The Only 3 Books You Need To Conquer the World of Business (#1 is my favorite)


The Only 3 Books You Need To Conquer the World of Business (#1 is my favorite)

To fulfill your entrepreneurship dreams

Starting a business is hard. It takes so much sacrifice and hard work to get any traction. The path to success is never linear.


The entrepreneur’s journey is full of ups, downs, and roadblocks. An entrepreneur is a generalist. So they have to deal with everything from technical stuff to marketing.

The best way to prepare yourself for the journey is by learning from others’ experiences and implementing their advice. You can get great insights from failures and successes.

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Then there are books about business and entrepreneurship. You get tremendous value from just a few pages if you choose the right ones.

These books talk about great entrepreneurs’ journeys or businesses in general. Each one has its own take.

You can get new perspectives from these books. You understand the common qualities, habits, and traits of successful entrepreneurs. You also see how each one is different in some way.

#Steve Jobs

Apple is one of the most successful companies today. It’s crazy that Apple was operating in a small garage at one point.

This biography gives you a glimpse into the life of Steve Jobs. It goes through his whole journey from studying at college, working at Atari, to building Apple.

There’s a reason there are two movies on him. But the book offers much more. This is because Steve Jobs and Walter Isaacson worked on this book together.

We see how Steve handles his relationships with his family, partners, friends, and employees. We get to see the good and bad.

We also get an idea of how Apple transformed into the Tech giant it is today.

#Lessons from the book

Steve strived for perfection. He didn’t care whether the customer could see the parts or not. Everything had to be beautiful.

Steve carried his design learnings from college and implemented them in Apple. He believed simplicity was key.

Steve was very obsessive. This helped him push hard and strive for greatness in his work. But this same quality caused him great harm in his personal life.

“Picasso had a saying — ‘good artists copy, great artists steal’ — and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” — Steve Jobs

To date, Apple has the same philosophy. They wait for market validation before putting out any features. Then they perfect them and ship them out as their own features.

#Do Epic Shit

If you stay updated with startups, chances are you’ve heard of Ankur Warikoo. He puts great content on his Youtube, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts.

His book “Do Epic Shit.” is similar to Naval Ravikant’s Almanac. This book is also a compilation of Ankur’s tweets, thoughts, and experiences. But it’s more like a diary. It feels very personal.

You feel like you’re reading his deepest and most vulnerable thoughts. You realize he’s just an ordinary person despite all his success.

Just like us, he has gone through ups and downs. He has good days and bad days. The only difference is his positive outlook on life.

This book is a collection of random thoughts that have great takeaways.

#Lessons from the book

Three relationships define us — Our relationship with money, time, and ourselves.

When you succeed, people see only success. When you fail, they see failure. No one looks at the journey. Success and failure are just outputs. How you carry yourself through and after the journey is what defines you.

Going against the norm is uncomfortable for some time. There is permanent discomfort in following the herd.

He talks a great deal about entrepreneurship. He believes it’s a state of mind, not a profession. Entrepreneurship is 90% about understanding and 10% about execution. 90% about empathy and 10% autocracy. And 100% patience.

You have to show up every day when you’re a new founder. You have to do the dirty work.

Great leaders are defined by their thoughts and vision.

I’m going to stop here because I could go on forever. But this book offers so many more valuable insights.

It’s an easy read and barely 300 pages—a must-read for everyone.

#Millionaire Fastlane

This is one of the best books about businesses. It talks about creating Fastlane businesses. These are businesses that can achieve great success in a small timeframe.

This book is for those who want to create a Fastlane business or be a Fastlaner. Fastlaners are people who build businesses that scale well at the right time. They get rich in a fast time frame and have constant income flowing in.

The author also talks about two other categories — Slowlaners and Sidewalkers. Slowlaners work in good companies and invest the money they get. They get rich in a much longer timeframe.

Then there are the Sidewalkers who have no ambition or drive. They struggle to hold jobs or save any money.

#Lessons from the book

Building a successful business is not a one-time event. It’s a long(a couple of years) process with multiple steps and decisions.

When you run your business, you have control and leverage. Leverage helps you scale fast and create immense wealth. Time is the most important asset for Fastlaners. They spend money to save time. They don’t spend time earning money.

Money is not a product of time for Fastlaners. They earn even in their sleep.

Fastlane businesses follow five commandments — Control, Entry, Need, Time, and Scale.


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