๐ŸŒผ3 high-value skills you must not miss out in 2023


๐ŸŒผ3 high-value skills you must not miss out in 2023

Skills are the gold mines that bring literally tons of gold to us in various ways. Be it soft skills or hard skills but the skills which I will be talking about are the nitro boosters in leveraging your career 10x.

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1. The art of getting a reply

Getting a reply from your crush, getting a guest on your podcast, or getting a job opportunity the art of writing the perfect message is a valuable skill you must learn.

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An appealing subject line is the key to starting your cold email. it can be


A reference i.e Linkedin post, a person’s name, or something which lets him know how you got to know that person. It can also be a mutual connection

Refer to a shared interest

Offer value

The next step should be to introduce yourself, what you do, where are you, etc just be quick in this step

Then a bit of context and then ask your question or the opportunity or the reason why you contacted XYZ person.

I will be soon writing another article on medium about cold emailing and hacks about how to perfectly do its o stay tuned in.

2. Prompt engineering

With the Ai boom all around us i.e Chat GPT Mid Journey, DALL.E 2, etc we need to master the prompts. A prompt is something we send to the Ai on the basis of which it generates output

The better the prompt the greater the output. If you, master the skill of prompt writing you master the skill of getting your desired output from the Ai. Ai can handle and do a lot but you just need to give it the right prompt.

You can learn it by reading a lot of blogs, watching youtube videos, and experimenting yourself. Prompt engineering is the new in-demand job of the decade.

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3. Public Speaking

Speaking your heart out is the most underrated skill till this point but when you master the art of public speaking you master the art of leadership. You then know how to express your thoughts.

If you can lead a group of people and tell them what to do, you have the power in your hands and you can get the most out of it.

Get in front of people and start speaking, this will bring you more than you can imagine. It can open the doors of opportunities for you and this is the most valuable skill in the list of soft skills.

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Contributed by Sameer Makhani

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