🌼19 Life Lessons in 7 Minutes: How To Make Your Life Better(VERY INTERESTING)


🌼19 Life Lessons in 7 Minutes: How To Make Your Life Better(VERY INTERESTING)

Life is a series of ups and downs.

Life is a series of ups and downs. The best thing you can do when you’re going through a rough patch is to tackle it head-on. If you want to improve your life, you need to be ready to take some challenging steps and put in the effort.


If you can find the time and resources, spending 19minutes a day on something that will make you happier, better, and more successful is an excellent place to start. You have 19 minutes for a reason that’s all the time you have in the day!

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Don’t waste another second waiting around for life to happen: take action today by making changes that will lead to happier, healthier, more fulfilled days tomorrow.


Establish strategic defaults.

Always choose to change your life on the desired path. Our habits, which are the most notable instances of this, are the patterns that start to appear after we get into a routine.

If you want to alter your decisions, viewpoints, or anything else, put yourself in situations where you don’t make the usual, poor decisions that get you into problems.

It’s easy to revert to prior judgments, so you should establish a new standard of behavior as your default.

Lower the bar.

Lowering the bar is one of the finest strategies to boost motivation. Making something easier will increase your likelihood of finishing it.

One method to lower the bar is to minimize your initial expectations. It is unrealistic to anticipate quick mastery of any subject or success at a level you find unfulfilling.

Setting the bar too high is easy and yet results in disappointment and indifference.

Take mediocrity in some situations.

The bar must be raised in certain regions while being lowered in others.

The belief that you must be “perfect” is one of the biggest obstacles to success. You set yourself up for failure when you want perfection. You will never succeed if you don’t attempt to improve, no matter how hard you try.

Doing so while acknowledging that you won’t be flawless is crucial. Accept that you’re not perfect but that you’re trying.

Live with a background music track.

Making a background music track for your present condition can help lower your expectations and accept where you are.

It is a matter of personal preference as to what way to make it, as it can be made for scenarios at work, school, social settings, and more. By making this song, you are letting go of your ideals and realizing that where you are isn’t where you want to be.

It will help reduce your expectations and handle-less frustration by things you can’t control.

Consistency and quantity generally lead to quality.

Even if it pertains to several elements of your life, this concept is far more exact. Work smart, not hard, as you may have heard.

It’s because if you try to accomplish too much or push yourself too hard, you handle the danger of burning out and failing. Work shrewdly by creating while avoiding excessive time constraints to finish projects quickly.

After completing the previous assignment, pay some time on the subsequent one because they typically take longer than anticipated. Sometimes we try to do too much in the beginning and hurry through the process, which makes the issue worse.

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Planning and doing are two different modes of operating.

The best approach to stretch out the workout and make sure you don’t have too much on your plate is to plan. However, once you have a strategy in place, it’s critical to have a plan B in case you encounter obstacles or run into trouble.

Execution is not the same as planning. It’s vital to be prepared to execute the strategy, to be sure that you follow through, and to have a plan B and C accessible.

Choose to be satisfied.

You can’t be satisfied with everything and everyone, yet you can be comfortable with yourself and your situation.

Being happy with where you are and what you have is a much healthier way to live. The key is to be aware of what’s happening in your life that you’d like to be different. Being satisfied with something you desire to alter is useless.

Nothing else in your life will change unless you decide what you want to change.

Move towards things that energize rather than a drain.

Find a hobby, passion, or activity that gives you energy if you want to live your life to the fullest.

It’s acceptable to go away from something if you discover that it gives you hold even if you don’t want to.

The energy you receive from something must be better uplifting, stimulating, and rewarding than the energy you receive from something else.

Fantasy fiction books are great.

Reading fantasy literature might help you focus and escape from your problems. You may focus your choices on what you want to do rather than what you don’t want to do.

You can always select what you want to accomplish in life even if there are many things you don’t want to do. Make a list of everything in your life holding you back, then choose one thing.

Follow through, then evaluate the outcomes.

Skincare compounds over time.

To achieve the best beauty regimen, you need to keep it for 6 weeks.

This time will motivate you and help you understand what works best for you. You will be able to see the results of your efforts and make future lifestyle decisions that will improve how you feel about yourself.

When you stop, you’ll be able to identify what has to do to maintain the outcomes.

Consistently try to get up at the same hour.

Making time for a good evening routine is equally as crucial as making time for a good morning routine, as is common knowledge. It’s a great strategy to reduce stress and to have some peaceful time to decompress before bed.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to do any crucial tasks you’ve been putting off, to finish any studying or writing. When you rise at the same time each day, you’ll have less anxiety and better morning preparation.

Additionally, it will allow you time to finish up any last-minute planning before the rest of your day starts.

Don’t keep your phone on the bedside table.

Your alarm clock is the first thing you notice when you wake up. You turn on your phone after that to view the missed calls and texts. You experience worry and anxiety right away.

It is detrimental to your productivity and, more significantly, to your health. You don’t need to check your phone every five minutes. It’s the computer you’re using. With the help of this program, you may do more activities in less time.

While it is ridiculous to expect oneself to log off Facebook at 10 a.m., doing so at 9 p.m. is very acceptable.

Monetizing your passions can be entertaining.

Attending events, conferences, and seminars can help you make money from your interests. A substantial source of revenue may come from this.

You’ll get to know a lot of intriguing individuals and get a lot of knowledge from the top professionals in the field.

You may earn money from these activities through sponsorship deals, ticket sales, or payments for the services you render at these events.

Monetizing your passions can also not be amusing.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not everyone can make money from pursuing their hobbies. It is not a quick remedy either.

It takes time to develop. You must be willing to put in a lot of effort, form connections, and take chances. Do your study before deciding whether you want to pursue this. This industry is rife with scams.

Assume the people you’re networking with are working on something helpful and genuinely want to make money off it.

If you want to leave a party early, that’s acceptable.

There is a lot of pressure on young people to party all night, get inebriated, and meet people. The best use of your time is not here. There is a tonne of different alternatives open to you.

It’s a vital talent to be able to leave a party when other people are still there and still want to party and have fun. People will find you more appealing when you finally decide to go since it oozes confidence and maturity.

Additionally, it will make you look more impressive and unpredictable.

Try and enjoy each day on its merit.

One might readily put themselves under pressure to have the perfect day.

People will adore you, care for you, and support you through good and terrible times. It must be on your mind.

Remember that everyone experiences unpleasant days. Nobody is perfect, and nobody can complete every task flawlessly.

Everyone is friendly while you have to go first.

Many people are friendly and willing to assist, especially when you’re in a hurry.

You could anticipate rudeness and irritation from others when you’re pushed for time. Most people want to help, so if you can take a moment to stop and say “thank you,” they will be grateful.

You have to accept the consequences of your decisions if you’re rushed for time and can’t stop to say hello to everyone you pass.

Successful people under-invest in relationships.

Although they are crucial, relationships are not everything in life.

It’s significant to keep your focus on your goals by devoting time and effort to them. You must be willing to put in a lot of effort and make sacrifices if you want to enhance your life.

Spending 19minutes a day on something that will improve your quality of life and increase your success is a great place to start if you have the time and means to do so.

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Rejection is way better than regret.

You’re going to experience rejection, and it will hurt. You could get the sensation of rejection even though you haven’t received any at all.

You must fulfill your obstacles head-on while going through a challenging moment.

You must be ready to put in a lot of effort and make difficult decisions if you want to better your life.

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