🌼The 8 Must-Learn Principles That Make Establishing Habits Easy(MUST READ)


🌼The 8 Must-Learn Principles That Make Establishing Habits Easy(MUST READ)

Principle #1: Make The Goal Juicy.

Whatever reason you start the habit, it has to be a juicy one.


None of those small dreams or small goals. If you are going to commit to doing something every day for this goal then it had better be worth it!

Go big or you won’t have the drive to see it through.

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Principle #2: Forget About The Goal.

“But you just said that we should make it big, juicy and worthy?!?”

You’re absolutely right! And you should have a big goal to look towards.

But while you should have a ‘star’ guiding you along the way, you should never rely on reaching it.

Like an explorer on the open sea you look to the stars, but if you truly want to love the sea then you have to enjoy the voyage more than the destination.

Principle #3: Have Every Day Count.

The habit needs to be streamlined throughout. This means that, if you only do this habit with no alterations to it you will undoubtedly reach your goal.

Doing this makes every day important.

You will still miss some, but it is more important to be happy for each victory.

If every day can be a victory, they will rack up quite quickly.

There can be no next step! It’s only this step over and over and over and over and over again!

Principle #4: ‘Absolute Yes!’ Or Not At All.

Once you have the habit streamlined it’s time to commit.

If you are not 110% behind the habit, if you do not support it and if you are not willing to do whatever it really takes to get it done, then don’t do it at all.

Your commitment needs to be at least this high to the habit, mostly so you value your own time and don’t end up regretting it.

Everything that is not an absolute yes should default to a ‘No’.

Principle #5: Start Today.

Not tomorrow, not at the beginning of the week, and not next year, not even in 5 minutes once you finish reading this post.

Start Right Now!

If you are really standing 110% behind the habit then this should not be a problem.

You’re on the clock now.

Principle #6: Just Do It.

If you have gotten to this point in your habit creation you’re almost done.

Your brain is not needed anymore beyond this point so turn it off.

Simply do the habit regardless what your oh-so-smart mind tells you.

Trust me, it will mostly steer you wrong past here with justifications, reasonings and excuses that may sound reasonable but only end up holding you back out of fear.

Do what you committed to doing, regardless of the reasoning for why.

Just do it!

Principle #7: Think About The Next Step.

By the next step I do not mean the next step regarding this habit.

This habit is done.

You are going to do it. That’s it.

It is an undebatable fact, so there is no reason to keep thinking about it.

Instead think of what is next for your day.

What will you do afterwards? Grocery shopping? Dinner? A date?

Do this to truly get your mind off the habit.

If it is a fact then there is no point thinking about it.

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Principle #8: Remind Yourself Of What Really Matters.

Throughout the next weeks and months you will encounter difficulties implementing this habit.

That’s just how it works. Sorry.

That being said you must remember what really matters here.

It’s not about how you feel, not about how easy or comfortable it is, and not about who you can brag to about this.

The only thing that matters is that at the end of the day you did what you set out to do.

That is all!

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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