🌼12 Extremely Useful Goals To Focus in 2023 for a Better Living(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


🌼12 Extremely Useful Goals To Focus in 2023 for a Better Living(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Have “useful” goals and achieve them

Very soon this year will be gone and we will be stepping into a new year. In this article, I have given the key things to focus on to improve your


→ Career

→ Self Improvement

Learn More

→ Mental Health


→ Habits

in 2023.

If you are able to follow these things in 2023, you can make 2023 the best one of your life.

Let us see them in detail.

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1. Envision

All the successful people on this planet had envisioned their success way before they became successful. If you want to become successful, envision what you want to become and walk toward it. Do it every single day. Live your dream life in your mental image. Envisioning triggers your subconscious mind, and all your desires will become a reality. I personally excel in visualization, which has done wonders in my life. You can read more about visualization here and try practicing it daily to attract your desire.

Key takeaway: Envision your future self

2. Health ( Mental + Physical)

I have worked with many CEOs and senior leaders; they all have one thing in common. They give more importance to their health. They knew a healthy mind and body is the basement for their success. They meditate every day, do yoga or some outdoor activities more than 4 times a week. Their knowledge of health is way ahead of others. In fact, all successful people have this as a top priority.

Are you treating your mind and body in the right way? Ask this question, and your answer will decide your future. If you do not take care of your mind and body, life will shut the doors of opportunities, and life will turn against you. It is that simple.

Key takeaway: Treat your mind and body as a top priority

3. Read a lot about your focus area

Fifteen years back, when I decided to write short stories in Tamil, I did the following:

I read more than 3000 short stories written in Tamil within a month. I’ve read almost all the key writers’ work.

Why did I do it? If I want to write the best short story, I should know the best of the best stories first and then try to write a story that was not written before.

Similarly, if you want to succeed in your field, first try to learn the successful people’s work in your field and then sharpen your ideas and implement it. For doing this, you need to read a lot. Reading enlarges your vision of life and helps you think bigger and wider. Embrace the reading habit, and you will never regret life for failures. All the successful people are the best readers, and we all know how many pages Warren Buffet read daily 🙂

Key takeaway: Read a LOT, dot. 🙂

4. Zero Procrastination

Unsuccessful people start things, Successful people finish things — unknown

The real productivity killer is Procrastination. Organize your daily tasks and try to complete it even if you have no idea “how” to do it. If you start it, it will take you to completeness. I can give you an example here. As a poet, sometimes I do not know how to write the first line of the poetry, but when I sit to write, I start with something then the flow will be fueled. Within a few minutes, a beautiful poem will be blossom. The key thing to be noted here is never delay your tasks. Just write the first line of your dream book; just take the first step towards your dream business. The rest will be taken care of by your mind. There are plenty of sources available on the internet to kill procrastination and become more productive. You are just a click away.

Key takeaway: To become successful, never procrastinate.


5. Half-Empty Cup

We all are small droplets in the Universe. You cannot find a person who knows everything. There is always room for learning. There is always lots of things to be learned in the space where you are excelled. Never allow your mind to become a filled cup. Always have space in your mind. Always have an open mind for learning. Successful people never boast that they know everything in their field. They may be experts in their field, but they knew there are people ahead of them in knowledge. Also, they have a hunger to learn all the time. To learn something new, you should be a half-empty cup all the time.

Key takeaway: Have a hunger to learn all the time, even if you are an expert

6. Value

If you do not provide value through your work/business, it is an effort wasted. All the super successful people have brought value through them to others.

“What value do I bring through this project/task/business/writing?” ask yourself this question every time you are launching something new to this world because only the thing which brought value to the people has lasted ever. You are reading this article and spent over 6 minutes now. If this article does not give you a takeaway or value, it means I am wasting your time.

If this article gives you value, you benefit as a reader, and am satisfied as a writer.

Successful people are masters in this part. They bring value through their work. Be a value generator and see how fast you become successful in your focused area.

