How to Work Like a Genius in 5 Steps (CLASSIC)


How to Work Like a Genius in 5 Steps (CLASSIC)

Anyone can master this.

#Some geniuses are Albert Einstein-esque.


But most people we think of as geniuses are just super productive and get a lot done. Tons of action makes one look pretty damn smart.

So, basically, they use their average IQ to its fullest extent. Which is a version of genius.

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Here’s how you can work like a genius even if you aren’t one.

#1/ Eliminate distractions

Here’s where you set up your environment to work for you.

Ditch the cell phone. Block websites on your computer. Unplug the TV.

Focus is a superpower these days. Most of us have the attention span of a goldfish.

Meditation helps. It also helps with clarity. Focus and clarity work wonders together.

#2/ Chunk your work

I mean this 2 ways.

The Sprint-Rest-Repeat way where you work for 45 minutes and then take a break.

And the This Looks Familiar way where you chunk similar work together. Need to bang out 10 calls? Do it at once. Time to respond to emails? Batch them together.

#3/ Delegate

If you’re a boss, this is easy. You have people you’re specifically meant to delegate to. Use them.

If you’re a regular person, then you could outsource to another country. Or pass something off to your spouse or kids.

We’ve involved the kids in a lot more chores to take things off our plate.

My girlfriend also takes a lot on around the house so I can focus on school and writing.

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#4/ ‘6 Tasks’ Rule aka Ivy Lee Method

The idea is you can only focus on a max of 6 tasks each day.

Choose wisely.

For me everything I do has to contribute to my health, relationships or wealth buckets.

My must do daily tasks? Workout, sleep 7+ hours, publish a content piece, finish at least 30 minutes of schoolwork and eat family dinner.

#5/ Plan your day

Each evening jot down an outline for your following day.

Eventually you build a routine. Once things are a routine, it’s easier to do them than not to.

I wanted to take a day off the other day and then my body just carried me into my routine.

Default settings took over until I could re-engage with my life.


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