🌼10 Crippling Habits That Kept Me Broke and Stuck in Mediocrity(MUST READ)


🌼10 Crippling Habits That Kept Me Broke and Stuck in Mediocrity(MUST READ)

#5. The habit of not borrowing money from my future self.

Yesterday while buying some new sneakers, I thought,


“Oh God, I’m paying for it with the money I’ve earned by making my dream my business, thank Jesus!”

I’ve been so screwed up for so long that when I’ve achieved a little wealth and happiness, I’ve felt like I was under some psychedelic effects.

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Success is the best drug.

And I have achieved it because I decided to become the CEO of my life and take full responsibility for my actions.

The road has been long (and it’s not over yet), but I want to share with you ten habits that got me stuck to get you to avoid my same mistakes.

1. Perfectionism

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Perfectionism is just a sophisticated mode of self-sabotage.

You tell yourself, “I need to study more,” “it’s not the right time,” or “I don’t have the necessary capital.” And it’s all lies. They’re excuses because you’re afraid to risk trying and losing.

It will never be a perfect time; you will never have the necessary resources, and (above all) you will never know enough because most of the skills you need to develop to fulfill your dream you can’t even imagine; you will discover them along the way when you have your first obstacles to overcome.

2. Failure to keep track

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Only what you can measure can be changed.

If you don’t keep score, you’ll not make it. This is a hard lesson that took me a long time to learn.

One thing that changed my life was using a planner. I don’t use any sophisticated method; I write down the three tasks I want to do the next day.

And once a week, I check if those tasks are moving me closer or further away from my main goal.

If they bring me closer to it, I keep doing them,

If they take me away, I change them.

3. Being distracted

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I have been so distracted that I didn’t even realize I was living.

I know it sounds illogical, but it’s true.

Turn off the TV for a while, and stop polluting your conscience with all the propaganda you receive daily. Don’t be afraid to be bored. Go for a walk without technology, and then you will know what I am talking about.

Once you regain your attention, you will be able to see your future, get scared, and consequently stop being stuck and move forward.

When I stopped being distracted, I realized that.

If I kept smoking three packs a day, my future would be the graveyard.

If I kept eating poorly, I would get diabetes or have a heart attack sooner or later.

If I didn’t increase my income sooner or later, I would be screwed.

And, it costs nothing to predict your future when you stop distracting yourself with dopamine shots and short-term rewards.

Do it, and it will change your life.

4. Having a lack of certainty

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When you don’t believe enough in yourself, you don’t get enough evidence, and in life, evidence acts like vitamins: you need it to grow.

You need to win small battles every day to have evidence that you have succeeded and thus increase the certainty that you will achieve whatever you want.

You will gain an unshakable faith in yourself by doing so on a sustained basis over time.

5. The habit of not borrowing money from my future self

Made by the author with Canva.

This may sound crazy to you, but it takes you out of mediocrity at supersonic speed.

Your future self is much more intelligent than you and therefore knows the path that led him to be who he is.

So when you are thinking about whether or not to spend money on learning x or g skills, do not hesitate, because, in the end, you are spending money from your future self. Because if you invest in a new skill today, your future self will be richer tomorrow.

If I could call my past self, I would say, “buy that damn writing course. It’s going to make you a lot more than it costs.”

So you know, invest in your future self.

6. Searching the how

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On the Internet, there is plenty of information.

It’s not about inventing the wheel (it’s already created).

Now it’s about finding the right person to show you where exactly the information you need is geolocated in the infinite mountain of data looming on your computer screen in the form of videos, courses, articles, books, etc.

Therefore, if you want to save yourself time and improve your chances of competing in the big game of business, “whatever your ideal business is,” you need to pay more attention to WHO can guide you and tell you what to learn and less to searching for information on your own on social media and Youtube.

You need mentors, mate.

7. The habit of not increasing my skills

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It is essential to master more than one skill if you want to improve.

In my case, I am a writer, and I used to focus on writing until I realized that writing was only one skill. Besides being good at writing, the most astute writers on the Internet had more skills: team building, copywriting, marketing, speaking skills, sales management, leadership, you name it.

How could I compete if I was only writing?

I had to learn marketing and sales, which brought my writing out of obscurity, and today I have readers.

8. The habit of avoiding thinking about pain

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The only way to progress in life is to find a problem, manufacture a solution, and offer it to others.

All miracles begin with a problem. And success begins with investigating the pain of others.

When I discovered what my readers cared about, I decided to focus my writing on it, which made all the difference.

9. Not eating my frog first

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Eating your frog first means doing the most important thing at the beginning of your day.

If you get in the habit of getting up and with your first energies, doing those tasks that you know ARE MOST IMPORTANT to your progress, you will get to where you want to be much sooner.

If you get used to doing what you must do daily, you will achieve things you can’t even imagine.

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10. The habit of not dreaming big

Made by the author with Canva.

If you had to take only one thing away from this article, take this one: DREAM BIG.

Dream big costs the same as dreaming small.

Imagine you write articles, and your goal is to bill 1K dollars a year by writing 1 article per day (small dream). Well, I want you to know that it will cost you only a little less than committing to earning ten times more, 10k (big dream).

Case A, earn 1000 dollars in a year.

1000/365 days = 2’739 dollars a day = 365 articles that make at least 2’73 dollars each.

Case B, earn 10.000 dollars in a year.

10.000/365 days = 27’39 dollars a day = 365 articles that will earn you at least 27’39 each.

In both cases, you have to write 365 articles.

See what I mean?

Now ask yourself how to close the gap between making, for example, 365 articles of 2’7 dollars and 365 articles of 27’39 dollars.

Spoiler: by increasing the quality of your articles.

If you do it, eventually, some of them will go viral, and you will need much fewer articles to make much more money than if you focus on making two or three-dollar articles.

And you can apply this to any dream or business you pursue.

Dream big, and you will be enormous.

CONTRIBUTED BY Alberto García 🚀🚀🚀

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