🌼7 Toxic Habits of Highly Ineffective People(MUST READ)


🌼7 Toxic Habits of Highly Ineffective People(MUST READ)

Lose these as soon as possible to 10x your every aspect of life.

In the International bestseller — 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey mentions seven essential habits for a successful person.


But along with cultivating good habits, we also need to shed our not-so-effective parts.

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It is crucial we lose our bad habits, too.


Some habits are more harmful to us than we realize. They sit deep into our subconscious mind and influence a great majority of our actions.

It’s better to identify these behaviours as soon as possible and try to confront them when you catch yourself doing them.

Forcing Incompetence

I am not good at writing.

I can’t draw.

I can’t code.

How many times do you say to yourself or someone else that you can’t do anything?

You may often catch yourself criticising yourself for things you can’t do “yet”. You don’t cut slacks for errors or the phase of apprenticeship.

In reality, you are always going to suck at something new.

You would have sucked at your job when you started. But with time, you got good at it. This is true in all areas of life.

In his book, Outliers, Gladwell says that the top people in their respective fields weren’t talented. But they put in the hard work to get there. In the same way —

Every master was once an amateur.

Leave this habit of cursing yourself when things don’t go your way and try to push through it.

Being Risk Aversive

Are you afraid that you will lose?

Well, the most significant loss is not trying the things you want to try. In a survey of old people, the thing they all most regretted was not doing the things when they wanted to.

You need to realize that you have this one life, and you aren’t getting a new one if you live it by following all society’s rules.

No, I’m not telling you to commit crimes.

But not taking any risks is no way to live a life. Especially if you are young.

The younger you are, the more appetite you have for taking risks. One quote that stuck with me was —

You can fail multiple times. But you only need to win once to compensate for all the failures and more.

Blaming Mindset

Humans have a hard time owning up to their mistakes.

We try to show ourselves to be perfect in front of others. We try to win everyone’s approval and often hide or direct our mistakes.

In the long run, a blaming mindset creates a negative bias in your mind.

Never owning up to your mistakes will make you fearful to try out new things in life. You will always stay away from failing and never grow in life.

Even blaming others or circumstances for your own shortcomings only makes other people lose respect for you.

Fearful Mindset

How many opportunities have you missed because you got afraid of it?

One of the significant reasons for ruining something is that we don’t think we are good enough for it. Humans have a tendency to judge themselves harshly.

You may often compare yourself with someone who is in the top leagues when you are just starting out.

Having this mindset can create fear in your mind, and you may never try something new. You cultivate a fearful and losing mindset before you even start doing it.

You need to think in terms of seeing your past self as your competition.

Neglecting Self-Care

Anything works best when you take care of it.

Your car, your computer, or your body.

It’s essential that we take care of our body and mind to perform at our optimal best capacities.

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You can take care of yourself in multiple ways —

Hitting the gym

Having a proper and deep sleep

Eating clean food

Organizing your surroundings

Doing each of these things will make your day much more productive, and you will be highly effective.

In contrast, highly ineffective people don’t give much importance to self-care or personal development. They drift through life doing whatever pleases them in the short term.

Chasing Cheap Dopamine

Stop chasing cheap and quick dopamine.

I can’t stress this enough how much today’s world is designed to provide quick dopamine in succession.

This is keeping you awake at night, making your mornings sloggy and stealing all your productive time away.

How often do you check your phone or social media in a single day? On average, a normal Gen-Z spends four and a half hours every day on social media.

Think of all that time doing something effective.

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Perfectionism Procrastination

The final toxic habit that a lot of ineffective people have is perfecting their work. They hold on to something for so long, thinking they can improve it even further.

But in reality, it is only a way to procrastinate starting something new.

When you work on something, you become familiar with it. It is now inside your comfort zone.

In that familiarity, ineffective people get stuck in it. They try to keep working on it even though it is already beyond expectations.

Trying to perfect every little thing is destructive.

Contributed by Logan Rane

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