📕The Greatest Time Management Tool(MUST READ)


📕The Greatest Time Management Tool(MUST READ)

CEO’s and business owners agree

I remember being told, ‘If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.’ It always sounded counterintuitive to me. But the saying has truth to it. People with energy, organised people who structure their task completion have a greater propensity to complete the tasks given to them.


Time More Valuable Than Money

Time as we know is the greatest resource we all have, and it is free but more valuable than money, it is easy to show that time is more valuable than money, think of the billionaire on his deathbed out of time and then think of the average joe who has little money, who would you swap places with if you had to choose one?

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There is something that sets apart successful time managers from unsuccessful time managers.

This world is full of distraction and distraction is the thief of time, and we know time is money, so distraction is the thief of money. Think about it that way.

But how do we remain focused in an information overloaded world?

The One Trick That Sets Great Managers Apart

There is one simple trick to remain focussed, is something I learnt early in the corporate world, from a very intelligent lady who was my boss, in my very first job after university, bright eyed and bushy tailed I walked into the multinational dairy company thinking I knew it all.

Fresh business degree and theory permeating my brain.

Multi-tasking Genius

My boss, who was a short Scottish lady, was a quick wit, and a multi-tasker, the likes of which I had never encountered before.

She would look down at her diary and then start rattling off all the projects we had to complete in the next 6 months and where we were on each of them.

There was a lot going on.

The following day, it amazed me how Elizabeth remembered such detail about 30 projects, and still had arguments with finance about brand profit-and-loss statements, meetings with advertising agencies and pack design agencies and then planned dinner for her family, and she did all this in her stride, in between liaising with factories and production managers and packaging technologists too.

She was some super brained superhero, and I was just nowhere near that level of multi-tasking ability and management.

The Secret Revealed

Then one day I happened upon her secret, the key to her productivity.

She would get to the office and close her door for the first 30 mins after reaching her office and grabbing a cup of coffee or tea. Then she would emerge and would be game on.

What on earth was she doing in the office for those first 30 minutes of each day? I would always get to the office before her and then observe her routine. She never wavered from the first 30 mins of no distractions each day.

I thought she was praying or something. Perhaps the power she had was from dimensions we know little of? Perhaps she was taking steroids or brain boosters?

It wasn’t until a month later I discovered her secret and it was so simple but effective. It was the key to remaining focused and task oriented and the key to destroying distraction.

The key, the secret super power she had was a list, make a list and keep updating that list, work from that list and re-arrange that list as priorities change but always have a list, and do what’s on that list.

In setting up that list you need to rank the tasks by those which are easy to achieve and which have the largest business impact, and do those things first, if it’s cost saving or increasing sales or efficiencies, whatever it is, if it grows company profits, do that.

Always rank tasks by business impact and achievability, but keep the list so that you don’t forget ideas and longer term tasks.

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Key Learnings

Keep a list

Rank your tasks in impact on the business and achievability, those with shortest time, easiest to achieve with greatest impact, you must prioritise.

Work on those that have the greatest impact in the shortest time. Impact does not only mean bringing in more money, it also means stopping the outflow of money for the business. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Keep the list to remember longer-term projects, and work towards those when you have completed short term impactful projects.

Steer clear of distraction by revisiting your list and adding to it, and re-prioritising projects each day, make this a habit and you will always remain focused and productive.

Contributed by Dean Gee

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