🌼8 Unforgettable Rules To A Fulfilling Life(FULL OF WISDOM)


🌼8 Unforgettable Rules To A Fulfilling Life(FULL OF WISDOM)

Understanding a handful of rules really makes it clear how life should be.

Philosophically, the meaning of life and therefore what makes life fulfilling has been something that’s been thought about for eons now. And no doubt, that question is still going to go unanswered. I say this because I know thinking about that is a waste of time if you’re trying to come up with a definitive answer.


The reality is that life is very malleable and each person has their own definitions. What makes for a fulfilling life can also be measured in various ways. One such method is through particular rules that you can live by.

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There are a whole host of rules out there and even individual rules can be up for debate on whether they’re necessary, helpful, or appropriate. Even so, I believe these are truly unforgettable ones and highlight various themes of what I think is a fulfilling life.


Do What The 90% Aren’t Willing To Do

Not necessarily something people are afraid to do. In my line of work in self-improvement, I find that people dismiss or ignore even the most simplistic things out there — whether they’re a guru or something applying that advice.

We struggle to commit to all kinds of things in our lives and have various reasons for doing so. That’s fine. However, there comes a time when one must push past those reasons and find ways to ensure that the activity you’re setting out to do gets done.

Eat Real Food, Exercise

Whenever I think of this advice/rule, my mind goes back to this book on becoming a billionaire. It was one of the last books in self-help that I read because back then I was more starry-eyed about picking up these books and reading them.

But in that book, the author went on at length to talk about the importance of eating fresh food — specifically organic food. With the same kind of self-help bro vibe, he dismissed the idea that people were paying more for organic food, arguing the flavour was well worth the extra price.

And while the advice isn’t helpful in that book, the author did have a point about eating real food. With so many things processed these days, making a switch to eating real food is still a good switch to make.

Beyond that, exercising a moderate amount every day can make a huge difference.

Follow Your Fears

Harking back to the first rule, doing uncomfortable things that we know are right promotes growth in our lives. The idea isn’t to be constantly seeking fear, but rather to approach it when it does appear with curiosity.

Fear is a powerful motivator and I like to think of it as an emotion with a split personality. It’s either a motivator or a bouncer.

The bouncer is going to kick your ass, again and again, denying you any further progression should you see fear as this terrible thing.

On the other hand, seeing fear as a motivator will cheer you on in its own way, helping you to look for a new way to get around that obstacle and remind you why what your pursuing is so important.

Be Open To Thinking You Might Be Wrong

This list is up for interpretation as I said. I might be right about these things or I might be wrong. Beyond this list though, entertaining the idea you might be wrong about something or being corrected can be very helpful.

For one, it helps you to be honest with yourself and other people will recognize that too and appreciate you for that. It keeps you humble and not looking like a complete ass around other people.

This rule I believe is so important since this industry and plenty of experts instill this idea that they are always right or what they say is law. It’s not. Experts can screw up from time to time.

Even a genius in one area can be a total and utter moron in another.

You’re Good As You Are, But You Could Be Better

This rule is a simple reminder to have in a world where everyone is trying to optimize themselves. In fact, this rule might be the reason some are hyper-optimized and obsessed with achieving that — notably the latter half of this rule.

But keeping the entirety of this rule in mind is something we should all embrace. Absolutely, we can all be better about certain things and improve upon the flaws in our lives.

However, who we are right now is equally good and ideal right now. This is regardless of whatever self-help guru thinks.

And even when it comes to being better, the improvement doesn’t have to be substantial. In order to be healthier, I’ve opted to get myself to be eating more stir-fry and salads. It’s a small dietary shift from the usual foods that I eat, but it is an improvement.

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There Aren’t Truly Evil People, Just Really Stupid Ones

Cruel, sure, but the more you embrace this rule the more you come to realize how even those people are really stupid. The mistreatment of other people is a result of a lack of empathy and understanding of how people work.

Bad changes come down to a lack of planning and preparation and thought.

A lot of our actions can be fuelled by massive misconceptions or beliefs that are unfounded or ridiculous when you boil it down to the base argument. Those individuals just so happen to believe in that.

Because they’re stupid.

We can also be steered in particular ways. I think back to Jordan Peterson who believes in right-wing politics because he had some bad experiences with those aligned on the left. Or at least how his brain processes it.

It’s situations like that where how our own mind interprets and reacts to situations around us that form our ideals and what we value and think. When it comes down to those “evil” people, they experienced a series of events that resulted in them being like this.

To others, their leaps in logic may be sound or utterly stupid.

Teach Others What You Know Easily

What I mean is make it simple, but also easily accessible. It’s difficult to do that if you’re charging $500 for a “Master Class” from you. These days with information so readily available, classes should be scaled up in other areas beyond information. Such as direct coaching, or even kickstarting that person in that area (i.e. if you’ve got a course on growing a writing business, give students genuine leads.)

I agree with Gary Vaynerchuk’s overall sentiment for when he publishes his books. He’s said time and again that all the information he talks about in those books is freely available. The book makes it more convenient as it’s a reference point and saves people from having to dig through the thousands of articles and videos that he has now.

Laugh At Yourself From Time To Time

Yesterday I wanted to have a conversation with one of the gym staff and between bits of conversation, there was total silence between the two of us. There was just me, hovering while he was working.

After a while, the guy brought that up and I laughed saying “I want to be having a conversation with you but my brain is just shut off right now. I’m just being weird.”

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We finished the conversation with that.

I’ll be putting more effort in our next conversation, but the point is these things happen. We do silly things from time to time or we make mistakes. Learning to laugh at yourself from time to time is very helpful and removes the edge of being so self-critical of yourself.

Of course, this shouldn’t be a means of thinking less of yourself, but to see this rule as a sort of balancing rule. It keeps you honest with yourself.


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