Four High-ROI Habits That Take 2 Minutes Each


Four High-ROI Habits That Take 2 Minutes Each

I can vouch for them any day.

Your daily actions can mean the difference between what you are going to achieve in the near and long future.


It’s always the small actions you take throughout the day that creates our life. But, the best part here is —

“We are the creators, architect and designer of our lives.”

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So, we can change something we don’t like (if you are willing to work on it).


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There are dozens of habits you can develop to live a great life. Here I’m going to mention some of mine which helped me get the highest ROI.

#1. Drink a Glass of Lemon Water (No Sugar, Please)

Everyone tells to drink water in the morning. Everyone tells that lemons are good for health.

What about you make a habit of drinking lemon juice in the morning with warm water.

I have been drinking lemon extract with warm water since two years now. And I can visibly see the results.

All the Vitamin C helps me maintain a healthy complexion.

My digestion throughout the day is top notch.

Instant energised due to rehydration.

#2. Do 15 Jumping Jacks (Just After Getting Out Of Bed)

When we sleep, our body stays in a rest state. Blood pressure and heart rate drops to aid your sleep. Due to all these changes, your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen even after you wake up.

Doing 15 jumping jacks gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing and will clear your mind in an instant.

I usually get out of my bed, do 15–20 jumping jacks, stretch for a minute and then go make my lemon water.

Any type of light cardio exercise in the morning will —

Get your blood flowing.

Get your heart pumping.

Get your mind ready for the day.

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#3. Draw Anything (Or, Write?)

If you struggle with meditation, let me tell you, it’s fine. It’s tough to sit in a room and think about nothing.

Rather, I have replaced meditation with creating some kind of art. It could be writing, singing, acting, dancing. You decide it. You take something you want to learn, or you are already good at, and you do it.

The core principle of meditation is to be present. Present in the moment. You don’t need to silence your thoughts. You only need to be calm your mind and be present.

I take out my post-it notes, my pencil and start drawing whenever I feel overwhelmed. The drawings aren’t even good. But, I do it anyway.

Make me calm.

It’s a great way to clear my mind.

I usually get idea for new and creative things related to my work.

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#4. Two-Minute Daily Review

This is one habit that will make your day worthwhile.

In this fast, Information Age, the time is running so fast that we don’t even remember when days end and the next one starts. We fall into routines and time keeps getting by.

It’s important to appreciate the little things that happened to you during the day.

At the end of the day, I try to remember all the good things that happened throughout the day and the things I was grateful for today.

Sometimes, it’s as small as some stranger passed me a smile while handing me my coffee. Nevertheless.

This small habit helps me appreciate the days more.

I am more grateful that ever.

Always remember that you create your whole life. If you don’t like something, it’s time to change it


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