Some of the Most Brilliant Money Tips Condensed into Tiny Sentences (INSIGHTFUL)


Some of the Most Brilliant Money Tips Condensed into Tiny Sentences (INSIGHTFUL)

Getting to the point is heaps easier.

Dumbass complexity is how institutions make money.


I worked in finance. My colleagues were masters at making simple — stuff such as a bank account — sound like a trip to Mt Everest that needs 1500 days of planning.

Complexity is also why we have a bullsh*t industry called consulting.


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Worked in that one too. People tell people how to run their business. All talking and best-case scenarios. Zero skin in the game and no execution.

Let’s make money simple so we can use it to buy our time back.

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Where egos are reset, entrepreneurs become employees again, and real estate agents sell their Mercedes Benzes in a fire sale.


Do it every day. Invest money so money works for you. Or you’ll work hard for the rest of your life for no reason.


The lowest amount an employer has to pay so you’ll come to work. Start here. Don’t end your career here.

A salary is low risk. That makes it addictive. And that’s why a salary is financial crack. Automatically put a percentage of every paycheck into your investments.

#Interest rates

Everyone wants them low so they pay the least amount possible. When interest rates go up debt becomes more expensive. The people who have too much debt can’t afford the higher rates — they get wrecked.

#Savings accounts

Your bank’s free investment fund. A scam that pays you 0%.

A fake safe place to store money. If the bank goes down then your money goes with it. Yes, governments will do their best. But if 2008 happens again, your bank doesn’t have to give you squat.

#Google the term bail-ins.

#The biggest financial decision…

Who you’ll marry.

Stay away from the crazies or they’ll take your cash in a divorce.

#The second biggest financial decision

To live below your means. F*ck the Joneses next door.


Money buys happiness when you’re in poverty. Once you break free, money doesn’t bring much joy. Chasing money to get rich only brings misery.

#Property investing

A cult.

Huge debt that makes you stressed. A landlord job where you’re a hotel manager to a bunch of broke millennials.

Recessions clean out the dummies who don’t know what good real estate is or that take on too much risk.

#Financial freedom

Not work done on laptops by the beach in your underpants. Nope.

It’s a choice you get to make about what work and projects you’ll participate in once money is in surplus.

When you stop work, you die. Don’t do that.


Waking up on Monday morning and not hating your life because of money.


(Not US dollars.) The currency of life is time. If you have lots of time or are young then you’re a billionaire.

#US Dollar

A melting ice cube that devalues day by day. Currently dollars melt at 7.5% per year. The real number is over 15% if you can operate a calculator.

#Property prices

Price discovery is broken.

How we got here: Create trillions of dollars out of nowhere since 2020. Hand them out. More dollars equals prices of everything go up.

House prices go up. People think they got rich. They’re happy. They don’t protest or get upset. Fact: they probably didn’t get richer. Scam.

#Money printing

Governments create more money out of thin air to pay for war and global health catastrophes. It leads to inflation that’s a hidden tax.

#Financial assets

A place to put dollars so you don’t pay the inflation tax of the financially illiterate.

#Central bank

The bank in each country that creates money from nothing. The people do not elect them.

Creating a lot of free money is bloody tempting. So … they do it.

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Your brain determines how you think, invest, spend, save. Program your brain, or money will be a constant struggle.

Study a book called “The Psychology of Money.”

#How to make more money

Make more of a difference in people’s lives.


Thinking money is the answer to all your problems. Or comparing one’s wealth with another’s.


Take them or you’ll be doing the same sh*t for the rest of your life. Don’t die full of regrets about what could have been.


$0 makes people think what you have to offer has no value. Charge people money.


A financial asset that pays less interest than the cost of inflation. Loan debt to governments, councils, or corporations. Get screwed. Another joke in finance.

#Income drop

… but if lifestyle improves, then f*ck yeah. Win!


Quiet. No need to be Lambo-flashy. The wealthy look normal.

#Financial independence

No boss. No clown suit with a pinstripe. No alarm clock. No commute. Less meetings. Unlimited opportunities to make more money.

#Best financial tool in history


#Money accelerator



#Money decelerator




Go in and out of markets like a trader, lose a bucketload of money. Invest and ride the ups and downs = wealthy over time.


The big swings in price that take money from the dumb and give it to those who are patient.

If an asset is volatile, it has high-growth potential. Explains crypto.


Not a scam. It’s early days just like the creation of the internet. Don’t dismiss it, or look stupid and die poor.

Stick to Ethereum and Bitcoin if you’re overwhelmed by it.

#Passive income

Money you get for doing no work — stocks, crypto, online business, writing online.

#Build once. Earn forever after

Warning: it takes active work upfront to make it happen. Once the money happens without effort it’s passive.

#Side hustles

Experiments in other ways to make money. Done online. Happens after hours. Takes more than a year. If one is patient, a side hustle can replace a 9–5 job.

#Market crashes

Financial assets go on discount. A time for bargain hunting.

#Compound interest

Those who understand it, earn it. Those who don’t, pay it.


Working hard for money versus working smart. Leverage amplifies effort. Same amount of work but much bigger financial results.

Oh, and leverage is also a fancy word for borrowing money that the pinstripe suits use to confuse normies.

#Get a lot of money

Build an audience. Turn it into a community you own via an email list. Sell products and services. Make money online.

There’s no need to get rich. Just learn about money so you have time.

Money isn’t hard to understand. The Matrix we live in requires you to think it is so you’ll waste your time for nothing.


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