Meet The Dog That Worth 150 Billion Naira And It’s Richer Than Wizkid And Davido Combined


Meet The Dog That Worth 150 Billion Naira And It’s Richer Than Wizkid And Davido Combined

Animals are not legal persons and cannot directly own property. Animals typically “inherit” money through a pet trust through which the money must be used for their care after the death of the owner.

I know you guys might be shocked to know that a dog richer than the two most popular musicians in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. But before you start thinking otherwise or raining insult read this article to the end and you would be convinced with evidence.


Some of you think animals are poor creatures that can be used anyhow by the owner or even killed in some cases, then you must have a rethink after you see this rich dog.

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Let’s See the net worth of the two superstars.



Ayodeji Balogun popularly known by the stage name Wizkid was born on the 16 July uly, 1990, Lagos, Nigeria, and this means the International artists are 30 years of age.

The young artists were born to sing as he loved to listen to songs and also performed as a solo artist with the stage name ‘Lil Prinz’ during his youth time. His life was a struggle going from one studio to the other to perform following being dropped out of university.

Wizkid rose to limelight after he was signed by Empire Mates Entertainment (EME). In the same year, he recorded his first album titled ‘Superstar’ which some people still listen to date.

Presently now the Superstar is now an owner of a record label called ‘Star Boy Entertainment.’ and he is named the most successful Nigerian pop artist.

As of 2020; Wizkid’s net worth is $4 million

The money is approximately one billion five hundred and fifty-four million two hundred forty thousand in Nigeria Naira.


David Adedeji Adeleke popularly better known by his stage name Davido was born November 21, 1993.

The musician was born in Atlanta and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He made his music debut as a member of the music group KB International.

He released his first debut studio album Titled ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ in 2012 which rose him to fame and was termed as the Rich man son following his dad ‘Adeleke’ wealth.

Davido’s Net worth as of 2020 as been estimated to $16 million.

Converting the money to Naira, it is approximately 6,176,960,000 and in words, it is six billion one hundred seventy-six million nine hundred and sixty thousand Naira.

So Let’s see the combination of those net worth

$4 million + $16 million = $20 million

A $20 million is equivalent to seven billion seven hundred and twenty-one million two hundred thousand.

So let’s look at the net worth of the dog who is richer than the two Nigerian Celebrities.

There was a millionaire named Gunther IV he lived a lavish lifestyle paid for by his staggering fortune of $400 million. He takes limousine in between his many Italian properties. He is a German Shepherd born into royalty as the last heir of a German countess and multimillionaire Karlotta Libenstein.

Lichtenstein died in 1991 she left her 18 million dollars fortune to her beloved dog Gunther III. she had no children and she was deeply attached to a pet; while it was outrageous to do you really was no surprise only a short months after the owner died, Gunther III passed away, so the dog Gunther III left a huge fortune to it son, Gunther IV. The trustee’s who were in charge of Gunther IV’s care made him five times richer through smart investment. An this as made Gunther IV the richest dog in the world.

See Gunther IV’s multitude of mansions, cars, and human staff, Gunther IV lives like a “very good boy.”

The millionaire dog is provided with everything it wants by a personal maid and butler, enjoys cool summers in his customized swimming pool, and rides around in a limo-like any other multi-millionaire businessman.

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This is a dog with expensive tastes.

The maids and butlers to look rich

Trustees took the money and invested it and by the time Gunther IV was born, the gift had grown to $372 million.

The pet accumulated an astronomical fortune, and today that dog’s son (and presumably his son’s son, all the future generations) is the world’s richest dog until someone else leaves a bigger amount for a pet.

Also, we know from The Internet that German Shepherds have a lifespan of 10 – 15 years. We also know that being born around 1991 would make Gunther IV twenty-five years old.

This dog seems to be loved by his caretakers because humans are always envious but Gunther IV’s caretakers seem to be different.

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