🟡15 Simple Yet Brilliant Tips That Improved My Life in 2022(READ THIS DAILY)


🟡15 Simple Yet Brilliant Tips That Improved My Life in 2022(READ THIS DAILY)

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Personally, 2022 was a whirlwind year. I visited 20 different countries and fulfilled some of my childhood dreams.


Looking back, my routine wasn’t ideal for most of the year. Nevertheless, there were many lessons. And lots of small changes had a big impact on my daily life. On this basis, here are 15 simple tips that improved my life in 2022.

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1. Get up 15 minutes earlier and do a mini-workout: I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier, got up, and did 40 pushups, 30 situps, and 1 minute of stretching. Such a mini-workout won’t make you look like The Rock, but it will freshen up your morning routine.


2. Drink ½ liter of water every three hours: I always struggled with my daily water intake, so in 2022, I started to carry around a ½ bottle everywhere I went. By filling it up every three hours, drinking enough water became easier.

3. Stop trying to convince people who are blinded by the media: I visited various countries and regions that people think are “dangerous” or “evil.” In 2022, I stopped telling people how great those places are. If interested, they can watch my Youtube videos or read my blog. If not, they can stick to Fox News.

4. Star Alliance miles can save you tons of money: By simply collecting miles and points from Booking.com and all my Star Alliance flights, I saved over $1k this year thanks to award tickets. I still can’t get over my own failure of not starting earlier.

5. Social media posts (generally) don’t change the world: if you want to do good, get out there and donate money, help a Ukrainian family, or teach for free in Africa. Don’t just retweet someone’s anti-everything post.

6. Call your loved ones more often: my grandparents are both in their late 80s, and this year, I set myself a goal of calling them at least once a week. Even in India, remote Indonesian villages, and the Grand Canyon, I stuck to my rule. It greatly improved our relationship.

7. Saving $5 every day is more useful than you might think: I used to buy one coffee and one diet coke every single day, equalling $5 in many countries. In 2022, I decided to scrap those habits and set aside the $5. Guess what, I now have around $1.8k to spend on flights from Europe to Australia — just because I started to make my own coffee.

8. Don’t have too many side hustle irons in the fire: at one point in 2022, I was active on ten different social media platforms. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t properly manage any of them. Recalibrate and refocus on the platforms that work for you.

9. Cook in bulk: whenever I stayed in an Airbnb for two weeks, I started simply cooking meals for seven days at a time. It saved me so much time and money. Better still, It improved my general health and fitness.

10. Expect less from people: I believe that I am an ambitious person, and I always push myself to give my all. However, only some people think like that. A lot of people are perfectly happy with mediocrity. Being average is not a crime, and you can’t expect people to adhere to your standards.

11. Don’t order a third beer: When I go out with friends, we tend to take rounds of pints. In 2022, I realized that two pints (or about one liter) are enough for one night. Every time I didn’t order that third beer, I felt better the following day. And my wallet also thanked me for it.

12. Walk every single day: walking is one of the most underrated habits. When I spent a month in the US earlier this year, I realized just how important walking is. I couldn’t live in most American cities simply because I’d have to drive everywhere. It would literally drive me crazy.

13. Talk to more strangers: I did a lot of experiments this year where I would ask random questions to strangers. Most of these encounters were merely funny, but some were genuinely successful. I went on a cruise with strangers in Vietnam and got invited to about 15 dinners in Turkey.

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14. The world is crazy, be more childish: At one point in 2022, my income dropped by about 70%, and my mental health deteriorated. It was partly due to a market downturn and partly due to my own mistakes. What was the solution: to take a break, have some childish fun in an abandoned airport in Germany (not strictly legal), regroup, and get back on track later.

15. Don’t waste one single minute on things that don’t matter: I lost loved ones in 2022, and others became sick. I have been through this cycle a few times, and it keeps teaching me one lesson: time is the most precious resource.


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