🌼9 Productivity Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs


🌼9 Productivity Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs

Use these tips to master time

Successful entrepreneurs know how to make the most of their time and be competent in their chosen fields. Here are some of the best productivity techniques and life hacks, from being merciless about distractions to getting rid of busy work.


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1. Don’t be sidetracked by little matters; instead, concentrate on essential tasks.

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It’s likely that as a company owner, you’re constantly interrupted by things like emails, paperwork, phone calls, meetings, and fires. The time you do have may seem like it’s being snatched away from you, despite your hectic schedule.


It’s possible to feel like you’ve achieved nothing significant by day’s end, although you’re fatigued. It’s simple to let the day’s interruptions divert your focus from the critical tasks that drive your company ahead.

While it may be tempting to address every incoming distraction as soon as it arises, prioritizing meaningful work is essential for success. Author of “Deep Work” Cal Newport says,

“I organize my days such that I spend the most of my time on deep work, and only spend time on superficial tasks in short spurts when I have to. It turns out that three to four hours a day, five days a week of undistracted and well-directed focus may provide a great deal of useful work.”

2. Save time with the latest tools.

Think differently about the routines you usually follow. It may not seem like a huge thing to invoice a few clients here and there manually, but how much time does it add up to over a week, a month, or even a year? You may save time and energy by using technology to do repetitive duties, allowing you to focus on what matters in life.

If you’re managing a team, a top-notch project management app might help you to organize your team and make the process seamless.

3. Turn off all alerts on your gadget.

Put an end to the constant beeping, chiming, and blinking of your electronic gadgets. Turn off alerts if you want to get things done. Studies have shown that even a little distraction, such as checking a phone alert, may result in a loss of concentration lasting several minutes. This is because it might take up to 25 minutes for your brain to get back on track after being distracted.

Turn off alerts and check your inbox when you have time to devote to it. Put your phone or other devices somewhere you won’t see them so often that you won’t be tempted to check them.

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4. Use 90-minute blocks of time to your advantage.

Our energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, no matter how hard we try to maintain them. Instead, we are constantly ebbing between heightened concentration and mental relaxation. A natural dip occurs when our brains rest and heal, and researchers have shown that these cycles generally correlate to 90-minute intervals of productive work followed by a natural drop.

Avoid working against your body’s natural cycles by breaking your work into 90-minute chunks separated by restful pauses. It’s easy to convince yourself that pushing through will result in greater output, but in reality, you’ll accomplish more by working when you’re at your most productive and resting when you’re not.

5. Have some legitimate downtime.

Some company owners don’t take breaks because they see them as an unnecessary luxury. People who work in front of computers tend to fill their downtime with email and phone calls rather than getting up from the desk and stretching their legs. When you might be getting “serious” work done, why waste time sipping coffee outside or strolling the neighborhood instead?

Breaks may seem like a waste of time, but they help you to recharge your batteries so that you can return to work with more concentration and enthusiasm than if you had worked without interruption.

6. Using the Pomodoro approach, you may do more in shorter periods.

Set a timer for 25 minutes and go to work on a project. At the end of the 25 minutes, you should rest for 5 minutes. This is the core concept behind the “Pomodoro method,” a seemingly straightforward approach to overcoming procrastination and achieving greater productivity.

Tasks that can be broken down into 25-minute sessions are more manageable. Instead of wasting time with mental gymnastics and procrastination, you may go straight to the meat of your most pressing work.

7. Think strategically about how you hold meetings.

The complaint, “This meeting could have been an email!” is one of the most often heard. Yet, the converse is also true; think of all the times you wasted time on a 25-email group thread when a 5-minute meeting would have been more productive.

Meetings may be used as a tactical instrument to achieve time savings and increased productivity. This necessitates convening brief meetings when they are helpful and canceling more involved gatherings when they are not.

8. Time your work and prevent interruptions.

Make use of a program that keeps tabs on how much time is spent on various activities and how much is wasted. It’s particularly challenging to take a dispassionate look at how we spend our time online; you may be surprised to see how much of it goes to activities like reading news articles and browsing social media.

RescueTime is only one of several tools that may help you identify and remove the most significant drains on your time and energy. Freedom also allows you to ban distracting sites or restrict your time spent on them.

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9. Make the most of your time spent at home by developing a productive routine.

Many of us can still work from home, so optimizing our time and living spaces may boost our well-being and efficiency. Here are some tried-and-true methods for optimizing your time spent working from home.

Make Some Modifications, and Watch Your Profits Soar

Minor adjustments may free up substantial amounts of time, which you can use to grow your company with the help of these time-saving tips. There are the same hours each day, regardless of who you are, but how you use them may have a profound impact on your success. Cheers to an efficient day ahead!


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