🌼7 Cold, Harsh Truths About Life That Everyone Should Know.


🌼7 Cold, Harsh Truths About Life That Everyone Should Know.

At times hard work equals stress, backache, obesity, heart disease, and death.

Everything in life is about creating hope so that we can escape the harsh realities of life.


Years ago, I read a book about hope and why we can’t live without it — whether or not things eventually manifest according to the hope we hold out.

In it, the author explained that all we do in the business of life is create hope so that we can step away/numb ourselves from the harsh realities of life.

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And it makes sense.

Life is unpredictable, and we need something to give us some sort of control. Enter hope.

If you knew the education, business, or relationship you’re so deeply invested in at the moment would never give you the results you want, you’d give up.

But you don’t because you have hope. You keep going.

Hope is what empowers us to keep taking step by step toward our future.

They say money makes the world go round. But really, it’s hope. Without hope, we’d give up and wither away.

Hope is what the government uses to control us. And at times, it’s what the church uses to manipulate us. At times to our detriment.

Just because someone did you wrong doesn’t mean they will face justice.

Trending on Netflix in my location currently is the limited series The Pharmacist.

(I’m not one for spoiler alerts, so I’ll let you watch it yourself.)

But there’s one big lesson here that reinforces one cold, harsh truth about life — justice doesn’t always prevail, no matter how many people want to believe this.

Too many evil people have and will continue to get away scot-free.

All the while, plenty of innocent people continue to waste away, living beneath the shadow of anger and bitterness, waiting for vindication that will never come.

The bad guy doesn’t always lose. The good guy doesn’t always win.

If you are still waiting for them to “get what’s coming to them,” please know it may never happen at all.

The one who did you wrong may have to live the rest of their life with zero consequences.

So what can you do?

One of the things my mother taught me is that the only true and lasting way to find healing is to accept one’s reality.

The minute you come to this point, everything changes.

In your mind, your heart, and your world.

It’s time to put down the cross. Refuse to remain frozen in time and allow that anger to melt away.

Shift that focus and mental energy to healing your soul and finding peace. And maybe somewhere down the line, joy will find you.

At times you can try hard, but you can never get back what you lost.

I’ve seen parents try to get back into their children’s lives a little too late. I’ve also seen many men try to win their wives back when it’s too late.

Sometimes you can try hard to clean up your mess but never get back what you lost.

At times you can never get your health back. At times it’s too late to say sorry. At times your apology will never mean anything at all.

But crushing as this is, it can be liberating (in some instances.)

If you still have a healthy body and the blessing of a relatively young life, the end of one thing doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

You can find peace in knowing that you still have time to pick up your tools and start again.

It sounds weird, but there’s some kind of peace that accompanies finality.

You know a chapter is done, and though you don’t know what lies in the future, you know there is a future somewhere ahead.

Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you’ll end up successful.

In school, they sold us a bill of goods.

They told us we could be anyone and anything we wanted if we only worked very hard.

We dreamed high and lofty dreams even as we turned into hamsters continually spinning on the wheels of hustle — day in and day out.

Then somewhere along the way — around the 30th year mark, we realized;

Hang on, the guy over there didn’t work nearly as much as I did, but they’re way ahead.

Yup. That’s because hard work doesn’t equal success.

At times hard work equals stress, backache, obesity, heart disease, and death. Fact.

We all have different starting points in life, which determine where and how far we go.

Where you are born, the unfair advantages you have, the nurturing you received in childhood, and the degree of exposure you have, play a very significant role in the trajectory of your life.

Time is one of your biggest liars.

When you’re basking in the summer of youth, you think time is on your side, only to wake up and realize you’ve been punked.

“I have time.” No darling. You don’t.

It goes slow and then suddenly goes fast.

Sometimes you have to sprint to get ahead because you’ve let too much time go down the drain.

And whether or not you eventually make it to your destination depends on luck and a combination of other factors, most of which may be totally out of your control.

This reality applies to almost everything– career, marriage, and health.

But the good thing is that you can make headway by leveraging your time early on.

There are many bags of goodies that come from starting early.

Once in a while, I pat my own shoulder because I’ve cultivated a lifestyle centered on daily exercise — a routine many of my friends can’t manage.

No. I wasn’t born with a fitter body than them or anything like that. In fact, I grew up in a culture that wasn’t accustomed to any sort of formal exercise.

But twelve years ago, I stepped on a treadmill for the first time. I’ve never stopped.

The game changer?

Catching time before it got me.

It would be much harder to start now.

You’re only a tiny fraction in the big circle of your parents’ lives.

Many of us disappoint our parents because we place very high expectations on them, forgetting that in the grand scheme of things, we only occupy a fraction of who they are as individuals.

Parenting is only a small part of someone’s identity as much as it consumes a large part of someone’s life.

Before you became a parent, you had a life and an identity, and long after your kids have grown and left the nest, you’ll still have a life beyond that.

Some people will dislike you at no fault of your own.

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Someone somewhere will dislike you just because their vibration doesn’t match yours — and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Another person will dislike you because you remind them of parts of themselves they haven’t dealt with.

Another one will dislike you because you remind them of someone buried deep in the ashes of their dark past.

Heck, your nose alone is a reason enough for someone to dislike you on the spot.

I believe embracing this truth can liberate any people-pleaser out there. Or anyone who imagines that doing the right thing will put them in everybody’s good books.

One of the things that you learn as you grow older is that your best will never be enough for some people.

So, what can you do?

Be authentic to your core.

Live your life as if the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself.

Contributed by Leah Njoki

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