🌼10 Books That Make You Wiser, Wealthier, and Stronger


🌼10 Books That Make You Wiser, Wealthier, and Stronger

Reading never goes out of style

I don’t have to talk about the benefits of reading. I love to see all the content on Medium and social media about book recommendations.


When I started my blog in 2015, one of my first posts was about a list of books I love.

Book recommendations will never go out of style because reading is here to stay. We’ve been reading books for hundreds of years, and we will probably keep reading books.

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And preferably, physical ones. While I love to read on my e-reader at night, I feel weird if I don’t touch a print book for more than a week or so.


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I love books because they give you insights and a different perspective. As the novelist Walter Mosley said:

“I’m not saying that you have to be a reader to save your soul in the modern world… I’m saying it helps.”

But time time is limited and we can’t read everything we want about every topic we want. But if you’re into improving every area of your life, from your health to relationhsips to your finances, check out this list.

I’ve selected the 10 very best books that help you to become wiser, wealthier, and stronger.

Full Disclosure: I’ve used affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

1. Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

At less than a hundred pages, this is one of those short books that give a lot of useful insight. It’s written for entrepreneurs and it chronicles real life lessons that Sivers learned from building his multi-million dollar business, CD Baby. But the lessons talk about things you can definitely apply in other aspects of your life. Like how to be lazy!

Sivers built his business using very simple methods. In his book, he talks about how he used his “lazy” approach to growing a business that he eventually sold for $22 million.

2. Seeking Wisdom by Peter Bevelin

This is a great guide to improving one’s thinking and decision-making skills. The book draws on wisdom from a wide range of sources, including philosophy, psychology, and science.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to make choices they won’t regret. The insights presented in Seeking Wisdom will remain relevant for years to come.

Whether you’re a creator, investor, or simply someone looking to improve your life, this book is a must-read. It will help you think more clearly, make better decisions, and ultimately, lead a more fulfilling life.

3. Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews

The ultimate guide to building a stronger, leaner, and healthier physique. Matthews presents the information in a clear and easy-to-follow manner, making it accessible to readers of all fitness levels. He provides practical tips and techniques that readers can use to build the body of their dreams.

The book’s approach is scientifically sound and results-driven, making it one of the best resources available for building a better body. This book is for anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level.

4. On The Shortness Of Life by Seneca

A meditation on the nature of time and how we can make the most of our limited stay on Earth. Seneca shows how life is short and that we should make the most of it by living in accordance with our values and focusing on what truly matters. Throughout the book, Seneca provides practical advice on how to cultivate wisdom, self-control, and a sense of purpose in life.

Seneca’s insights are as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago. If you want to live a more meaningful life or want to reflect on the nature of existence, go read it.

5. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John Bogle

Bogle argues that the best way to achieve long-term investment success is to focus on low-cost index funds that track the overall performance of the market. If you want to make money from the stock market without making it your (unprofitable) day job, then this book is for you.

It teaches you the foundational skills that every investor who wants to profit should have: Things like, minimizing investment costs, building a diverse portfolio, and staying the course despite market fluctuations.

This isn’t a book for get-rich-quick seekers, but for those who want to build wealth in the long term.

6. The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

In a rapidly changing world, the key to success is to be fearless and to pursue our passions, no matter how unconventional they may seem. Throughout the book, Godin shows you how to create work that is meaningful and that has the potential to make a difference.

This book is for anyone looking to break free from the status quo and to forge their own path. Godin’s ideas will challenge you to rethink your assumptions about work, success, and creativity.

7. Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl

Through his story about surviving a Nazi concentration camp, Frankl explores the meaning of life and says that the search for meaning is the primary motivator of human existence. He presents his ideas on “logotherapy,” which emphasizes the importance of finding purpose in life and using that purpose to endure even the most difficult circumstances.

Frankl’s story shows the resilience of the human spirit and the power of the human will to overcome even the hardest challenges.

8. The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White

Every job has some form of written communication, whether that’s email, chat, sales pages,social media posts, and the like. That’s why The Elements of Style is such an important book. It’s a classic guide to making clear, concise, and effective writing.

The book covers the basic principles of grammar, usage, and composition, and provides practical tips and techniques for improving one’s writing.

9. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It isn’t called a “classic” for nothing. And though it might look like a heavy and complicated read at first, I personally find it to be quite light. Dostoyevsky tells the story of Raskolnikov, a young man who believes he is above the law. And so this guy embarks on a crime spree in St. Petersburg. Through his experiences, Raskolnikov grapples with questions of guilt, redemption, and the nature of good and evil.

Whether you’re a fan of crime fiction or simply interested in exploring the depths of the human spirit, I invite you to try out this book.

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10. Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker

“Managing Oneself,” originally published as a Harvard Business Review article and later as a paperback, is considered to be one of the greatest self-help pieces ever written. It’s very short, so even if you “don’t have the time,” you can breeze through it on your commute or while having your morning coffee.

In the book, Drucker breaks down the importance of self-awareness to get the career you want. If you’re looking to take control of your personal and professional development, this book is a must-read.

I make a point to read this a few times a year to remind myself of its insights. That’s how useful the book is.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did!

Contributed by Darius Foroux

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