The World’s Richest Monkey


The World’s Richest Monkey

Meet Kalu, the world richest monkey who’s owner was Patricia O’Neill, the daughter of a British Countess, although she passed away on Tuesday 11 June, 2019; 19 days to her 94th birthday.

She wrote a book about her life with Kalu called ” A chimpanzee in the wine celler”


somewhere in the range of 20 years preceding, the flighty Mrs O’Neill kept in touch with her sequentially unfaithful spouse, Australian Olympic swimmer Frank O’Neill, out of her will and handed down her whole fortune, assessed at £40 million, to her Delightful chimp.

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Kalu the Congolese chimpanzee was evaluated to be worth around £40million as one of the primary beneficiaries to unconventional proprietor Patricia O’Neill’s acquired millions as at 2010.


The British noble lives with Kalu the chimp, 30 canines and 11 felines in a rambling domain close to Cape Town, South Africa.

Her nearest relationship, be that as it may, is with her dearest chimp, which she discovered attached to a tree outside the home of the Argentinian Consul General in war torn Zaire (known as Congo).

She returned the creature to Broadlands, her Cape Town domain. In spite of the fact that she said that the creature at first appeared ‘panicked and damaged,’ she before long settled in.

The world’s most extravagant chimp discovered that it is no longer going to inherit the wealth in millions, as the proprietor uncovered that she has lost her whole fortune. Some years before her demise she revealed that her wealth has been stolen under her nose and she is penniless.

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Untill her revelation, Kalu was taught to be the second richest pet in the world. The most richest pet is a German Shepherd called Gunther iv which he inherited from his father.

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