🌼6 Ways Money Can Buy You Happiness(MUST READ)


🌼6 Ways Money Can Buy You Happiness(MUST READ)

And can give you peace of mind too.

Growing up, my dad always told me that money doesn’t buy you happiness. And I agree with that wholeheartedly till today.


Money cannot buy me the set of friends I have today or the love I feel for my partner. It can assist me to buy a personal trainer or expensive healthy food, but it still cannot buy me health.

But like Ali Abdaal says in his YouTube videos,

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Money can’t buy you happiness, but lack of money is a stress in many people’s lives. At least it can help you eliminate that.


And that’s true. Ever since I quit my 9–5 and became financially independent, money has helped me buy my time so I can spend it with loved ones.

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In terms of things, here is what money can buy that could possibly make you happy.

1. Comfort

The comfort of a good mattress helps you get better sleep.

I recently splurged on the best air purifier in the market because I live in the fourth most polluted city in the world. I’m afraid that I’ll suffer from respiratory diseases two decades from now, even though I don’t smoke.

Money buys you the ability to outsource cooking and cleaning so you can use that time for something you enjoy.

Now this one’s too farfetched and I’m not there yet, but money buys you business-class travel, so your back isn’t broken when you land. Did we get too far here? Okay okay.

This brings me to…

2. Travelling

I don’t do luxury travel. I live in Airbnbs and prefer eating local food over fancy restaurants.

This is also because when I eat the famous Indian butter chicken in big restaurants in my country, I’m disappointed with the flavour. But in the local places known for it, it tastes heavenly.

But it still costs money to travel.

One of my friends is thinking of pursuing an expensive degree only to experience student life as he doesn’t want to do a traditional job. I recommended he spend 1/10th of that money and travel instead. It’s an enriching experience, and solo travelling at a young age can teach you so much.

My solo travels at 21 changed my perspective on life, and my frequent travels are a reminder of how big this world is and how insignificant we are, which helps me stay true to my values.

3. Books and Education

It surprises me how people can pay $20 for takeaway, but hesitate to pay for books.

One is making you happy momentarily.

One is going to feed your soul and teach you something new.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on online courses which people think are a scam. But I’ve also made thousands in return, so isn’t it an investment?

Nobody thinks that way when they spend $100k on a degree, only to be under student debt for years to come.

Times have changed. Shouldn’t our mindset, too?

4. Time

Outsourcing your weaknesses helps you buy your time.

A solopreneur I look up to, Justin Welsh, often talks about how he uses his money to buy his time so he can do simple things like write and spend time with his wife.

I think that’s beautiful.

I was on a consultation call yesterday where I advised the upcoming YouTuber to outsource video editing as soon as he makes enough money from freelancing. This guy has a full-time IT job and spends 7 hours editing a single YouTube video.

Imagine if he spent all that time coming up with ideas and shooting while somebody else could edit.

5. Freedom to Say No

When I worked in the corporate sector, I loved how some seniors would outsource some of their responsibilities just because they could. That’s what power does to you.

As a solopreneur, it’s the freedom to say no to

unnecessary calls

boring freelance clients

events that don’t add value

It feels empowering, mainly because if you’re in a creative field, it’s very easy to fall out of love with your skill when you aren’t enjoying it.

As an only child, writing was my best friend on weekends. I can’t imagine falling out of love with it.

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6. Stress-Free Head

My family has taken loans in the past and also experienced layoffs.

It’s stressful, and it’s not a pleasant space to be in.

In fact, two years ago, my car’s EMI used to be painful because it was such a huge chunk of my tiny salary.

Knowing that now it can pass off like a breeze is less stressful.

Coming from a family that has had humble beginnings, I’ve seen how lack of money is a very stressful place to be in. So if you have enough money for basics, it makes a difference.

I’m not talking about luxuries here.

But the simple stuff like your bills being paid and getting food on the table. Trust me, these ‘basics’ are a luxury for many.

Contributed by Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

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