🌼12 habits of the calmest people I know(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


🌼12 habits of the calmest people I know(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Maintaining calm is one of the most powerful life skills.

It helps us connect with people. It keeps us creative and resourceful and lifts our performance.


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I’ve analysed the habits of calm people I’ve known for years. Here are some commonalities:

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Have learned to laugh at themselves.


Those who have something to protect can’t help but make it a very serious business, which drains the energy out of the room.

They are obsessed, not with negative influences like the news and gossip, but with uplifting things like creating cool things, developing a solid physique, and having fun with other people.

Include at least 20 minutes of movement daily, whether walking, yoga or lifting weights.

Find ways to enjoy even the ‘harder’ things in life.

They know that perspective is malleable, so they change their view accordingly.

Prioritise themselves first.

Stressed people put others before themselves, and then wonder why they struggle.

Self-care is your priority.

You have one life — don’t spend it breaking yourself to please others.

Create things.

Calm people create more than they react.

They are builders and nurturers, passionate about bringing beautiful things into existence, whether paintings, raising children, relationships, or new projects.

Don’t hold their breath.

You might be surprised — certainly, if you’re frequently stressed or angry — how much time you spend holding your breath and tightening your belly.

Calm is granted to those who let go physically, breathe fluidly, and loosen their bellies.

Stopped rushing.

Rushing might seem to give you an advantage, but it’s the opposite.

Calm people adapt to the speed of life and find things easier.

Are attuned to their personal dietary needs.

They don’t follow the herd and the junk they eat but instead consume foods that maintain a stable, high mood, low anxiety, and the best health.

Don’t take anything personally.

Stressed people make everything about them.

They are self-conscious.

Calm people drop the focus on themselves, choosing to focus on others and their projects instead.

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Keep their environments tidy.

The simple daily habit of maintaining an uplifting and clutter-free environment also ensures the mind is calm.

Minimise negative people.

Calm people are ruthless with the boundaries they exert on others and keep negative and drama-prone people out of their lives.

Contributed by Alex Mathers

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