🌼THIS Is the Happiest Millionaire. These Are His Money Secrets…(AMAZING INSIGHTS)


🌼THIS Is the Happiest Millionaire. These Are His Money Secrets…(AMAZING INSIGHTS)

Money can buy you happiness — but it’s not why you think

Meet Ken Honda.


He might just be the happiest millionaire on Earth.

Today I’ll explain why and how so you too can bring a little more zen to your money and a lot more happy to your life.

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Ken Honda’s book “Happy Money” is one I come back to annually. It’s jam-packed with incredible money lessons and insightful mindset and life lessons in general.


The book jacket states:

“What Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up did for your living space, Ken Honda’s Happy Money will do for your wallet.”

That’s true, but it goes well beyond your wallet. This book is about how to live a happy life, period.

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Yes, money plays a huge role in it, but it’s not how much you have. It’s your attitude about money, how to earn it, how to spend it, and how you align it to your purpose and values.

Here are 10 of the best lessons from Ken Honda’s “Happy Money” in hopes that you too can become a happy millionaire, or at least happy with money in general…

#1. Money EQ > Money IQ

Money IQ is your intelligence quotient. It’s financial intelligence that you are growing when learning about saving, investing, compound interest, budgeting, retirement planning, and the like. It’s the book smarts stuff.

Money EQ is even more important. It’s the emotional quotient — the emotional intelligence required to have the right attitude and even excitement toward money. It’s street smarts and more. It’s what dictates what you think, feel, and do with your money. It’s mindfulness.

When you optimize your Money EQ, you are going to work more creatively, spend only on things you find important, and live in the present with gratitude.

Every lesson ahead is related to Money EQ and mindset because many money mistakes are related to emotions.

#2. Trust the Flow of Money as Energy

Money is an object. It has neutral energy. You are responsible for the charge of energy you infuse your money with.

Your overall attitude towards money, positive or negative, impacts how you handle your finances.

A simple way to infuse it with positive energy is to say “arigato”, or rather “thank you.” Thank money when it comes in, and thank it when it flows out. Trust the flow of money and you will attract it to you.

Another way to infuse it positively is by donating money to charity or giving gifts. This leads to happy money flow. It also gives you confidence that you have enough.

Speaking of confidence:

“People who are confident aren’t that way because they’re rich. They are rich because they are confident!”

-Ken Honda

Happy money leads to contentment and joy, but unhappy money causes fear, pride or resentment.

So, how do you earn, save, and invest happy money? I’m glad you asked…

#3. Earn Happy, Honest Money

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Making money means being true to yourself and being able to share your abilities with the world.

As a result, you spread joy everywhere you go and the money you receive is simply an expression of your client’s or workplace’s gratitude.

Passionate and enthusiastic people attract money. Finding a purpose that you believe in from the heart and then working towards that purpose to earn money creates a very positive flow of money.

Earning money by doing something that brings you joy is an excellent way to find happiness. If you do so, when you spend, you’ll feel joy because now you get to do what you love to earn more money back.

It can take decades to find an area of work that you enjoy and where your skills can shine but don’t give up.

Seek out passion and purpose with work. It’s worth it.

#4. Save Happy Money

If you know why you are saving money you are more likely to stick with it, and more likely to end up reaching whatever your specific financial goals are.

You’re especially likely if those goals align with what’s most important to you. For example, a passion or hobby, self-development or education, or experiences like a family vacation.

Save for the life you want to live. Start with what you value, put a price on it, and work backward to create your savings path to success.

Always set your sights on specific goals. This will help you achieve your financial objectives more quickly, easily, and happily.

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#5. Invest Happy Money

When it comes to investing, find a cause you care about and invest in that. This could be your own business, activities you enjoy, a charitable cause, or even stocks in businesses that align with your values.

Investing money in things that are important to you not only makes you feel great, it infuses your money with positive, happy energy and causes it to thrive and flow positively.

“The important deciding factor in becoming a Happy Little Millionaire is to align your money with your values and convictions.”

-Ken Honda

#6. Practice Gratitude

Research shows that practicing gratitude enhances your mental and physical health.

