🌼The Number One Habit For Self-Improvement.(VERY POWERFUL)


🌼The Number One Habit For Self-Improvement.(VERY POWERFUL)

We all dream for more. We wish that one day we might be healthier or wealthier than we are today. We may be comfortable in our current position yet still yearn for more.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do better.


Deep within us all is the potential for greatness. The desire to succeed and excel is the backbone of our entire existence. Without that desire we wouldn’t have created a supercomputer that we carry around all day in our pockets that allows us to capture memories, tell someone you love them and book a ride home, all in only 5 minutes.

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These magical devices we call phones grant us the ability to make the impossible possible, but the cost of doing so is rather high. These devices provide us with a copious amount of stimulation and if we’re not careful with our consumption we can quickly become overwhelmed by all the information and opportunities.


How do we know what choices to make when there are limitless opportunities?

A couple of years ago I was on the hunt for a side hustle. I just locked down a decent full time job and I was eager to bring in some extra cash on the side. A quick google search showed me that I can basically do anything I want and absolutely everything appealed to me. This did nothing to motivate me, all it did was overwhelm me.

Should I try to become a freelance graphic designer or should I create a YouTube channel about gardening? My thoughts were all over the place and guess what I ended up doing…


The problem with having a choice overload is that making any decisions becomes almost impossible. We end up with too many almost equally good options that makes choosing one and eliminating the others overwhelming, mostly due to the many potential outcomes and risks that may result from making the wrong decision.

“People can’t have everything they want. People can have some of the things they want, but they can’t have everything.”

– Edward Albee, The American Dream & The Zoo Story

Since I implemented this one thing into my routine, I’ve become noticeably more interesting as a person and I get a great sense of fulfilment out of each and every day. Something I didn’t know I needed.

I overcame these obstacles by simply committing to one thing, daily. That’s it. No fancy gimmicks.

Simply commit to doing one thing, just one thing a day.

Any commitment you make is a step in the right direction.

Jordan Peterson has a rule:

“Work as hard as you can on one thing and see what happens.”

(Rule #7 — Beyond Order)

Pick one thing you really want to do, whether it’s writing a song, working out or cold calling 10 people selling your services. Commit to doing that one thing daily and see where that takes you.

“The worst punishment isn’t waiting for those who committed something and did wrong. The worst punishment is reserved for those who committed to nothing and sat on the fence.”

Jordan B. Peterson.

If it all falls down and you decide you do not want to continue doing that one daily thing, you haven’t actually failed at anything. You’ve found out that you lack the passion for what you thought you loved. That’s the best thing that could’ve happened because now you can save time by not wasting energy on that certain thing anymore.

There is nothing worse than the dreaded “what if?” question. You’ve now eliminated that all together. Why? Because you now know.

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Not bad for a worst case scenario.

Secondly if you successfully commit to doing something everyday you’ve now hardwired a new habit into your brain — it’s carved its own neural pathway. If you don’t wish to continue with a certain daily thing you can simply replace it with something else and maintain the cycle.

If you continue to commit to certain positive things on a daily basis you will eventually find something that sticks, something that you truly love and something that will serve you in return. If you struggle to find your ‘passion’ this exercise might be for you.

The focus shouldn’t be on how well you’re doing your thing, it should be on simply turning up and doing it, everyday. Once you’ve mastered that skill, the rest will come.

Start small and be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

From little things, big things grow.


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