🌼If You Want To Succeed In Life, Follow The Simple “Rule Of Rules”(MUST READ)


🌼If You Want To Succeed In Life, Follow The Simple “Rule Of Rules”(MUST READ)

All truly successful people do this.

Most successful people have two opposite things in common.


They break the rules.

They play by the rules.

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Medium top writer does it all the time. He messes with the grammar. His headlines rarely follow classic formats. Some of his intros read like he was too lazy to write one. But he never forgets the number one rule — writing for his audience. This explains his over 300,000 followers and the big bank he makes.


Following the rules gets you what everyone else gets — a mediocre life. But flat-out ignoring them has led me to a bunch of failed dreams, broken hearts, and painful regrets. So what’s the secret to achieving your dreams?

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You have to play by the rules of the game until you know how to break them. Then, you have to break them and play by your own.

Here’s how.

This Is What Breaking the Rules Can Get You

Breaking the rules unlocks the extremes of the spectrum.

You either fly sky high or end up selling your butt’s virginity to scrape together the cash for a Taco Bell value meal. The billionaires, world travelers, and enlightened gurus all broke the rules, but so did the homeless, prisoners, and 50-year-old virgins living in their mum’s basement. It’s a fine line.

You need to tread carefully.

To Get Good, Focus On Principles Instead Of Rules

Rules are just random words.

What matters are the principles behind them. You could easily summarize the Bible’s ten commandments as “don’t be a knobhead.”

For over eleven years, I’ve hit the gym consistently. Whenever somebody asks me how to get big, I give them the same answer: “Train hard. Eat a lot of healthy food. Sleep well. Repeat for five years.” These are the principles that matter.

But you need to follow a proper training program, meal plan, and sleep schedule you follow until you’ve understood what they are about.

Everybody needs to play by the rules in the beginning. But the faster you learn the underlying principles, the sooner you can move on. They are what matters, whether in dating, business, health, finance, or building awesome sandcastles.

Follow the rules, but understand the principles.

To Become Better, Double Down On This And Forget About That

Reflection is as unsexy as underrated.

I’m a writer. Analyzing data makes me want to vomit, but reviewing my Medium stats almost doubled my success within weeks. I understood what worked well for me and what didn’t.

The basic principle of hard work always applies, but it’s up to you if you join the 5 am club or rather have late nights because your focus is better. This also goes for fancy versus simple dates, dressing plain versus flashy, and eating lots of carbs versus lots of fats.

Many ways lead to Rome, so follow the rules that work for you and break the ones that work against you.

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To Become A Master, Create Your Own Game

Breaking the rules doesn’t mean you don’t have any.

I occasionally take drugs like weed and LSD, but I’ve experimented with a lot more. It’s a societal rule I break and substituted with my own.

No drugs if my life isn’t going well.

It’s the good old work before pleasure principle, mixed with breaking a rule that doesn’t work for me. This gave me amazing experiences and incredible personal growth.

Rules are important because their structure helps you be more efficient, perform better, and hold yourself accountable.

So play the game until you understand the principles. Focus on the rules that work for you, break the ones that don’t. Create your own and stick to them like superglue.

That’s how you succeed in life.

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Contributed by Moreno Zugaro

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