🌼5 Small Things I Wish I knew When I Was Making $0 on the Internet


🌼5 Small Things I Wish I knew When I Was Making $0 on the Internet

Things to watch out for when writing on the internet

2.5 years ago I made $1.39 a month on the internet.


Last month I made $1,500.

It’s not the millions that most people talk about. I’m not at 7 figures. I know nothing about financial freedom. I still work a day job.

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But this milestone for me feels huge.


I want to tell you everything you need to know about making money on the internet for when you go from $0 to $1.5k/month.

Fun over everything

I’ve tried a lot of stuff.

Amazon FBA, reselling smelly old shoes on eBay, a sock business, a sweet business, a homeware brand. Everything.

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3 years ago, I picked business ideas like I picked my dinners. One night it would be an online shop, next it would be a food van, the next it would be selling handmade dog beds (not kidding, I still have the sewing machine).

The issue with all of this is that the first few years are tough. I mean really tough.

When nobody is telling you you’re a good boy, not one person buys anything after you’ve slaved away for hours working. It’s hard to get the motivation to turn up the next day. What’s the point?

That’s why you have to prioritise fun.

Do something you actually like.

Make the point to learn, not to earn.

Don’t fall into the traps

Getting rich in 5 days sounds amazing like it couldn’t happen. That’s because it can’t.

And yes there is 1 in every 7 zillion people that do get rich overnight but it’s not usually ‘overnight’ and it’s not usually with zero prior knowledge.

Making money is about compounding. Compounding knowledge, experience and a value proposition. Unknowingly you are testing your value proposition all the time.

It’s only when you get close to the ideal state that people look.

The trap is thinking there is a shortcut. Like it doesn’t take years. Thinking it can happen overnight means you will try to get rich quickly a million times over.

None of it will work and you’ll be 5 years down the line just wishing you put in the hard work first.

Save yourself time.

Play the long game.

Build for yourself first

If you want to succeed online you have to make it about your audience.

You do.

But first, before that, you have to make it about you. Why? Because if you’re going from working a day job where you get paid for your effort to working online, for free, you’ll be resentful.

I was.

You won’t want to write for your audience. Not because you’re selfish or entitled. But because it’s too much of a shift.

First, write for you. Get joy out of writing or creating or building. Make it fun. Learn to love it. Then when you do, dip your toe into shifting the focus from you to them.

Build for you first.

Make small steps to test

Nothing and everything happens in a day.

A day is so small, so insignificant, so invisible that you shouldn’t expect any results from it. Don’t worry about doubling your follower count today. Don’t worry about making loads of money right now.

But realise that one day, for a year, makes all the difference in the world.

It’s a tiny step in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter at all and that’s why it matters so much.

Use your days to test ideas, think through problems, and work on your thing. Everything else will take care of itself.

Build in public

There is ‘building in public’ and then there is ‘building in public’.

A: One goes something like this “I made $100k/month, I have 56,000 newsletter subs. I’m building in public.”

B: The other goes something like this: “I made $123 this month, I have 342 newsletter subs. I’m building in public.”

Now, there are two explanations for the reason we see more of A than we do of B. Either there are more people in group A, so we’re seeing more of them.

Or it’s that a lot of people are embarrassed to share their small wins so only share the big stuff.

There is also a third idea that maybe we’re not being wholly truthful with the numbers but let’s not think that is the case.

The truth is, building in public is skewed. People like sharing good news stories so only share those but I’ve found huge value in sharing the little things.

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Share the little things. They make the big things.

Honestly, it goes so fast

“Can you remember when we were young? Do you remember teaching us to walk?” I asked my mum.

It was Saturday afternoon, and we’d just found out there is going to be another baby in the family. Exciting. Obviously. The conversation had turned to reminiscing about my brother and me. What we were like as kids.

“Honestly Eve, it goes so fast. It just speeds up as you get older.”

That’s how the last 2.5 years of creating on the internet have felt. It goes so fast, slow is a perfect speed.

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Contributed by Eve Arnold

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