3 Daily Habits All Millionaires Have (DIGEST THIS)


3 Daily Habits All Millionaires Have (DIGEST THIS)

Build better days using this quick guide.

Wealthy people are built different.


They’re the same as you in a way but they do certain, important, things differently.

And when you’re interested in being something, it pays dividends to study the people who already that something.

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Want to be the greatest quarterback ever? Okay cool, what does Tom Brady do?


When you see someone with something you don’t have, they’re doing something you’re not doing.

In this case, I’ll share 3 daily habits every single wealthy person has in common.

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#They take their mornings seriously

Rich people don’t waste their mornings.

They understand your first couple of hours set the tone for the day.

Pro tip: solid mornings start the night before.

A good night’s sleep and must do list for tomorrow are a nice place to start.

Once you wake up, get right out of bed. Start with some version of meditation, workout and deep work.

For me I go for a big glass of lemon water, a 20 minute workout, reading and then work.

#They’re selling

Quite honestly, if you’re not selling something you’re not going to make real money.

All wealthy people sell at some point in their wealth journey.

You want passive income? Of course you do. This requires active selling up front.

What you sell is entirely up to you. It might be subscriptions or services or software or shoes. It doesn’t really matter.

Except you want to be able to scale which is easier digital than physical.

#They avoid negativity

They’re hearing positive messages. Seeking out positive people. Filling their mind with positive mantras.

They’re not watching the news or scrolling through the whining you see on Facebook pages.

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Toxic people? Hard pass.

Doing meaningless shit you hate doing? Nope.

Everything they do is built around core goals.

In my case everything I do has to contribute to my health, relationships or wealth.

The core goal? Retire my girlfriend and live semi-off grid inside the next 10 years. No time or room for negativity in there.


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