The Five Signs of Pet Health


The Five Signs of Pet Health

It isn’t always easy for your pet to tell you when they aren’t feeling their best. Thankfully, attentive cat and dog parents can still help monitor their pet’s health by paying attention to five signs of overall wellbeing.

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What Are The 5 Signs of Pet Health?

Most healthy cats and dogs will have these five indicators of wellbeing. These seemingly small details can tell you a lot about their overall health state, so be sure to start noticing the little things, as well.

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Optimal digestion


Gassiness, constipation, loud rumbling stomach, diarrhea, abnormal stool – these are all signs that something might be amiss with your pet’s digestive system. If your pet has optimal digestion, they will be regular, and their stool will be in one piece (shaped like a log), proportionate to their size and the size of their meals, and brown – any other stool color should raise concern.

Healthy mobility

Even if your pet is in their golden years, that doesn’t mean that movement should be painful. Finding it easy to get up from their bed, run around, and go on long walks are all signs of good mobility, and if there’s any struggle with movement or signs of pain when being active, it should be a clear sign to visit a vet.

Soft skin

Flaky or dry skin, itchiness, redness, or irritation – that’s a big no-no. Your pet’s skin should be soft no matter their breed or hair type, and if it’s not, then something is wrong. If it’s not a medical issue causing their irritation or dryness, it might be a product you’re using.

Lustrous coat

Shiny, flowing locks or lustrous closely cropped coats are a good sign of pet health – and can signify that your pet is getting the right amount of essential fatty acids through their diet. Dull, brittle hair, hair loss, or hair that seems greasy can be a red flag, pointing either at poor nutrition or an underlying medical issue.

Immune health

The immune system is the barrier between your pet and bacteria, viruses, and toxins that cause illness and disease, so it goes without saying that a compromised immune system is the last thing you want for your pet. Possible signs of a weak immune system in pets are many, including lethargy and weakness, loss of appetite, seizures, skin issues, etc. It’s important to note that nutrition is vital to immune health, so a quality, balanced diet is a great way to help your pet thrive and stays healthy.

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How You Can Ensure Your Pet’s Wellbeing

Making sure your pet has all five points of pet health and wellbeing starts with nutrition. Although it’s not the only thing you can and should do to keep your pet thriving, a healthy, balanced diet is the foundation of overall health. Luckily, more and more pet food manufacturers are recognizing the growing need to improve the quality and the nutritional profile of pet food.

Contributed by Angela Vuckovic

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