๐ŸŒผ11 Lessons Learned Through Pain (AMAZING INSIGHTS)


๐ŸŒผ11 Lessons Learned Through Pain (AMAZING INSIGHTS)

Life Is Not Fair, Itโ€™s Just Not Unfair Either โ€”

Life just is. It does not discriminate and does not target anyone specifically.


To Gain Anything You Must Always Sacrifice Something โ€”

Nothing comes for free, we all know that. What we do not know is that the price is often a sacrifice of some sort. Most of the time it is sacrificing a bit of your comfort zone or what you used to enjoy for something better.

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Anything Can Break You โ€”


It does not matter how objective you are, your subjective can break you in a second. You cannot prepare for this. All you can do is lead your life the best way you can and trust that you will somehow make it out.

Only That Which You Uphold Will Last โ€”

Anything that you do not put any effort in will cease to be. This goes for friendships, health, growth, finances, etc. You must work on them all to go even and must work hard to improve them.

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I Am Not As Good As I Think I Am โ€”

With all the improving, all the learning and all the growing I have done, I am still not nearly as far as I want to be. I like to think I am further, but every time I do the truth smacks me back to reality.

Friends Are Made Not Found โ€”

Friendships, and all relationships really, are created by investing your time and energy to increase it. No good relationship is just stumbled upon. They take hard work and consistent effort.

The Uncomfortable Things Get You Ahead โ€”

Itโ€™s rarely the fun, comfortable, easy things that get your life to move forward. Courage, more than anything, is the biggest limiting resource to getting where you want to go.

Only What You Value Will Matter โ€”

Nothing that you โ€œshouldโ€ do will count for anything when things get bad. The only thing that will matter is whether or not you did what you wanted to do. Did you try? Did you do what matters to you? Did you give your own life a chance or did you keep listening to the ideas of others?

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The Bottom Line Is Always Action โ€”

You can think, plan, dream, learn and wish all you want, but nothing will happen until you take action. Feel as good as you want to, learn as much as you can, but in the end you will still have to act.

Nothing Ends Unless You Give Up โ€”

Paths may end, friendships may falter, relationships may crumble, careers may terminate, and your outlook on life may become very bleak at times. You will experience pain, sadness, fear and anger, but your life can still get better. Nothing is over unless you give up. Until then, everything is a setback, not a final curtain call.

It Starts With A Choice โ€”

Ultimately, it all starts with the choice you make right now. You can turn your life around; you know enough to do that, but you have to commit to it. Your life may not be bleak because of what you did, but it isnโ€™t any better because you refused to make the choice to work on it. Today may be awful, but if you chose to act right now, tomorrow will be different.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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