🌼How To Get More Respect? Use These 8 Tiny But Powerful Methods (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


🌼How To Get More Respect? Use These 8 Tiny But Powerful Methods (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

First impressions are important, and people will form their opinion of you within the first 90 seconds of meeting you. In a world where everyone is shouting to be heard if you want to command more respect from your colleagues, start using these eight easy methods.

How to get more respect at work


Always display confidence.

This stems from a few different things. Keeping your identity as an individual and having conviction with the things you say and believe in. Have backup plans in case things aren’t going as you planned. When you’re having conversations focus on the other person so they know your attention is on them. Confidence earns respect simply because you’re trusted by others.

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Show humility. Be honest

you’re not perfect. However, this should be paired with a sense of confidence so people will respect your capabilities. Focus more on the task and if things are wrong, be the first to admit the change of direction is down to you, don’t create a blame culture, and focus on the progress.

Listen more than you talk.

Leadership starts with listening, most people listen with the intent to be heard rather than actually hearing what the other person is saying. When you listen hear and actually take in the opposing point of view, and react to that based on the concerns that arise. In meetings often the one who speaks the least is heard the most when they do choose to voice an opinion.

Avoid gossip.

Nothing good is ever likely to come from involving yourself in office politics and gossip. Professional credibility comes from healthy, positive networking. Although sometimes you may be caught up in office gossip, it’s important to steer clear and avoid it, as it may get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Take care of your appearance.

It shouldn’t matter but it does, we’ve all judged the person at work with the scraggly hair and unironed clothes right? A well-dressed person is perceived as healthier, smarter, and more effective. It’s not just the clothes that make a difference. It’s your mood and how you carry yourself when wearing them.

Don’t brown nose.

The brown-noser is often perceived negatively by others. There’s absolutely room for ingratiation and flattery and compliments go a long way, but there are ways to do this that don’t make you look like a suckup. Applaud and compliment the things you truly believe are great, not every minute detail.

No blame. Give your co-workers and peers the opportunity to fail without fear of ridicule. They should feel encouraged and backed by others when they make mistakes, as long as those failures don’t get out of hand. If criticism has to be said; combine it alongside praise about how well done something was during the said event, don’t blame, and talk about the lesson learned for everyone.

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Praise others.

The best way to motivate is through genuine recognition. It boosts the whole team’s motivation, enthusiasm, and confidence which in turn leads to positive behaviors that will help everyone succeed. This culture will begin to filter through to others and back round to you too.

Respect is a two-way street, and it’s important to remember that if you treat those around you with that respect you’ll likely get the same back. Remember, gaining the respect of your peers is an ongoing journey — don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight. Stay humble, and you’ll eventually reach the level of respect you desire.


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