🌼7 Habits That Made Me a Millionaire(SUPER ARTICLE)


🌼7 Habits That Made Me a Millionaire(SUPER ARTICLE)

These simple habits can make you wealthy.

I went from a burnt-out nurse working several jobs to becoming a millionaire.


…All within two weeks.

Don’t believe me? Then here’s proof.

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This screenshot shows my first two paychecks from my YouTube channel, Onyx Family. With this money, I paid off ALL of my debt, quit my job, and started working from home.


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First two deposits from YouTube.

I started to make 6 figures every month after that. By my first year on YouTube, my family and I became a millionaire. This was a dream I never thought would come true.

But how did I get to this spot? Was it because I’m lucky?


It was because I practiced these 7 simple habits:

Habit 1: Research Avidly

When pivoting to my new career, I was faced with the fact that it was what I desired to do, but I didn’t necessarily have the skills to do it. But I didn’t let it stop me; I started to learn everything from scratch.

Online classes, articles, and podcasts were the pillars of my research.

I consumed as much info as possible and applied it to what I was doing as I worked on it. I didn’t wait to understand everything and then start. I learned as I went.

I figured that if I could take years of studying to be a nurse practitioner, I could take this time to learn how to start my own media company. I applied the same tactics to YouTube: I researched, applied, and then evaluated.

I still do avid research to this day.

Habit 2: Read Everyday

When was the last time you picked up a book?

No, but be honest. If it’s anywhere along the lines of a couple months to a year, then don’t feel bad: research shows that the typical American has only read 4 books in the last 12 months.

Well, I’m the exact opposite of that statistic.

I read a lot. Every day. Every book, article, paragraph, and sentence about business was probably already read by me.

I’m not exaggerating. Well, maybe a little bit…

But seriously, reading is a great mental exercise for your mind. It increases financial literacy (you’re gonna need a lot of that in entrepreneurship!) and enhances your knowledge.

Start out by reading one book a week. Then start reading every other day. Pretty soon, reading every day will become a habit.

Habit 3: Wake Up an Hour Earlier

If you see more people in your industry waking up at 7:00am, go for 6:00am.

Or do they wake up at 5:00am? Great. Then get used to seeing the sunrise: you’ll wake up at 4:00am!

The reason why waking up earlier is so important is because:

It gives you a head start. You’ll be able to start work earlier and become more productive.

You’ll be able to prioritize your morning routine. Instead of rushing to grab a cup of coffee, you’ll be able to meditate, fix a healthy breakfast, or maybe even go for a run.

It makes you more organized. Humans feel the most productive in the mornings, so you can spend that extra hour organizing your day (outlining your projects, creating a checklist, etc.).

I found that waking up earlier gave me these benefits and even more.

Habit 4: Practice Frugality

It does not matter how much you make: don’t fall into the trap of indulgence.

Sports cars, Gucci watches, and trips to the salon sound nice, but you know what doesn’t sound nice?

A low balance on your bank account.

Do you want to become a millionaire? Then cut down on pending. Your wallet will thank you.

Habit 5: Take Every Opportunity

Being in the entertainment business meant getting high-paying deals and low paying ones.

And guess what? I would take both.

You’re probably asking this: why would I waste my time with low-paying deals?

Well, for me, it wasn’t just for the money. I already had plenty of that. It was also for more exposure. Exposure to more brands and companies; and building a relationship with them.

Being open to any opportunities (even small ones) boosted my company because I was seen as an agreeable business partner and not egotistic.

Leave your ego aside and take any opportunity that comes your way.

Habit 6: Treat Everyone With Respect

There was a part in Will Smith’s autobiography that really stuck out to me.

It was a quote that Will’s grandmother told him when he was about to drive off on his first tour bus. She said something along the lines of this:

“Be kind to others on your way up because you never know who you’ll meet again on your way down.”

So profound.

It does not matter how rich someone is or what position someone has: treat them with the same kindness you would treat a billionaire. Be respectful and treat them with dignity.

Just as Jesus said in the bible: “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

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Habit 7: Have Faith

Last but not least, a habit that I believe made me a millionaire was having this. It’s only five words, but such a powerful action. It’s this:


Listen, I was a tired nurse practitioner who worked from 7am-12am every day away from my kids, visiting rude patients, all while dealing with chronic back pain.

I had all the reasons on earth to doubt.

But I didn’t.

I prayed to Jesus every day that I would have a breakthrough. Every morning, I would pray by thanking Him first; and then praying for my future business.

I had faith.

And Jesus blessed that faith.

To sum it up, the 7 habits you should practice are to…

Research Avidly

Read Everyday

Wake Up an Hour Earlier

Practice Frugality

Take Every Opportunity

Treat Everyone With Respect

Have Faith

Practice these simple habits, and one day you may see 7 figures in your bank account. Who knows: that day might come sooner than later!

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