Key takeaway: Be a value generator

7. Commendation

Appreciate others.

Appreciation brings you more productivity, but it also brings smiles and satisfaction to others and you. Did you appreciate someone today? We all have one life. We should appreciate it. We all have one body. We should appreciate it.

Successful people/leaders appreciate even tiny things. They do treat a janitor and a CEO at the same level. Through my career, I have seen two different types of people, those who complain, and those who appreciate it. Those who complain all the time end up as a failure. Those who appreciate are living a dream life.

Key takeaway: Never complain, start appreciating

8. Laughter

Laughter releases stress from the body. Laughter nullifies your anger. Laughter makes your soul happy. Laughter makes you free from dis-ease.

The more you laugh, the more your life will become meaningful. Being happy all the time is a key skill, and successful people are very much skillful at this. Even if they are super busy, they do have time to laugh.

Key takeaway: Laugh a Lot!

9. A tiny change in your habit

We have many habits. Good and bad. If you do an activity repeatedly for 21 days, it becomes your habit. We all know this. Let us make a very tiny habit that can bring happiness as a bonus to our life.

Today, visualize the sky is blessing you. Close your eyes for five minutes and imagine those clouds, those blue sky, that fresh breeze, and the birds flying in the air; everything is blessing you today. It is like a raindrop touching your head and giving a blessing. You are walking on a road, and the sky is blessing you. Your soul is chilled. You feel so grateful for this remarkable thing called LIFE.

Now slowly open your eyes, your heart is weightless now, you feel like a feather. All your pain is gone; you feel so energized and purified.

Well, someone is knocking on the four doors of your heart. The name of that someone is “Happiness.”

Practice this every day, your mental health will improve, and you will be in a happy state all through the day.

10. Focus on your favorite task

Doing push-ups is my favorite thing in the early morning when I think of doing it, I’ll jump out of bed and do it. It was one of the toughest workouts in the beginning, but not now. Every day I have a count to achieve. When I reach my push-up count, I feel so satisfied, and that is when my heart feels happy. Here, happiness is a bonus thing that comes to me when I complete my favorite task.

Same way, every day, do your favorite thing. It need not be a tough one. Choose the easiest one first. It could be watering your balcony plants. It could be combing your pet. But do it daily. Every day once you complete your favorite task, you will be filled with happiness.

11. Practice Self-Love: Always

“Happiness is a state of mind that has nothing to do with the external world.” — Lord Krishna

During my college days, I was a person who always likes to listen to sad songs and fill my heart with unknown sorrows. My friends used to tease me why is this guy still wanted to be in that tragic zone. For me, loneliness could be the reason behind it. But at some point in time, after reading many books, I learned that self-love is the base for a better life.

If you love yourself, the following things will happen to your life:

You will become free, from the external world, from the opinions of others

You will realize the power of self-love

You will succeed in all aspects of life

Your happiness will bring more joy to the people around you and More

Start practicing self-love; you will have a life filled with infinite happiness.

12. Self-Awareness Quotes

Let’s see a few self-awareness quotes that can uplift our low energy to high energy and bring happiness into our Life. Read these quotes when you need an instant boost in your energy.

“For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You are the greatest project you will ever get to work on. Take your time. Create magic.” — Morgan Harper

“The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light.” — Sara Ajna

“Once you start laughing, you start healing.” — Sherry Argov

“It’s in the darkest moments that we find our greatest strengths.” -Steven Atchison.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” -Roy Bennett.

“You cannot always be strong, but you can always be brave.”-Beau Taplin

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make, makes you. Choose wisely.” — Roy T. Bennett

“It’s not your job to be everything to everyone.”- Shanna Skidmore

“Stop Hating Yourself for everything you aren’t. Start Loving Yourself for everything that you are” — Unknown

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Final Thoughts

“Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t … You’re Right” — Henry Ford

It is all in you. Be the master of your life. I wish you all the very best and a successful year ahead.

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