Top 6 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Chances of Success


🟡Top 6 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Chances of Success

Don’t let negative habits hold you back from succeeding

Bad habits preventing you from succeeding in life


It is said that habits can make or break your chances of success. There’s much truth in that adage. While positive habits empower you and help you work effectively, bad habits, on the other hand, act as a stumbling block to taking action and achieving goals.

Here are six negative habits that prevent you from succeeding in life.

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Habit #1 Resistance to doing things

You have the best of intentions and know what needs to be done, but when it comes to actually taking action, you resist doing things. You just can’t get yourself moving even though you know what you have to do is good for you and will yield positive results.

To get over the habit of resistance, stop overthinking and overwhelming yourself in the first place.

Begin by talking yourself out of inertia by convincing yourself of the advantages of moving forward, embracing change, and being comfortable with it.

Next, chunk your big goal into smaller tasks, and focus on the task at hand. Making things simpler and taking one step at a time will enable you to get over the initial resistance and get the ball rolling.

Habit #2 Being preoccupied with thoughts

You think you are engaged in work, but you’re doing things mechanically because your mind is elsewhere.

Preoccupation with thoughts not only decreases your productivity and increases your chances of making mistakes but also tires you mentally and leaves you feeling drained out.

If you’re in the habit of worrying too much about things, it may take a while to tame your thoughts, but with regular practice, it is possible to deal with them.

Keep your mind engaged in some activity, and be mindful of what you are doing. Getting involved and remaining connected with the present moment will distract the thought process and break the rumination.

Also, if anxiety and worry bother you, challenge the negative thoughts and reason them out. You’ll realize that most fears are unfounded, and with reasoning and explanations, they’ll melt away.

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Habit #3 Self-criticism

No one’s perfect, and each one has their weaknesses and shortcomings. However, being too critical of yourself, second-guessing your decisions, and coming on too harshly to yourself for small mistakes is a bad habit that creates self-doubt and negatively affects your self-esteem.

So, whenever you catch yourself criticizing yourself, develop the habit of noting down the things that you don’t like about yourself. At a later time, go through them, objectively assessing if your strong reaction was valid. Cross out the things that didn’t warrant criticism and list things that require your attention.

There’s always scope for improvement in all areas of life. If you feel you lack in some area, devote time to better yourself and excel in that field.

Habit #4 Rushing your decisions

Decision-making is not everyone’s strength. Many people struggle with deciding things one way or the other. They either make impulsive decisions and let their emotions drive their choices or jump to conclusions without giving things much thought.

Although today’s fast-paced times require you to make rapid decisions but rushed decisions can lead you to make wrong choices that may prove to be costly and which you might regret later.

To avoid mistakes from happening, give up the habit of making impulsive decisions. Train yourself to slow down, allow yourself time to run through all the options, and decide things after carefully deliberating and considering the pros and cons.

Though there’s no guarantee that thoughtfully taken decisions will always be right but evaluating various alternatives and seeing things in perspective minimizes your chances of going wrong with your choices.

Habit #5 Doing things half-heartedly

There’s equal effort and energy spent doing things enthusiastically and half-heartedly. However, there’s a world of difference in the results you get.

When you don’t give your all to the task or work you are doing, you fail to accomplish your goals. This makes you feel discouraged, and you further lose interest in the process. It, therefore, becomes a vicious cycle, and you get stuck in mediocrity.

In life, not everything will be of your liking. But if something needs to be done, it’s wise to give it your hundred percent and do it well. Putting in your best to do whatever you do will boost your morale and bring out the best in you.

Inculcate the habit of getting involved in your work, be enthusiastic about it, and commit to excellence. Start unleashing your full potential, put in full-blooded efforts, and you’ll see not only outstanding results but also derive immense joy out of what you do.

Habit #6 Repeating the same mistakes

No one can work flawlessly or get things done perfectly. Mistakes happen all the time and by everyone. But not identifying, acknowledging, and correcting your mistakes is a bad habit that will cost you dearly in the long run.

Making mistakes is not a pleasant experience. Besides, if you repeatedly make mistakes, you’ll lose the trust of others and come across as a careless person. People will hesitate to give you important assignments and avoid putting you in a responsible position. This will negatively impact your sense of self, and you’ll lose interest in your work.

When things don’t work as you expect them to and you have an inkling that something has gone wrong, take time to get to the root and figure out what went wrong and where. Try to analyze your mistakes and understand what you could have done differently.

Learning from your mistakes will make you wiser, boost your confidence and save your precious time by ensuring that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

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In Conclusion

Habits are not inbuilt; they can be changed as desired. All you need is willingness, commitment, and a dash of patience.

Habits are just some behaviors you have developed over time, knowingly or unknowingly, and practice daily. You can rewire your mind, undo the negative, feed yourself with the positive, and voila, you can make your habits work for you.

So identify and get rid of your bad habits and replace them with empowering ones, and you can increase your odds of success at anything.


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