🌼3 Habits That Make Me Wealthy(LOVINGLY RECOMMENDED)


🌼3 Habits That Make Me Wealthy(LOVINGLY RECOMMENDED)

#Try to expand what you do

I’ve always desired money. And the only way I can do that is to improve my academic performance. That is exactly what my teacher and parents have taught me.


That’s the reason I performed well in the 10th and 12th grades and was admitted to a good institution.

That’s when my perspective on money shifted. Prior to it, I used to study a lot. However, there is a significant difference between what you learn in school and the skills required in the real world. And thus my adventure to gain skills and earn money began.

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I began reading books, connecting with wealthy people, learning from them, and following some notable people on Twitter and YouTube. And now want to share with you what I’ve learned i.e. the habits that can make you wealthy.


Nitin, do you consider yourself wealthy? Yes, absolutely. I make a decent amount, invest the majority of my money, have no debt, and focus more on gaining skills. I’m also in my twenties.

As a result, I think I am wealthy enough.

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Now let’s get started.

Being Productive (or you may call being consistent)
I don’t know why people don’t have this ability. Being productive is the only ability you need.

Yes, that’s a single skill that makes you wealthy. Find any person on this planet who are self-made millionaire, they were productive enough for several years.

Even I have several wealthy friends and the only skill they have is being consistent or productive about what they do. Yes being consistent helps you to learn skills, make habits, helps you to make money, and be sure wealthy.

Two years ago, I have applied the same habit.

I don’t have the expertise in creating websites, but I learned it. Later, I don’t have the interest to write technical content, so I made it a habit.

And now both of these skills are helping me to work with different companies, helping me to learn more and for sure make more money.

So the only thing that I want you is to be quietly focused on what you do for a year.


2. Attempt to finish your tasks by dividing them into small chunks

Do you know you get paid after you finish your task? So completing your task is crucial.

When I was younger, I speculated about having enough money in a day or finishing my weekly tasks in a day.

I’m sure most of you feel the same way. But, to tell you the truth, that is not possible.

You can only accomplish your task if you divide it into smaller chunks.

I’ll use my boss as an example. He sets goals for the entire month and attempts to fulfill them in chunks. And he usually meets the majority of his goals, which means he makes more money.

Yes, I learned this strategy from my boss and used it at work. Every day, I attempt to jot down certain tasks that I need to perform and then execute them one by one.

3. Try to expand what you do

You cannot become wealthy if you are content with the money you earn. You must take it to the next level.

You don’t need to watch any motivating videos for that. I’m not sure why so many people are interested in motivating videos. If you want money, this is your true motivation.

As a result, avoid wasting time and start with one.

To be honest, I had no idea when I started my technical content side hustle that I would make so much money. I haven’t given it a second thought.

There were many authors, and most of them were not generating any money; it was challenging enough, I didn’t have any expertise, and I had a lot more questions.

But I had just begun and had faith in myself. Now, let me tell you that my side hustle pays me more than my 9 to 5 work.

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Isn’t that insane?

Even I deal with brands and am attempting to grow my work even more.

In summary, if you are persistent, complete your tasks, and develop the habit of progressing to the next level, you may actually become wealthy.

That is all you require.

Learning a skill is important, but if you are consistent enough, you can quickly learn one.

Yes, it is that simple.

That’s it — thanks.


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