It’s also key to financial success.

Honda believes that appreciating what you have opens the way to happiness. The simplest was is to express thanks often when it comes to money.

As I said earlier, when money enters your life, say arigato, or thank you. Express gratitude when you spend money as it leaves.

Thank those who have helped you get to where you are and show appreciation to those who help you in the future. You might be surprised at how much more money and support flows in your direction when you express gratitude often.

Because what you appreciate, appreciates.

Gratitude also helps you understand you have enough because when you get in the cycle of wanting more, it becomes harder to recognize what’s most important in your life.

#7. Don’t Fear Money

Most people have a difficult relationship with money because the ways they earn and spend it are unhealthy. Often this stems from being hurt by money in the past, which leads to fear.

To develop mindfulness and confidence, examine your views on money as well as the people and circumstances that shaped them.

Further, stress stemming from money is likely because you don’t trust the flow of money. When you spend it, you fear it won’t come back. When you earn it, you fear it’s not enough.

“It doesn’t matter how much you have or make. It is your feelings about money that determine your wealth.”

-Ken Honda

We think our fears are about money but ultimately, it is the future and change we are afraid of. Don’t earn it because of anxiety. Don’t save money because you are afraid of the future.

You can either use your money well or allow your money to use you.

#8. Develop an Abundance Mindset

An unhealthy attitude about money also stems from a scarcity mindset, which is the belief that resources and opportunities are scarce — there’s not enough for you to go around.

With this mindset, you’re less likely to collaborate with people, celebrate the success of others, or feel good about yourself.

You need the opposite mindset: an abundance mindset. It’s the belief that there is ample money, resources, and opportunities out there for everyone, including yourself.

Knowing there is enough is the mindset that unlocks true wealth, confidence, and happiness.

True abundance flows from enough.

Money is flowing everywhere if you are open to it.

#9. Fast Money vs. Slow Money

How people get their money — fast and easy, or slow and steady — is how they tend to lose it.

People who earn money quickly tend to lose it quickly because they are not prepared for it. Their Money EQ is lacking.

On the other hand, people who become wealthy slowly and deliberately over time tend to keep their money for a long time as well.

Personal finance is a skill that must be fostered through experience and tough lessons. Embrace the process of learning and planning.

Get rich slow works especially well because you’ll preserve it equally well if you are patient as you earn it.

Patience really is the shortcut.

#10. Buy Time

Buy time to do the things you enjoy. Pay to delegate the things you don’t.

Far too often we sacrifice our free time just to save a little money. This could be driving across town to save a buck on gas, spending an hour on the phone to dispute a $5 charge, or spending 10 minutes squeezing the toothpaste tube (just me?).

Friends of mine explained to me why they pay for cleaners weekly. It’s simple: this gives them hours back to spend with their baby. When the cleaners come on the weekend, they leave for a couple of hours of valuable family time.

I plan to steal this idea someday.

“When people focus on their time rather than their money, they act like scientists of happiness, choosing activities that promote their well-being.”

-Elizabeth Dunn

Think about ways you sacrifice large chunks of time to try and save a buck. How could you pay to delegate? How could you buy your time back and what would you do with it?

I’d love to know in the comments.

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Summary: 10 Steps to Happy Money

Money EQ is more important than Money IQ

Trust the flow of money

Find your gift or purpose and work that aligns with it

Save happy money by knowing what you’re saving for

Make your investments match up with what you truly value

Practice gratitude

Don’t fear money

Develop an abundance mindset

Grow your wealth slowly to lose it slowly

Spend money to buy your time back

Which of these spoke to you the most?

Final Thoughts

If you are dissatisfied with your life or finances, it makes little difference whether you are wealthy or poor. Even if you have all the money in the world, you will still worry about money.

There are many people who are rich but are never satisfied while on the flip side, many people live their best lives on average or below-average salaries.

Now you know why and how to have happy money, thanks to Ken Honda. There are many more insightful lessons in his book. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for reading. Arigato.

Thanks for reading!

CONTRIBUTED BY Frankie Calkins

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