🌼9 forbidden habits of the most elite performers on the planet(AMAZING REVELATION)


🌼9 forbidden habits of the most elite performers on the planet(AMAZING REVELATION)

These habits are probably not for you…

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…even though they will transform your body, mind and business if you follow them for 60 days.


Society is doing everything in its grasp to keep you from developing any of these habits.

They do this by accusing you of being ‘no fun’ and weird and making you feel like an outcast if you go that route.

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Sticking to any one of these will admit you to the elite level.

Still, you’re unlikely to make it work if you prefer to impress those around you than doing what is initially uncomfortable but ultimately empowering:

Abstaining entirely from alcohol.

New studies are coming out daily about the poisonous effects of this substance, even in smaller quantities.

The reason we feel drunk is that our brains are literally losing cells.

Alcohol may feel good in the short term, but it is a depressant in the long term.

Quitting improves sleep and skin and will make you feel more balanced and happier throughout the day.

Bias to action over mind-focus.

This lies at the heart of mental wellness and is overlooked by many.

Especially in a world that promotes ‘mental health awareness,’ more people than ever are doing more of what is actually harming their mental strength:

Focusing obsessively on themselves and their concerns for their minds.

The more attention you place on what you perceive to be wrong about you, the more that concern grows like a ballooning plume of smoke.

Elite performers have ditched the obsession with their minds and instead turned to focus on producing beautiful things.


Not enough of us use the brain optimally in the creative ideation sense.

In a world requiring us to make hundreds of new decisions, we need access to the best ideas and the most intuitive guidance.

This means digging deep rather than picking the first idea that comes to mind, which is often not the best one.

Elite minds brainstorm, putting many ideas on the table before choosing the best.

Eating beef liver.

Beef liver is officially the most nutritionally dense food on the planet.

Given that the most crucial element of a diet that works well for performance is nutrition, this is the superfood we all need to eat, ideally raw.

You can also try chicken and veal liver.

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Daily exercise.

That’s right. Elite minds require that it is housed in a body in near-continual motion.

We are not built to sit around all day. Even a twenty-minute walk counts.

No days skipped.

Going caffeine-free.

This will probably lose me followers because 65+% of you are addicted to this stuff, like I was, and you will resist the idea of losing your beloved socially-accepted hard drug.

Indeed it is. Caffeine has countless detrimental effects, including flooding your system with stress hormone, and disrupting REM sleep, which is foundational to good health.

If you were to check out the studies done on it that aren’t bought and paid for by the caffeine companies, you’d know to quit, especially if you experience any anxiety.

Consistent anything for 60 days.

What could you do for 60 days straight that would profoundly impact your life?

Why haven’t you done it? What’s stopping you?

Do what most people refuse to do because of the pain of the initial unexpected struggle.

Create something remarkable by bringing relentless consistency to something meaningful.

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Yeah, I know — you love your morning croissants.

And so did I — massively. But just read a book like ‘Wheat Belly,’ and you’ll see that gluten and wheat are major causes of weight gain, mood issues, gut inflammation, and even ageing.

Even if you’re not intolerant, it’s still worth keeping this stuff to a minimum.

Regularly connecting with someone who knows more than you.

This took me too long to realise in my business life.

Connecting with mentors who can guide you, even if it’s paid, is vital if you want to avoid the pitfalls of trying a particular path alone.

Elite performers find coaches and other human support to help them make the most of the paths they chose.

Contributed by Alex Mathers

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