The Only 3 Kinds of People Worth Surrounding Yourself With ( SUPER WISDOM)


The Only 3 Kinds of People Worth Surrounding Yourself With ( SUPER WISDOM)

#Your circle can make or break your life

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


— Jim Rohn

The above quote’s a cliché for a reason.

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Wired by millennia of social evolution, our circles dictate the lion’s share of our identity, beliefs, and worldviews.


While the right folks can propel you to the skies, the wrong ones can pull you into the depths of Tartarus.

Thanks to our innate sensitivity to negativity, even one rotten apple’s enough to destroy the bunch.

From a weak wuss surrounded by nauseatingly toxic bullies to a confident young man with positivity-exuding brothers, I’ve seen the entire spectrum.

And the best people to keep around you fall into 3 broad categories.

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#The Most Important Type of The Three

No force will push you past your limits more than the presence of someone better.

We preach, “Don’t compare yourself to others!” — but our minds evolutionarily wired for “Survival of The Fittest” evolution can’t help but compare.

But turn that comparison into fuel for inspiration and not jealousy.

Even if the better person is condescending and doesn’t encourage you, be receptive and humble.

#How Do You Find Such People?

Be it the muscle monster squatting 500 lbs in your gym or the slick-black pinstripe in his roaring Lambo, you only have to walk up to them.

When you show genuine awe and a willingness to learn, most won’t hesitate to help—ranging from quick value-packed tips to a free mentoring offer.

Another potent way in today’s internet era is cold emailing or DMing—first, ensure you catch their attention by loyally interacting with their content.

Even with no physical or online contact, observing and following from afar is enough to inspire and push yourself.

1STMAN, Andrew Tate, Hamza, Aanghel, and Dr. Jordan Peterson have all been and continue to be my silent mentors.

#The Type that Will Stay with You the Longest

The problem with higher-level people is they gravitate the most towards people at their level — or higher.

This is where similar-level people come in — by pushing each other, you’ll all grow way more than if you were lone wolves.

A close friend from Muay Thai fits this bill — be it consistency with good habits or weight-training workouts, we whoop reach other’s butts at the slightest sign of slacking.

Throw in deep conversations where we bounce around high-quality ideas, and every interaction’s a rich experience.

Beware of toxic competitors who turn everything into cut-throat competition. The desire to improve will be there — but will rise from a dark, draining place.

Aim for a healthy balance of mutual encouragement and playful competition.

#How Do You Find Such People?

Be open to conversing with strangers — even if you don’t initiate, at least be receptive when someone else does.

Thanks to the power of “Like attracts like”, serendipity will ensure you’ll come across such people.

But sitting at home in obscurity won’t work — put yourself out there.

Once you get chummy with such a person, meet their friends — who’ll probably be like you. Introduce your other friends to them as well.

Keep cross-pollinating like this and you’ll soon have a sizeable circle.

#The Last Type Which Society Ignores at Large

Stuck in the “Get better! Hustle” loop, we’ve forgotten the importance of giving back.

Say you’re on the 9th rung of the proverbial ladder. While the other 9th rung ones will motivate you, the 10th rung folks will pull you up. But what about the 8th rung and below?

Pull them up — then, they’ll pull the ones below them, and so will propagate this chain of betterment that will uplift society itself.

But there’s a major caveat here — you can’t and shouldn’t try to pull up the ones who don’t want to climb up. Even worse are the crabs that seek to pull you down to their level.

It’ll be a loss-loss effort — while you’ll end up cursing them for their ungratefulness, they’ll turn bitter, jealous, and resentful towards you.

But the wide-eyes ones that look at you with godly awe?

Lift them up by all means — even if it means a tiny dent in your “productive” routine.

#How Do You Find Such People?

This is the easiest. You don’t.

Once you become good enough, they will only come to you — provided you maintain a warm, inviting demeanor.

When they do, don’t brush them off or ignore them — at the very least, provide brief pointers and point them to good resources.

Think how you’d feel if someone you admire stubbed you.

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Final Thoughts

3 traits define the three types we saw—being positive, wishing for your well-being, and being driven to improve.

In fact, the trait of positivity triggers the other two — and a host of other amazing qualities such as kindness, integrity, exuberance, and gratefulness.

A positive person at or below your level >> A toxic and negative person FAR above your level.

The best way to attract such people into your life? Become an inspiring beacon of positivity yourself.

CONTRIBUTED BY Neeramitra Reddy

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