, courageous, and fearless as they are alert and aware of their surroundings.

Companionship: Many people choose to add a dog into their life for a sense of friendship. Dogs can make great friends and can be comforting partners, especially in difficult seasons. Whether you’re having a bad day and need a snuggle or need a running buddy to let off some steam, a dog can help you in an overabundance of ways.

People choose to get a dog for a variety of reasons. And those reasons also inform the best breed for them and their family.

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Most Popular Dog Breeds in Nigeria

In Nigeria, as in other places, some dogs are just more common than others. While rankings like these often vary based on available information, here are just a few top dog breeds in Nigeria.

1. German Shepherd

For families and individuals looking for protection and security in having a dog, a German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in Nigeria. Originating in Germany, the German Shepherd is a working animal with the strength and energy to have fun and help around the house. They have short coats that are most often black and tan. Their large, pointy ears help them stay alert of their surroundings, and their wagging tail indicates they’re trying to communicate something with you. Their size brings them an advantage in their athleticism and agility.

They range from about 50-88 pounds in weight and reach heights between 22-26 inches tall when measured at the shoulders. Their temperament also makes them highly valuable dogs, especially for security reasons. German Shepherds are very intelligent and can be easy to train once the owner achieves their authority position. They are also very loyal and obedient. When it comes to protecting their people, they serve as courageous and confident dogs ready to step in if needed.

2. Boerboel

This South African Mastiff, also called a Boerboel, is a large dog that is as strong as it looks. Originated in South Africa, this dog has a large body that is defined in muscle. The short coat comes in colors like tan, cream, and brown mixed with black. Their nose and mouth are black, adding intensity to their faces. Like the German Shepherd, the size of the Boerboel has its advantages in providing protection and security. These dogs are heavy, with a weight range between 130-170 pounds for males and 120-160 pounds.

Boerboels can also be reasonably tall, with a height range between 23 and 25 inches when measured at the shoulder. Their temperament is also ideal for serving as a guard dog or for security. They are brilliant and are often very aware of their surroundings. They also tend to be very territorial and seek dominance as they live. This is an important note to consider when planning training and obedience coaching with a Boerboel.

3. Lhasa Apso

While very different than dogs like the Boerboel or the German Shepherd, the small Lhasa Apso has also found its place in homes in Nigeria. As a non-sporting dog from Tibet, these dogs are known for keeping things calm and safe inside. When not trimmed in a puppy cut, the Lhasa Apsos’ coat is long and flowy, often tan, white, or gray mixed with black. Despite their long coats, they don’t shed much, making them an excellent fit for people with allergies.

They are also relatively small, weighing only between 11-18 pounds, depending on gender. While these dogs may be small, they can have a big personality and a bold temperament. Lhasa Aposos are known for being intelligent and friendly but also very spirited and assertive. Lhasa Apso will demand attention and are often fearless in situations. For an indoor guard dog, a Lhasa Apso can do the job.

4. Rottweiler

Often known for its aggressive and assertive behavior, the Rottweiler is also a trendy dog found in Nigeria. Also, from Germany, this large to a medium-sized dog is hard-working and loves to be active. These dogs have a predominantly black coat with brown markings on the head, chest, and feet. They can also grow to be quite large, as females weigh between 77-110 pounds while males can be up to 130 pounds.

They can be tall, too, with females between 22 and 25 inches tall and males reaching up to 27 inches tall when measured at the shoulders. These energetic and active dogs can serve as ideal candidates for guard dogs. They are very obedient when well-trained, but they also are known for being fearless and confident. They have a courageous air about them, and they look like you can trust them.

5. Basenji

Known as the “Ekuke” in Nigeria, this dog is designed to be a hunter. Basenjis are part of the hound group and are characteristically energetic and alert to their surroundings. They have a bright orange or tan coat with white markings. Basenjis have strong muscles and a short coat that helps them stay agile and active. The bark of the Basenji is something altogether unique, sounding something like a yodel. This is due to their uniquely shaped larynx. These energetic dogs are well-built and have a moderate weight range between just 20-26 pounds. They can be reasonably tall with a height that ranges between 15 and 17 inches.

The Basenji dogs have a temperament that can be easy to get along with. They are very intelligent and affectionate toward their family. They are also very energetic and need regular exercise to stay healthy. With their unique larynx, they also tend to be quieter than other dogs. While these dogs may not be as fearless or bold as the Rottweiler or German Shepherd, they are very active and athletic, making them fast and agile. That speed can come in handy in a variety of scenarios.

Conclusion For The “Most Popular Dog Breeds in Nigeria”

As in other countries and regions of the world, some dog breeds are more often found in Nigeria than others. Whether families and individuals choose to get a dog out of a desire for protection or a personable companion, certain dog breeds can be found more often in Nigeria. While this list includes some of the more popular dog breeds, many potential dog owners have also found their way into the hearts and homes of Nigerians.

Some dog breeds are better for protecting and providing security outside of the home. Others may be more homebodies that take the inside watch. Beyond just security, dogs can serve as friendly companions and lifelong pals. If you’re looking at getting a dog, consider the pros and cons of the breeds you’re thinking about, and be sure you find one that will make the best companion, protector, or friend.

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