4 Ways to Recover from Heartbreak  ( GREAT HELP)


🌼4 Ways to Recover from Heartbreak  ( GREAT HELP)

Painful but you gotta let it go.

We’ve all been there: watching “the one” leave your life as if they only needed you for their convenience; feeling as though each of your 24 ribs had been shattered in a split second; having your heart torn from its purported protective cage.


We believe there is no chance of a happy existence if they are not a part of it in that moment and for many times that follow. However, I’ve lately come to realize that sometimes losing something that has defined your life for such a long time is the finest thing that could happen to a person.

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It is a terrible reality that when we love someone, we frequently lose different parts of our souls. For example, we frequently forget our ambitions because we devote all of our enthusiasm to their achievement and future, leaving our own as nothing more than a distant memory. We dismiss our potential before it even has a chance to materialize.


1. I only learned to love myself after I lost you.

I’ve now realized my value and come to grasp the value of having self-love, which is something I’ve lacked for pretty much my entire life. Understanding your values and practicing self-kindness is so are essential to each of our individual lives, but we often neglect to do it regularly, as unneeded. Being able to appreciate my body and thoughts, which I used to mercilessly criticize, has been the most liberating thing I have ever experienced. I am finally, genuinely, shamelessly “myself.” Have the utmost patience with yourself.

2. I was able to regain my independence by losing you.

It’s quite difficult not to lose oneself in a relationship, no matter how hard you try. Spend some time after your breakup taking care of your to-do do for me” list, even if it’s just something as simple as going for a walk by yourself or putting yourself in a situation that would normally make you uncomfortable. By doing this, you will push your boundaries and rediscover who you truly are. Take tremendous pride in the tiny victories you achieve on your own and for yourself in life.

3. I achieved my personal goals by losing you.

Although I continue to be immense with my ex-partner for the accomplishments they have made, I spent so much time concentrating on his goals that I forgot about my own. Find out what you want to accomplish in life, whether it be in your professional, academic, or social endeavours. Create some goals, then set out to achieve them.

I only realized you can’t let other people define you after I lost you. Definitions can never come from outside of oneself.

It’s toxic and draining to try to mold yourself into the ideal image for someone else. Being wholly truly oneself is what is most lovely. You are unique in this world. It’s within your grasp. Use it and embrace it.

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4. I only learned to appreciate the beauty of the planet and its inhabitants after I lost you.

One of the best things for your mental health is being stuck in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship with no capacity to use a phone. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to travel around Europe right after my breakup with my family and best friend. I have again learned to appreciate the beauty in all things. I believe that seeing beautiful places and meeting beautiful people who had no interest in or time for what was happening on social media platforms gave me the strongest sense of empowerment I’ve ever experienced.

If you afford yourself to be fortunate to look, you would see how beautiful this planet is.

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