5 Simple Habits That Can Upgrade Your Life in a Short Time(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


🌼5 Simple Habits That Can Upgrade Your Life in a Short Time(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Start doing these if you want to go from where you are to where you want to be


Habits always make the difference between success and failure.

Most people don’t seem to realize this. But in reality, any shift from where you are today to where you want to be will be determined by changes in your every day habits.

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Habits are automatic behavior patterns that define the way we live and how far we can go in life.


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No matter the area of your life you want to talk about, the habits you’ve developed in that area will shape the results you get. Thus, creating a better life comes down to building better everyday habits.

Here are super simple habits will upgrade your life in a matter of time.

Take charge of your morning and how it affects the rest of your day

Your morning is a critical time that sets the tone for the entire day.

In Miracle Morning, author Hal Elrod wrote:

How you wake up each day and your morning routines (or lack thereof) dramatically affects your level of success in every single area of your life. Focused, productive, and successful mornings generate focused, productive and successful days — which inevitably creates a successful life.

Most successful business leaders get up no later than 6 a.m. However, you can wake earlier or later than 6 a.m, but the things you engage in between that time and at least 8 o’clock impact the rest of your day.

Morning routines help you maximise your energy, productivity, and creativity.

Your routines determine your “take-off mood; your emotional state at the start of the day’s work.

The right morning routines put you in the best take-off mood and prime you to have a productive day.

In contrast, some routines can make you less effective, such as picking your smartphone immediately you get off the bed, arguing, watching negative news, and so on.

Successful people consistently shape how productive their day will be by following the right routines like:

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Reading something that inspires and energizes them.

Getting sunlight in their eyes first thing in the morning.

Working out and doing light exercises.

Taking a cold shower.

Meditating and praying.

Setting goals for the day

There are no best or worst morning routines, what’s important is to find what suits you. The right routines will put you in the best state.

You’ll have taken control of your day if you change how you spend your early morning hours and how it affects your mood.

Over time, this will translate into increased productivity and results.

Put the right foods and drinks into your body

You already know that the food you eat helps you stay healthy. What you might not know is that it also impacts your results and success.

Your choice of foods affects your daily life, including your productivity at work and in everyday tasks.

When you eat, your body converts the foods into glucose, creating energy that powers your body and brain.

When the glucose level in the body drops, it makes it harder to stay focused. This is why you experience energy slumps or feel low during the day.

Some foods contain nutrients that provide longer-lasting, smarter, better energy than others. If you eat too much of one type of food, it can affect your productivity, either negatively or positively.

But eating the right foods is like using premium gasoline in an automobile. It keeps you energized and active.

So taking charge of your choice of food and drink is a critical step to take if you want to upgrade your performance and change your life in a short time.

Avoid processed foods, especially in the morning.

Give up alcohol that causes brain fog, disrupts your momentum, and wrecks your sleep.

Eat home-cooked food rich in carbohydrates and protein, such as whole grains, vegetables, fish, and fruits. This is probably the most immediate upgrade you can make to your energy levels.

However, it’s not just the right food choices you should care about; eating at the right time also matters.

Your breakfast helps replenish your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness.

Also, avoid going for long periods without eating. It affects your mood and concentration and lowers your productivity.

The bottom line is that when you control what you eat and drink, you control your energy levels, which affects your daily productivity.

Many productive days add up to weeks, months, and years of top performance when done consistently.

Eliminate unnecessary energy leaks that make you ineffective

One of the most important changes you can make is cutting off energy leaks from your life: events, activities, people, and behaviors that drain your energy.

Everything in your life is either giving you energy or taking it away. And if there is one thing you want more of it’s the scarce resource of energy.

Energy equals willpower and you only have so much at a given time. It depletes you as you go about your normal daily activities. And this limits how effective and productive you can be.

If you want to change your result in life, cut off energy leaks and learn to invest your energy in high-value activities

Because the more energy you have, the higher your ability to create and also the more effort you put into your work.

Every day, how you choose to spend your energy is up to you. If you spend it poorly, then it can suck the life out of you. You can appear alive and act as though you’re uninspired and lifeless.


Here are top energy leaks you need to cut off:

Toxic friends and workplace.

Abusive relationships.

Making things complexity and complicated.


Unhealthy lifestyle like anger, unforgiveness, lack of sleep, alcohol and junk foods.


Upgrade your people skills

Everything you want in life comes from interactions and relationships with others.

Your ability to relate with other people can determine how far you can go in life, career, and business.

This is why developing better people skills is imperative, which covers three key areas:

Personal effectiveness: How you come across to others in terms of your ability to sell yourself, communicate, and build presence when interacting with people.

Interaction ability: How well you predict and decode behavior by being perceptive and showing empathy.

Intercessory skill: Being able to lead, influence, and build bridges between people.

Whether at home or work, strong people skills help you create lasting personal relationships and build a network. People gravitate towards you, remember you better, and are more likely to work with you.

It also helps you become more perceptive such that you can easily read the mood of others, understand their needs and know what they’re going through

More importantly, strong people skills build your confidence to be able to pitch yourself and your ideas without bragging.

When you talk about yourself and what you can offer, you get people excited to work with you.

Quit mediocre lifestyle

Being mediocre and average is not a natural trait; it comes from having bad habits and making poor choices.

You stop being mediocre or getting average results when you stop the habits of mediocre people.

Mediocre people have no sense of urgency in life. They’re not deliberate about what they want out of life.

Instead, they leave their lives to chance and hope that something — a breakthrough, luck, whatever — will happen to bring their dreams to reality.

If you want to change in your, find something you can commit to and work on consistently for the next 60 days.

It can be to build an audience on Twitter or LinkedIn, create a digital product, or start writing. It’s up to you to figure out whatever you like to do.

The goal is to find something you’re passionate about and that can keep you really engaged and productive every day.

When you commit to your passion and work on it consistently, over time you’ll see amazing results that you can build on going forward.

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Final Thoughts

Success is the result of focused and productive habits. Your daily habits determine your productivity and performance in life, career, and business.

As James Clear, author of the popular Atomic Habits, stated in a tweet,habits can turn you into a rock or a meteor.

On the ground, a rock is just a rock. But when it’s moving at a high speed through the atmosphere, it becomes a meteor—alive with fire and burning bright.

In the same manner, the right habits turn you into a meteor by helping you move fast, take action, and bring your dreams into reality.


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