🌼22 Small Lifestyle Changes That Made Me Happier, Smarter, and Wealthier in 2022.(FULL OF GREAT INSIGHTS)


🌼22 Small Lifestyle Changes That Made Me Happier, Smarter, and Wealthier in 2022.(FULL OF GREAT INSIGHTS)

How small daily decisions have created big results in 2022

Life is full of little decisions.


Some are big, some are small, and some have a bigger impact on your life than you’d expect.

In fact, many of these little decisions can lead to big ripple effects.

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The reality is that there is no secret to happiness or creating wealth, but as you go along in life, there are some decisions, you’ll come to realize, have made a lot of difference in the way you feel about your life.


Here are the 22 lifestyle choices that shaped my 2022.

Getting my dopamine from doing hard things. Lifting heavy weights, cold showers, reading, problem-solving. As Naval Ravikant says, “the modern devil is cheap dopamine.” Make yourself do hard things and normal life becomes easier.

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Understanding that my emotions follow my actions. If I want to be inspired, I need to do inspiring things. Your mind can’t see what your body doesn’t do.

Giving myself an hourly rate of $50. If an activity produces less than $50 of value, I outsource it or I don’t do it. I now see how much time most people waste on pointless activities.

Realized my 9–5 job trapped me in golden handcuffs. How much would someone have to pay for you to give up your dreams? Six-figures? Seven figures? For me, it’s a hell of a lot more than $116,500 before tax.

Drinking more water. This one act solved 60% of my stomach issues and made me 10x more productive.

Switching to a vegetarian diet. This second act solved 40% of my stomach issues and helped manage my energy levels. I’ve realized that my body doesn’t process meat very well.

16:8 intermittent fasting. Aside from cutting out meat, I didn’t change other parts of my diet too much. I still eat chips and chocolate but only between 12:00pm — 8:00pm.

Learning that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a microcosm of your life. BJJ highlights your weaknesses. Exposes your flaws. Reveals how your mind thinks when you’re uncomfortable or under stress.

Stopped asking for permission. I didn’t ask anyone if I could start a business, or create content on LinkedIn. I just did it. Permission is fear disguised as a question.

Stopped watching the news. The news is a compilation of statistically irrelevant events that are designed to get you upset or angry. You can ignore 99% of the news and still live a happier life.

Everyday movement. Long walks, gym sessions, Jiu-Jitsu, Pilates, handstands. Variety is the spice of life. Move and improve.

No caffeine after 12:00 pm. Research shows that caffeine has a half-life that can prevent a night of high-quality sleep.

Taping my mouth shut when I sleep. Sounds weird, I know. But in his book, Breath, James Nestor has shown that mouth breathing for 8 hours a night is terrible for your health.

Making myself talk in front of a camera every day. My public speaking skills have 10x. I feel more comfortable and relaxed speaking in front of a camera. Felt weird at first, but now it’s a cheap form of therapy.

Documenting life experiences. I bring my vlogging camera everywhere with me. I might never use the footage but I’ll often watch a video from a year ago and be reminded of how much I’ve grown since then.

Starting a business taught me skills more valuable than money. Since starting my business, I’ve become a different person. Friends and family have even noticed it. I view risk differently and approach new challenges with energy. I am also a lot happier.

Taking cold showers. It’s not bro science. There is real evidence of the effects of cold exposure on your energy levels, immune response, and dopamine levels. Plus doing hard things calluses your mind.

Viewing sunlight first thing in the morning. A 10-minute morning light exposure helps wake up my body. It’s one of the best improvements I’ve made to my morning routine. Even if it’s an overcast day, there is enough light outside to slap your body into action.

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No meetings before 12:00 pm. My mornings are for tackling high-value or creative tasks in a flow state. No phone in my room. No distractions. I’ll do client work in the afternoon and take most meetings after 1:00pm.

Taking Apigenin and Theanine to aid sleep. These non-habit-forming supplements help me switch off and fall asleep faster. Don’t take medical advice from a stranger on the internet. Speak to your doctor before taking any supplement.

I stopped taking free business advice. Free advice can be very expensive. And just like a bum, everybody’s got advice for you. Ironically, it is often people who have never had businesses who feel entitled to give you advice. Want good advice? Pay someone for it.

I accepted what season of life I am in. I have no partner, kids, or pets. This stage of my life is career and travel-focused. I am not interested in dating or settling down. And that’s okay. I am focused on optimizing my life for what currently brings me joy.

This article has been about lifestyle decisions — the countless successive decisions that go into everyday life.

Some of the decisions are big and memorable and some are so small to seem forgettable and inconsequential.

But all of them are important.

Contributed by Michael Lim

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