🌼7 Things People Regret Later in Life ( DIGEST THIS NOW)


🌼7 Things People Regret Later in Life ( DIGEST THIS NOW)

Ensure that you avoid these things.

Life is short. In my 30+ years, I’ve come across people who talked about regrets in their lives.


Consider these a collection of real-life examples from people who were at the last stage of their lives but had severe regrets.

Regardless of your age, take these as a constant reminder for yourself. Don’t regret any of these things.

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1. Not forgiving people

When people do bad to you, you have two choices. Either to revenge or to forgive them. While you’re young planning, an act of revenge sounds fascinating, but as you grow old, you realize the power of forgiveness.

When you don’t forgive people, you hold a grudge in your heart. And as time passes, this grudge infects your soul. Eventually, you regret not forgiving people.

So, the next time someone upsets you or breaks you, make a prayer for them, forgive and move on with your life. Ask GOD to give them guidance and understanding of their mistake.

2. Sweating the small stuff

You might not have experienced it yet, but every older person I’ve met said to regret wasting time on things that didn’t matter. A bad day at the office, a pet pooping on your carpet, or your coworker is angry with you. These little things might create a temporary discomfort, but in the long run, these won’t matter.

Try to live in the moment. Don’t think of the past. Look in the mirror a few times a day and laugh at yourself. Laughing 15 minutes a day is equal to 2 hours of sound sleep.

Remember, what happens, happens with the permission of GOD. Just do whatever you can do, and leave the rest to GOD. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet or things you have no control over.

3. Words left unsaid

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to say, “I love you.” Don’t wait to tell someone what you hate about them. If things are unsaid, it creates unease in your life. And when you get old, this feeling surfaces on top and makes you regret it.

Share your feelings with loved ones or close friends. Don’t let them stay inside you. Get it out, or else it will create a void in your life, and as soon as you get old, you will regret not saying your heart out.

4. Working too much

Don’t work hard; work smart. Hard work alone is dangerous. You must combine it with brilliant work to get some free time to spend with your family or polish your skill.

4 Ways to Work Smart Not Hard

Stop being an Ant and be a Chimpanzee.

Work at the office and don’t take work at home. If you work from home, work for dedicated hours and don’t work more hours. Use tools to simplify your work. If you work hard, you’ll regret not spending enough time with your family or giving time to yourself.

5. What will others think?

Half of our lives we waste thinking about what other people will think. What others think of you is none of your business. Do what feels right for you with whatever information you have.

Live your days doing things you love and taking decisions that decide your future. Ignore what others think about you because, in the end, you’ll regret it a lot. People’s thoughts are not worth it. It’s your life. Live it the way you want to live.

6. Not following your passion

You only have one life. Don’t waste it on doing something you hate or working for someone you don’t like. Figure out your passion. What do you love to do? Do that. There are no small or odd jobs. You are born to do something special. Find that special skill within you and serve the world with that skill.

If you keep doing the job you hate, later on, this will turn out to be the biggest regret of your life. Don’t let it happen to you.

7. Taking life too seriously

So what if you didn’t get that promotion. It’s okay to fail at your first interview. People won’t remember how many times you’ve failed before you succeed.

Stop taking life seriously. Live your life in moments. Every moment counts. Make the most of the moment; if it’s good, excellent. If something goes bad, it’s learning. Don’t take it seriously. End every day by forgetting all bad that happened to you. Remember the good stuff.

When you grow old, you will remember stories of your life. Don’t you want to make some good ones while you still can? Travel. Fail. Start a business. Leave a toxic relationship. Quit a job you hate. Life is too short of taking it seriously. Have fun. Learn things. Move on.

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Closing thoughts

Every morning you’re gifted 1440 minutes. How you spend those minutes depends upon you? You can either be grateful, learn things, move on, create a legacy, or waste your time on things that are not important at all.

These things will make you regret life. Avoid the things, and you will be okay in your old age.


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