🌼5 Simple Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Get Ahead In Life( AMAZING WISDOM)


🌼5 Simple Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Get Ahead In Life( AMAZING WISDOM)

Top 5 Psychological Tricks That Will put you ahead of 99% of the people

Human psychology is a fascinating subject, it reveals you to yourself. You’ll be able to discover yourself through reading human psychology. It can be employed in making your life easier and can help you in getting your way & navigating the world.


There are simple tricks you can do to help control your relationship with people & by applying these simple tricks you can give yourself a significant advantage in life. It will give you an edge when it comes to interacting with people both on a personal & professional level.

You’ll become more self-aware, & you’ll be more in control of your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. The likelihood of you achieving success in life will be more by understanding people around you and you’ll be able to manage your life circumstances and problems in a much better way.

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So without much further ado let’s understand the 5 Psychological Tricks that will help you get ahead in life.

1. Rejection Then Retreat Technique

Psychologist Robert Cialdini studied the phenomenon of reciprocity. The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind what another person has provided us. If someone does a favor we feel indebted to return that. If someone sends us a birthday gift we feel deeply obligated to send them a gift on their birthday as well.

The best survival tactic in the hunter-gatherer era was to share your food with others, and in return, they would reciprocate when they went hunting. This rule is deeply rooted inside us because of the inheritance from the primitive age.

The Rejection Then Retreat Technique, is more subtle than the direct route of providing a person with a favor and asking for one in return, yet the technique is more devastatingly effective than the straightforward approach.

The Technique: Supposedly you want me to agree to a certain request. One way to Increase your chances would be first to make a larger request to me, one that I will most likely turn down. Then After I have refused, you would make a smaller request that you were really interested in all along. I would consider your second request as a concession to me and would be likely to reply to and accept your concession request if you had properly structured your request.

For example, If I wish to borrow 5$ from you, by beginning with a 10-dollar request, I really can’t lose. If you agree to it, I will have gotten twice the amount from you. If on the other hand, you turn down my initial request, I can retreat to a five-dollar favor that I desired from the outset and through the action of the reciprocity greatly enhance my likelihood of success. Either way, I benefit; It’s a case of heads I win, tails you lose.

2. Know How & When to Withdraw

This technique will assist you in staying relevant, keep people interested in you and your work & will make you more desirable than other people. With few people out there understanding the art of desirability, it affords you endless opportunities to shine.

Do not make your opinions, values & tastes obvious to people. Add a bit of vagueness & mystery as to who you are. Everyone wants to share everything these days just to get attention and in the process, they make themselves too obvious and predictable. Choose to do the opposite learn to withdraw and limit your availability.

Give people room to read into you, to make their own interpretations of you. This adds mystery and fascination to your personality. Create an air of mystery around you and your work. Humans love closure and when it is not provided they become restless, curious, and more interested.

The Musician Micheal Jackson played this game to perfection on a social level, there was always a sense of mystery around his personality and life that kept the audience interested in him for more than three decades in a highly competitive music industry.

Use your absence to create an enigma.

3. Give People the Validation They Want

From early on in life we humans develop a defensive & self-protective side to our personality. We don’t want people to take advantage of us, make us vulnerable, or manipulate us into doing things we don’t want to do. We want to feel free and like to believe that we are making our own choices and living our life on our own terms.

When we judge people, make them feel guilty, try to plead or manipulate them in any way then it makes their defenses go up. They are less likely to comply with our requests. People are never comfortable with the thought that they could be gullible & less than intelligent.


Creating a feeling of validation is the golden key that will unlock people’s defenses. Instill in people a feeling of inner security. Make them feel you appreciate their wisdom & experience. Generate an atmosphere of mutual warmth. Never try to change or challenge a person’s self-image it will make them more defensive.

By exercising your empathy, getting inside their perspective, and making them feel accepted, you’ll see their defenses going down. And they become more open to your ideas. When you disagree with another person & impose your contrary opinions, you are implying that you know better, that you have thought things more rationally. People challenged in this way will be more likely to get more attached to their opinions.

You can prevent it by being more neutral, and openly admitting that the opposing idea you are sharing could be wrong as well.

4. Framing

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Consider these two statements

“Hey, all the water bottles in the fridge are empty.”

It would be really great if you could fill the water bottles, honey.”

We react differently to identical situations depending upon how they are presented. Psychologists Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky are responsible for introducing the framing effect.

In a study, researchers provided a group of people with two kinds of meat, “99% fat-free” and “1% fat” and asked them to choose which one was healthier. The respondents ranked the first one as the healthier option, even though both were identical. Next came the choice between “98% fat-free” and “1% fat”. Again the respondents chose the first option- despite its higher fat content.

Pay careful attention that whatever you communicate contains some element of framing. How you say things matters, it could be the difference between a Yes or a No, a deal closed and a deal thrashed. Every fact even if you hear it from a trusted friend, in the newspaper, or the millions of advertisements you see on social media are subject to this effect.

You can both use the insights from the framing effect to defend yourself and to persuade people to say yes to your requests. It is the most employed tool of Sales personnel, advertisers, and marketers. Where they frame the good things about their product in a way that we overlook all the things that suck about their product or service.

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5. Narrow Down The Options

We are bombarded with choices in this modern world. Hundreds of cereals to choose from. thousands of different careers, hundreds of courses, books, brands, models, holiday destinations, and infinite ways to live your life. There has never been more choice.

Yes, abundance is great and one cannot complain about having more options than ever before. But there is a limit. When it is exceeded, the excess of choices destroys the quality of life and with a such wide range, we could not come to a decision and end up choosing nothing at all the technical term for this is called the Tha paradox of choice.

Solution: Whenever you are meeting a prospective client or someone who would be interested in buying your product or services the best thing you can do is to narrow down their choices. Do not bombard them with irrelevant & a wide array of choices. Keep your offer concise, it will assist them in making a decision. People get overwhelmed when they are presented with a large number of options. Make it easier for them by narrowing down your best options.

Contributed by Chirag Malik

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