6 Ways to Attract Money


🌼6 Ways to Attract Money

#1.Get to know your money

Anyone who feels powerless when it comes to money has a proclivity to overlook their finances. We do this because money scares and intimidates us.


We try to stay away from our financial accounts. We try to avoid paying our expenses. We try not to think about how much debt we have. We try to avoid it at all costs, silently hoping that it will go away on its own.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s not going to go better on its own.

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You must learn to understand your money if you want to produce more wealth in your life. In fact, you must be in command of it, which necessitates a thorough understanding of your financial situation (even if it scares you).


Take small steps to get to know your money. Instead of falling into fear, look at your bank account every day and force yourself to be glad that you even have one. Appreciate your money and try to think of it as “I have” rather than “I don’t have.”

As you become more familiar with your money, it will become less frightening to you, allowing you to take reign of it. This will attract more money to you.

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#2. Power of Mind

The importance of mental strength cannot be overstated. You must have a positive mindset and refrain from worrying about things that have not yet occurred.

Your thoughts, according to the Law of Attraction, are related to the experiences you will have in life. Negative thoughts result in negative events, whereas positive thoughts result in positive experiences.

As a result, you must think that you are deserving of happiness in order to attract prosperity. I didn’t say you have the right to happiness. The key word here is “worthy.” The key to happiness is to improve our self-perception, which can be aided in great part by our daily routine.

None of the other steps mentioned here can be taken until you truly believe you are worthy of happiness.

Also, if you feel you can attract money, you will be successful. Every day, persuade yourself that you’ll be wealthy and happy, and it could just happen.

#3. Focus on what you have right now

Many people get caught up in obsessing over what they don’t have or what they’ve lost. This negative thought pattern sets in motion a downward spiral of negativity, which repels the positive forces of happiness.

Instead, use the gift of appreciation to focus on everything that you do have. This is the only moment we have. Yesterday has passed.

#4. Invest in Yourself (Saving your money)

The act of saving money far outweighs the act of unconsciously and frivolously spending money.

People dislike saving money because it makes them feel “limited” and, as a result, powerless over their finances. If this describes you, I challenge you to think at saving in a new light: as spending money on yourself.

Your bank account will continue to increase if you save money. This will eventually provide you with a financial cushion, allowing you to feel secure and proud of your possessions. When you choose not to spend money, you are genuinely investing in yourself and your wealth mindset.

Your money and financial confidence will rise as a result of your purposeful decision to save, drawing greater prosperity to you.

#5. Study Wealth

You must go beyond wishful thinking to attract money into your life. It entails making a deliberate decision to study everything you can about money and how wealth is amassed. Investigate the ideas, behaviours, and habits of wealthy people who have created and attracted riches. These are your professors.

Recognise that true riches does not manifest itself in the form of dazzling jewellery, expensive cars, or fancy clothing. In truth, the vast majority of millionaires are careful budgeters who have built their fortune over decades.

#6. Give money away

This final point is about money’s spiritual and karmic power. We contribute to refill the human spirit when we offer money to others who are less fortunate. Money will not follow you if you hoard it.

Instead, utilize your empathy to figure out who is in need and how you might assist them. Offering to pay for groceries in the checkout line for a struggling family in front of you is an example. It could also imply donating your time to your favorite charity, which is a type of money.

When you give to others out of genuine love and compassion, you create more happiness, which is the prelude of wealth.

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#Last Thoughts on Attracting Wealth

It is no fortuitous event that you required some investment to peruse this article. You can totally draw in abundance into your life right currently by following the 6 stages that have been framed here. Notice the title of this post read straightforward advances and difficult. In some cases the most troublesome things we do in life are basic in nature however that sure doesn’t mean they are simple.

Thank you for taking time reading my article!

CONTRIBUTED BY Julalak Suppaphol

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