5 Simple Tips for Getting Your Small Business or Freelance Hustle Started


🌼5 Simple Tips for Getting Your Small Business or Freelance Hustle Started

You don’t need an MBA or fancy letters after your name to start

Day one can be the most brutal day there is, but please know this.


Everyone and I mean everyone, has had their day one.

So when we look to find experienced mentors, guides, coaches, or role models in the place we want to be, don’t forget that fact. Every entrepreneur had to learn to walk before they ran. Every freelancer knew nothing about client getting before they “got” their first client.

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We all start from somewhere.

Getting your business started can be the most complicated, overwhelming, and essential part of building your future and dreams. Not knowing what to do or ignoring what is required to succeed can make your path to success more difficult. It can also hinder it in totality as there are many things you need to understand in the first phase of the business to be successful.

Without these critical components, you will likely make a few mistakes or miss a couple of deadlines as you work to get back on track.

Here are a few tips to help get your small business or freelance hustle started.

#Choose the right business idea

If you want to get started right, you must choose the right business idea or model.

Not the one that the magazines say is hot.

Instead, the one that fills you up and stirs your soul.

Don’t start a business you don’t really care for because you have the wrong idea of what success will look like or be like. In other words, if you don’t like doing the work now, you won’t like doing it later when you have the revenue.

So it would be best if you enjoyed the work to keep it functioning and fired up for the long term.

#Understand your target audience

Get to know your target audience, or ideal client, as much as possible immediately, and don’t ever stop.

Your ideal client will always be learning and growing, and so should you.

Your target audience is vital to your business’s overall success as they provide you the resources to grow. They’re the ones who will spend their money with you. If you don’t understand them, they will likely move on to someone that does.

Taking them for granted will surely make finding and retaining new ones more difficult.

Remember, it is natural to change, and your target audience will too, which is why you must keep up with the relationship and communication with them.

Know them, love them, nurture them, or someone else will.

#Create the right social media platforms

Be sure to open and use the social media accounts your target audience uses the most.

Just because you like Tik-Tok doesn’t mean your clients will so go to where they already are. Certain age groups, places around the world, and niches use different platforms, so it is essential to take notice of the ones they use first or at least to support them.

For example, if you want to create YouTube videos but know most of your audience uses Instagram, you can chunk down and edit the video to share teaser stories on Insta.

Then, when they see the teaser video on Instagram, they will likely want to learn more and follow links or calls to action.

#Understand the required resources and finances

Educate yourself regarding business finance.

This doesn’t mean you need an MBA. Instead that you grasp the essentials of what makes your business tick.

This includes paying yourself, what it costs to create content, accounting systems, other tools, and so much more. A poor grasp of finances is one of the most common reasons businesses fail, which is why you should set it up correctly and find the appropriate funding before you start.

#Remember this:

Profit is sanity, revenue is vanity, but cash is king.

Complete a business plan

A business that skips a business plan is sure to fail.

Now to be clear, I’m no fan of 50-page, drawn-out plans. But I am a proponent of at least having a roadmap of where you’re headed on a 5 yr, 1 yr, then quarterly basis.

This is because a business plan helps ensure your business idea is viable and profitable in the long term. It helps to identify each marketing strategy and how you can stand out against your competition. Plans are essential to making sure you deliver everything you need to run and grow a successful business now and in the future.

Sure, it could be a long one, but often a simple whiteboard plan or one-pager will more than suffice.

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#The final word

Starting a small business can be difficult, but you’re off to a good start if you have the right idea, understand your target audience, and create the right social media platforms.

You must also be aware of the resources and finances required to keep your business running.

Finally, don’t forget to complete a business plan to stay on track and achieve your long-term goals.

With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to starting a successful small business or freelance side hustle.`


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