🌼4 Mind-Blowing Tips to Develop a Hyper-Growth Mindset and Speed Up Your Success(MUST READ)


🌼4 Mind-Blowing Tips to Develop a Hyper-Growth Mindset and Speed Up Your Success(MUST READ)

Use these four mind-changing tips to achieve your maximum potential at a large scale.

Life is growth; without forward movement that multiplies matter, there is no existence of organic creations. Every cell on this planet reproduces every ticking second to create billions of life in different shapes and forms.


Your mind is an organic matter created by life; the designers have created your brain with the gift and superpower to grow on its own and thrive, but to grow, it has to unlock a challenge.

The designers of our bios have written a small code in our brains to look for stability and security. They have made our instincts fear the unknown, causing us to freeze or crawl back and shrink anytime we want to grow, but to progress, we must step outside our comfort zone.

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They have also given us the key to cracking the code and achieving growth: our imagination. A human mind is a powerful machine capable of fantasizing, planning, creating, and multiplying success at the speed of light, but only if it has unlocked its curse and installed the right mindset.

4 Mind-Shifting Tips to Develop a Growth Mindset and Multiply Your Success

Growth is a mindset; the people who can grow to strive are prominent visionaries and strategists. They perceive the world differently and have the capacity to leverage their resources to the maximum to grow fast and spread their ideas everywhere, and this is how they do it.

1. Think Massive

Every virus, microbe, and living creature desires to conquer and dominate. Large global corporates and superpower nations go into wars to expand, control, and spread their power everywhere.

Growth is a hunger to become at the top, and if you lack the urge to grow, no strategy can help you because you are not willing to pay the price of growth.

A person that needs a growth mindset might see writing on Medium as a matter of crafting a few articles and earning a few dollars at the end of the month; they fix their perspective on minor details that drive little results.

A growth strategist will see things from an entirely different perspective; their starting point is to grow big as fast as possible. They analyze Medium and find if there is a potential to earn trust, recognition, and considerable income on or off the platform.

They study the platform’s audience and focus all their resources on creating content that resonates with the reader and spreads their message as widely as possible through distributing with significant publications.

If things don’t work out as planned, they can pivot and look for different options to achieve their aims; those people understand the results of that enormous output from solving big problems.

Small thinking creates fears of taking risks to grow, keeps people fixated on small tactics, and keeps them hanging in flat zones with little to no noticeable improvements.

Always think massive, even if you plan to stay small; if you can solve growth problems on a large scale, you will find staying small is effortless.

2. Become a Nonlinear Thinker

Most think of the outcomes of their effort as a straight linear line with incremental improvements. They plan to increase their income by 10% annually, write three articles a week, increase swimming distance an extra 100 yards every three months, learn a new vocabulary daily, introduce a new product every year, etc.

This mindset keeps them fixated on rituals and processes rather than on achieving maximum results; it turns their outcomes into habits that deliver flat results.

Significant breakthroughs are seldom the results of linear growth, the people who strategize for growth look for an edge or a turning point that creates a hyper-growth non-linearly.

Two years ago, I was a below-average swimmer; I could barely swim 25 yards/meters and reach the other end of the pool. I hit 6.2 miles / 10 km in five hours and thirty-five minutes in a single day after three and half months.

The reason for that fast improvement is that I looked for critical activities that eliminated all the not notable results and focused my effort on building momentum with moves that delivered remarkable outcomes.

I measured everything through metrics, videoed my movement, analyzed my results, compared them to top swimmers, and went back to the pool for proper practice.

Many linear thinkers need help understanding how leveraging can be used to their advantage and how taking a small risk can lead to much faster outcomes. They think in terms of hard work and what seems to be logical thinking or linear thinking. The reality is there is always a shortcut or backdoor to getting 100X results in a shorter period.

If young millionaires, billionaires, or high-tech companies were linear thinkers, they would never quickly accumulate wealth or enormous traction.

Always think about outcomes, and find a turning point to achieve maximum results in less time.


3. Become a System Thinker

Growth happens when you can see the big picture and connect different related elements to achieve success. Most people look at problems with a single perspective and only see the parts they can identify, but they need help seeing what their senses fail to notice or their minds can’t grasp.

System thinking is the opposite of specialization; a system thinker takes a 40,000 miles wide view of a situation and looks for patterns and links.

They prioritize and categorize elements into primary and secondary objects, direct and indirect causes to solving a problem, eliminate what does not matter, and turn their resources into efficient systems that drive the ultimate results of consistent growth.

System thinker entrepreneurs see starting a business as something other than finding the right product but distributing and marketing it, leading a team, and managing an efficient operational process.

They understand that finance and the numbers behind their business affect their adventure’s whole performance and growth. They spend all their time strengthening the connections of every part of their business rather than getting busy making products and neglecting everything else.

A system thinker writer understands there is more to writing than writing; promoting content on social media, connecting with creators, pitching to publications, etc., are all critical for a writer’s growth.

To become a system thinker, look for the different elements and the links in between that create a functional and efficient system.

Learning about different topics such as art, economy, psychology, business, politics, and science is an excellent exercise for becoming a better system thinker.

Seeing the world through different concepts and lenses helps your brain understand that success results from combining multiple things and not only one specific element.

4. Ignore Ignorance

Ignorance is the most significant harming factor between you and your growth; when you want to go big, you will have to pivot, adapt and change your entire strategy quickly.

You must have an extremely open-minded attitude toward change and empty your cup daily. The people who focus on growth give little to no attention to their or others’ thoughts, beliefs, or processes; instead, they focus on collecting intelligence and maneuvering through a situation to find a pivoting point and achieve massive traction.

Ignorance gets you stuck with your old experiences and twisted thoughts that have no connection to reality; it shifts your attention from growth to satisfying your ego. It makes you oblivious to what is happening in the present moment. It slows you from quickly responding to an unexpected opportunity and exploiting it as a shortcut to hyper-growth.

To get rid of ignorance, stay in touch with reality and collect live feedback from people and data, be mindful of the changes in your environment, and adjust your strategy to fit the situation accurately.

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How to Achieve Maximum Growth and Multiply Your Success

Cells can grow and multiply quickly using a process that appears simple on the surface but is complex in the science of chemistry. A cell will fail to reproduce if one of its essential elements is missing; therefore, the entire growth process stops, but if you put back that element, it grows fast again!

The question isn’t how to grow fast but how much you want to grow, what elements you need, what conditions you need, and how many resources you need to succeed.

Amazon grew fast because it had exemplary service with the right strategy and enough cash to acquire the resources and talent to achieve the first growth steps; then, it found a competitive edge and grew big fast.

Top writers on Medium found the right niche, wrote with the right style, published consistently, promoted their content all time, built momentum, and forced growth to happen.

Growth comes at a cost, be it time, money, or other resources; human cells use energy to grow, and the faster it has to produce, the more food it requires. Before growing, ensure you have enough food and fuel for growth

Growth is more than a mindset and open-mindedness to improvements and learning new skills. It is about evolving and growing; it’s about emulating the process of life, spreading your reach and potential as far as possible, and becoming the most dominant version of yourself.


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