🌼10 Ways To Improve Your Life


🌼10 Ways To Improve Your Life

Small methods that will make you happier right now.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed as of late? Kinda like each day is an automatic repeat of the one before. You’re moving through time but the moments that matter most seem to be stuck in the rearview mirror…


Locked in the haze of mediocrity you ask yourself…

What happened to how I used to feel? Why am I not happier? Everything seems to be okay, but I feel so numb.

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Well, my friend, you can fix that. We’ve all run into ruts before. I find it peculiar how so many of us tend to judge ourselves by the rut we fall into.


It’s odd since we aren’t the problem. But I’ve seen so many people punish themselves with more guilt, simply because they aren’t as happy as they feel they should be.

Even more extreme are those who believe that if they aren’t completely happy all the time, then there is something wrong with them.

To that I say…


Highs and lows are part of the human experience. It’s healthy to feel a range of emotions throughout the course of your life. All that stands between us and joy is a choice…

It is a simple one.

Start living again.

High Voltage Harmony

Making the above life shift can require a few jolts to shift things in the right direction. It’s more than simply getting out of your comfort zone or changing your morning routine.

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These ten transformative activities all share one simple goal. They represent tools designed to help you feel again.

1. Ice Baths

Nothing shocks you out of a stupor like throwing yourself in a tub of ice. Not only will this practice assist in waking you up each day, but it has numerous medical benefits for your overall health.

From reducing pain and inflammation to changing your state of mind, the ice dip represents an excellent method for clearing your mind and freezing out any negativity that’s been clinging to your day.

2. 30 minutes of pure gratitude

When was the last time you felt nothing but gratitude? No worries, no fears, and no resentment. Just the pure strength of understanding all the blessings that fill your life. I’ve met people who do versions of this. As you would imagine, they live extraordinary lives.

I often read and listen to different ideas on the topic of meditation. One thing they all have in common is the requirement to clear your mind. To think about nothing at all. I suppose it can help bring people back to baseline. But, why stay at baseline when you could go so far beyond it?

Start by only focusing on what you appreciate most. Your life, health, family, friends, etc. Then get as detailed as you can. The air in your lungs. The sun on your face. No blessing or experience is too small to appreciate.

Do this for 30 minutes each day and watch how it changes your life for the better.

3. Dancing

When was the last time you kicked up your heels? Not only is dancing great exercise but shakin’ a leg can also increase your balance and uplift your spirit in the process.

Not ready for the club or a party? No problem. Just put on your favorite tunes and shuffle your way around the house, solo. Want to up the joy? Grab a loved one and boogie down.

4. You are what you eat

It’s always a good time to improve your diet. Improving it doesn’t need to take the shape of whirlwind changes. Small steps, when added together, can yield extraordinary results.

Starting out can be choosing to drink water instead of soda. Perhaps you eat a salad instead of potato chips. Or maybe you even try your hand at cooking a meal from scratch. If you’re ready to live life on the edge, I can recommend the following three recipes…

Delicious Curry That’s Also Simple To Make

This easy recipe will have you enjoying the fragrant aromas of the beloved liquid gold in no time.

The Inexpensive Meal Helping Me Get Back In Shape

This recipe is fresh, easy to make, and I love it.

Pasta Arrabbiata Is For Lovebirds

A sauce for those special occasions with the one you love.

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5. Throw a rager

Thank God, I had the privilege of attending the number one party school in California. Arguably the number one party school in the continental USA. It was in the days before Instagram and when we went out in our little party town, cliffside to the Pacific Ocean, the night was 100% experience and 0% documentation. Well, we did snap a few pics to later hang on the wall.

House hopping, dancing, lighting off fireworks, meeting new friends, and kickin’ it with old ones, still rank among my favorite memories in life.

Host a party. Even if it’s lunch. Invite people over and have a basket for phones at the door. Re-learn how to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted.

6. Explore new horizons

Be it local or international, there is something wonderful about discovering new places. Adventures aren’t overrated. If you’re feeling a little stuck, take a trip somewhere new. Even if the trip is on foot, the mini-journey will not only lend you a fresh perspective, it will help you break out of the groove.

7. Pen Pals

One of my favorite pen pals was named Max. He worked at the local surf shop down the street. That particular shop let you work there at 14, if your parents signed off on it, and I would see him every so often when I’d go scope out bikinis.

Freshman year rolled around and we both attended the same high school. By 10th grade English, we became friends. With college on the horizon, it was clear that weren’t ready to let go of the friendship.

Since we were both pretty old-fashioned, writing letters seemed like a better option than sending text messages. Those letters flew back and forth between our schools. One package even included freshly baked cookies.

Handwritten letters are like nothing else. While finding a good pen pal might take some time, the search is well worth it.

8. Go out with your parents

Party with your parents. Sure, that party might look more like bird watching at the local estuary, but nonetheless, those hours will be filled with memories you’ll never be able to replace.

Now, I know that family relationships can often become a bit tense. So, do what you can. Send an email, call, or take them out to breakfast. Just keep working at attaining the relationship you want with your folks.

9. Plant something

I love gardening. I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise since I also relish having a pen pal and cooking. All I can say is that old people know what’s up. I can’t help it if I like hanging out with them, they’re full of wisdom.

Tending plants can do wonders for your overall health. You get to spend time in the sun, and working with your hands can help relieve stress and anxiety. Plus, if you plant a garden, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Live in an apartment? No worries. Get a bag of seeds from Home Depot or Lowes. Buy a pot and cultivate the beginnings of your indoor solarium.

The process of tending a plant is something that helps build insight and connects you more to this world.

After all, you know what they say…

A little dirt never hurt.

10. Snooze Fest

I was nocturnal for the vast majority of my 20s. Some nights were parties, many other nights were filled with complex work in the engineering lab. I now have the incredible luxury of going to sleep at a more human hour.

And what do I do with that gift?

Stay up way too late, that’s what. But, 2023 is the year I get more sleep, and I happily encourage you to do the same. Seeing black spots all around you isn’t the new cool. Neither is feeling stressed out after too much coffee and too little rack.

Sleep is like money, earn as much of it as you can.

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11. Love Someone

Ah. The most meaningful pursuit of them all… Finding someone to love. I can just hear the sighs. But, not all love has to be romantic. In fact, real love rarely resembles that of the movies.

My wonderful Rabbi often says…

If you’re feeling lonely, then make yourself more useful.

Make yourself into a person that other people need. Learning to help others and giving back to those around you is a form of love. Everything from opening a door for a person carrying heavy boxes to reading, to visiting with your elderly neighbor, brings more love into this world. Each action also fosters something invaluable within you.

That thing is kindness.

Developing kindness is the first step to knowing how to truly love someone, and yourself in the process. So, when you see the moment present itself, deliver a whopping dose of kindness, and walk away knowing that you’ve added more love to someone’s day.

Let me know how it goes and until next time…

Much Love,

Contributed by D. A. Rutherford

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