🌼5 Genius Stoic Techniques That Will Eliminate Stress Quickly(SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE)

🌼5 Genius Stoic Techniques That Will Eliminate Stress Quickly(SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE)

Their wisdom has worked for thousands of years.

Most stress is completely unnecessary.


“Stress happens when your mind resists what is. The only problem in your life is your mind’s resistance to life as it unfolds.”

— Dan Millman

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The overthinking, the worries, the ruminating, and the devil’s triangle of “what if, I wish, I should have” are just thoughts. If you don’t treat them as such, they make you unhappy and unable to enjoy the wonders of life. To avoid this, ancient Stoic philosophers used the concept of the “inner fortress.”


If you keep control of your thoughts, your mind cannot be conquered by external events — so use these five techniques to let go of what stresses you out.

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Name Your Monster To Let Go Of Your Biggest Fear

The biggest fear is the fear of the unknown.

When you have vague information, your mind creates horror scenarios to prepare for every possible situation because it wants to keep you safe. When my grandma’s kitchen tap was clogged, she already saw half the house torn down to replace the pipes. All it took was changing a single rubber seal.

The solution to this kind of overthinking is simple.

“Always define whatever it is we perceive — to trace its outline — so we can see what it really is: its substance. Stripped bare. As a whole. Unmodified. And to call it by its name — the thing itself and its components, to which it will eventually return.”

— Marcus Aurelius

Afraid of going broke, having your heart broken, or getting ridiculed in front of the whole gym? Outline the exact consequences and you’ll see it’s just another day in your life, not its end. Things are rarely as bad as you think they are.

See things clearly and you’ll stop stressing out about the unknown.

Focus on This To Stop Worrying About the Past and Future

Nothing exists but this very moment.

It’s a fundamental truth we forget all too often. We lose ourselves in ruminations of the past and worries about the future because this is how our mind works. Unfortunately, it’s also the source of all your stress.

“Don’t let your reflection on the whole sweep of life crush you. Don’t fill your mind with all the bad things that might still happen. Stay focused on the present situation.”

— Marcus Aurelius

Every morning, I meditate. Focusing on the present moment eliminates the thoughts and with them, the stress. When you stop identifying with your mind, you realize there are no problems.

This isn’t a permanent state — your mind will always try to come back to the issues like rich celebrities to white lines on the kitchen table.

But when you’re stressed, bring yourself back into the present. Don’t worry about what’s to come. All you’ll ever have is now.

Do the “First Impression Test” To Avoid Wrong Judgments

If you want to know how the human mind works, you have to understand something fundamental.

Evolution has primed us for fear because it helped us survive. The cavemen who ran from the sabretooth tiger instead of trying to pet it and call it a good kitty lived long enough to pass on their genes. That’s why we often assume the worst — better safe than sorry.

But most of our modern worries aren’t as big as our brain makes them.

“Don’t let the force of the impression carry you away. Say to it, ‘hold up a bit and let me see who you are and where you are from — let me put you to the test.’”

— Epictetus

First impressions often don’t reflect reality. When I started my business, I mistakenly believed I needed a website, a newsletter, a podcast, three social media platforms, a sales funnel, and free fairy dust samples for potential clients. The overwhelm put me on a highway to burnout.

Whatever you first think about a situation, challenge it. Test your assumptions. Is it really that bad?

Chances are, it isn’t.

Stop Caring About What Everybody Else Cares About

Most stress stems from one single factor.

Social pressure.

It’s another remnant from tribal times. If Corey the caveman upset his tribe by peeing on their favorite berry bushes, they’d whack him over the head and cast him out. McDonald’s and hotels weren’t a thing back then, this was an almost sure death sentence.

That’s why we care so much about what our colleagues, the hot girl at the bar, and our family members on thanksgiving think about us.

“Stop caring what other people think. Stop caring what they do. Stop caring what they say.”

— Marcus Aurelius

You have to understand social comparison is just an evolutionary mechanism and most people are as caught up in it as you. They’re so busy with their lives they don’t have time to think about yours. If they do, it says more about them than you.

Focus on yourself instead of stressing about others.

Step Out Of The Hamster Wheel To Recharge And See Clearly

I never liked the term rat race — the German version is much more on point.

We call it caught in the hamster wheel. You only see the steps in front of you and keep running without getting anywhere.

“To shrug it all off and wipe it clean — every annoyance and distraction — and reach utter stillness. Child’s play.” — Marcus Aurelius

When I started my business, I couldn’t stop the wheel from spinning. I got stressed out because all I did was try to run faster. But today, I’m smarter.

I take more off days. I go on vacation. I force myself to stop the wheel.

Every break allows me to come back recharged and see clearly what I haven’t before.

You don’t need to run all the time. Relax for a second. Shake off the stress. Come back with a fresh mind.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is do nothing.

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Summary To Help You Eliminate Stress

Stress only exists in your mind — these five Stoic techniques will help you master it and relax.

Name your monster — define what exactly you worry about so the fear of the unknown doesn’t destroy you.

Focus on the present moment — it will help you let go of worries about the past and future.

Do a “first impression test” — check if your assumptions are correct or if you jumped to faulty conclusions.

Let go of social pressure — stop caring about what others might think, do, and say.

Step out of the hamster wheel — stop, breathe, and wipe off all responsibilities from time to time.

Life’s too short to stress yourself out.

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