🌼5 Simple Ways that will solve 75% of your Life Problems!(A GREAT PIECE)


🌼5 Simple Ways that will solve 75% of your Life Problems!(A GREAT PIECE)

This is not your practice life, take your life seriously!

Running away from your problems is a race you will never win.


– Bruce Van Horn

Let’s talk about the 5 simple techniques to keep your life problems away

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1. If it takes 5 minutes, do it right away. No excuses!


It is not the task size that makes us feel overwhelmed, it is the number of tasks that runs through our mind. Try to finish them off through quick actions.

Get those small wins, and no matter how minor it is, you have achieved at least something, and this will keep you motivated.

Maybe folding a cloth and keeping it in the wardrobe, emailing your Insurance Provider for a claim reminder, paying a utility bill, or anything of that sort that could be achieved in less than 5 minutes, just do it.

Advantages: You will greatly shorten your procrastination habits, build strong momentum, and will help you declutter your mind.

Tip: I try to club my 5 minutes task with the Pomodoro Technique. I work for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes where I do all the things which can make me move from the Screen like washing the utensils, folding the clothes, and arranging a wardrobe drawer.

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2. Planning your next day

Imagine just like machines your life is programmed with a set of pre-defined instructions, right from the moment you wake up until you sleep, how sorted your day would be, right?

Planning your day one night before would make you more productive, healthy, confident, and an accomplisher. Imagine you do not even have to think, about what should be done next, and you are already working on it.

We generally tend to overeat because we think of the numerous meal options that could be prepared, and just like that, the time flies, and the hunger kicks in — You end up buying some Frozen Food from the Super Market or ordering some from the Food delivery apps. Plan your meals, and see the amount of difference in the food you consume.

Advantages: Spend 10 minutes planning your next day, and you will have complete control over the next 24 Hours

Make some Serious Progress in Life just by using the Calendar

Streamline your valuable life using a Calendar

3. Win the morning, Win the day!

Control your day by having a morning kick-start and by doing the things you want to do, rather than doing the things the day is forcing you to do.

A morning routine means you can perform the most basic yet important tasks in the same order every day. A morning routine gets you on the right momentum and the morning’s achievement keeps you motivated throughout the day.

Advantages: You develop a lot of healthy habits, makes you more disciplined and productive.

4. Turn off the phone and focus!

The actual life happens when your phone is charging

Unless the phone helps you earn money, stop overusing it period. 95% of the time the phone is the reason you feel so distracted which leads to procrastination.

Use focus modes or turn your internet off and do your work, simple rule.

Advantages: You will certainly be surprised by the number of tasks you have accomplished when you just turn off the data of your Phone.

Tips: I use Focus Modes on my Phone and that makes me extremely productive without even bothering me to turn off the mobile data. I have written an article on the focus mode which might be helpful for you.

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5. Learn to say No and spend more time with yourself.

Learn to say No without explaining yourself and start spending time with yourself to Reflect, Acknowledge, and Appreciate what you have accomplished till now.

The rhythm of the rush makes us forget what we have received and achieved in our life. Pause, reflect, and value the things you have around you. Look at the people who are unfortunate (Handicapped, Poor, etc.) and you will start to value your life a lot.

Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Stop saying Yes only because of Peer Pressure, just Stop it!

Being alone boosts your creativity, you can paint, write, sketch, plan your life and do the things you always loved doing, which replenishes your mind.


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