🌼5 Fundamental Truths About Life Most People Learn the Hard Way(POWERFUL)


🌼5 Fundamental Truths About Life Most People Learn the Hard Way(POWERFUL)

To have a fulfilled life, feed your mind with the truth

When I was younger, I used to think that life was a game. You “win” by being the smartest, the strongest, and the most popular.


But as I got older, I realized that life is not a game at all — it’s a relationship with yourself. The truth is that you can only win by becoming the best version of yourself.

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And winning means having the upper hand on your past mistakes, weaknesses, temptations, bad habits, and toxic thinking patterns.


I’ve had to learn this lesson a zillion times because I neglected the fundamental truths about life. I hope you’re not me. I hope you don’t have to learn the lessons I’ve learned the hard way.

I. Disconnecting From the World Heals the Mind

I used to be a very positive person. I always saw the best in people and situations and was quick to forgive.

But then, something happened that changed my outlook on life forever.

I was betrayed by someone I loved, and it broke me.

I couldn’t see anything good in the world for a long time. I was always angry, and I felt like I was never going to heal. That’s when I took the extreme step.

I took a break from social media, stopped talking to certain people, and started spending more time alone.

I let myself get lost in myself. I freed myself from explaining myself to the world. I rejected external validation of my self-worth that was based on likes, appreciation, and followers.

And you know what? It worked.

It took a while, but eventually, I started to feel better.

Self-imposed isolation helped me rejuvenate myself.

I’m not saying that disconnecting from the world is the only way to heal the mind, but it helped me.

II. Criticism Is a Blessing in Disguise

I love criticism. I don’t mind if people say negative things about me.

In fact, it often spurs me on to work harder.

One of the most painful criticisms I ever got was when my boss told me I “lacked listening skills.” It hurt because it was true.

At the time, I didn’t know how to view criticism, so I hurled mental abuses, “What does he think of himself?”

The more I rejected the criticism, the more I got stuck not improving.

The act of becoming unstuck started when I lost a client and realized that he was right.

From that moment on, every time I receive criticism, I ask myself these questions:

Though the criticism is harsh, how relevant is it for my growth?

What is the credibility of the critique?

If I neglect the criticism, how badly can it cost me?

These questions worked as a blessing for me.

III. A Flexible Branch Is the Strongest One

A few years ago, I was in a relationship that wasn’t working out. I was unhappy, but I was afraid to leave because I didn’t want to be alone.

But then, one day, I realized that if I didn’t make a change, I would never be happy. And so, I took the leap.

I ended the relationship and started living my life on my own terms.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I learned that when you make a change, it doesn’t happen all at once. Change happens gradually, which can be scary, but it’s worth it.

No matter how much you want things to stay the same, they will never do so.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you have to be prepared to change.

IV. Life Is Not a Problem to Be Solved, but a Reality to Be Experienced

This is one of my favorite quotes because it’s so true.

Life is not something that you can figure out if you just think about it hard enough.

You can’t solve life; you can only experience it.

And the best way to experience life is to embrace all the ups and downs. Everything has its place and time.

The cold water of the swimming pool doesn’t hurt much after a few minutes.

The worst situation doesn’t seem as bad as it was on day one.

You see, life is not a problem to be solved. It’s a reality to be experienced.

And the only way to experience it fully is to be present in the moment — good or bad.

V. The Higher Your Egos Are, The More Insults You’ll Feel

I was lucky enough to have an incredible education. I went to a great school and got three As at A-level.

It wasn’t easy, but I busted my ass, and it paid off. Then I went to university, where I studied Engineering and got a first-class degree.

I coasted into my first job with the attitude that I was amazing and deserved the world. It didn’t take long for that attitude to get me into trouble.

In my first performance review, my boss told me I needed to “check my ego at the door.” He said I was talented, but I had to stop thinking I was the smartest person in the room.

I was offended at first, but then I realized he was right. I wasn’t as special as I thought I was. And if I wanted to be successful, I had to start acting like it.

Life will continue to happen, with or without you. The world will keep spinning, and the seasons will change whether you exist or not. So, dissolve your egos.

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A Quick Recap

Your mind has healing powers. Let it heal itself by isolating it from external noise.

Criticism can be incredible motivation.

To go far, be flexible in your thinking.

The purpose of life is to “experience” — good or bad. Drop the biases, and that life scene will change.

The bigger your egos are, the more insults you’ll feel.


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