🌼5 Things Highly Evolved, Modern Women Never Waste Their Time Doing(EVERY LADY SHOULD READ THIS NOW)


🌼5 Things Highly Evolved, Modern Women Never Waste Their Time Doing(EVERY LADY SHOULD READ THIS NOW)

When dating or in a relationship.

Romantic relationships still encompass one of the most significant aspects of life for most of us.


It’s a dream for a lot of us to have it easier navigating from meeting dating prospects to having amazing love lives.

But unfortunately for a lot of us, it’s a heavy struggle to attract and keep romantic partners glued to us.

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That’s why there are certain things highly evolved modern women never waste their time doing. Hence, they seem to have it easier with dating and relationships.


And the truth is, you’ll be saving yourself from heartbreak, pain, and disappointment if you also avoid doing them.

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Look at these things that highly evolved and mature women never care to do.

And if you engage in one, a few, or many of them, it’s high time you stop to avoid making your love and dating life more difficult than it should be.

1. Playing hard to get

The thing about playing hard to get?

It’s usually an ego game played by attention-obsessed, insecure women with the sole intention of getting someone to “fall for them.” However, it’s one of the most useless dating “tactics” out there.

Although some women still think putting up this behavior will somehow make potential partners respect and value them more,

I strongly believe you’ll always come across as more mature, attractive, and respect-worthy if you’re often authentic enough to show men you like that you do like them or that you don’t if you don’t.

Besides, dating culture has changed tremendously from what it used to be decades or even centuries ago. Hence, giving a signal of your interest instead of the old school “playing hard to get” is now imperative, or the guy will simply look elsewhere—toward someone that’s showing interest.

Evolved women know this. And that’s why they know better than to look for men who enjoy the “pride in the chase,” because those might turn out to be the wrong guys.

2. Trading personalities to be loved

99.99% of the people who do this always end up unhappy in their relationships.

Yet, I see this a lot of times.

A woman who wants to win a man over and even keep him will resort to not only giving up a part of her personality. But she will even try to mold herself into what she thinks her partner will like.

However, mentally evolved and self-aware women wouldn’t even try to “get a man to fall for them,” let alone do some kind of self-destructive dirty work to attract or keep one.

Because they live by the creed, “If he doesn’t accept, appreciate, and love me for who I am, then I’m better off without him.”

And that’s because they know how worthless and unfulfilling it’ll be to lose oneself entirely in a relationship up to the point that she becomes unrecognizable to herself.

Yeah, that’s how terrible a mistake it is to think of altering who you are, even if you intend to do so until a love interest commits.

3. Playing the victim card when they’re supposed to apologize

When someone’s willing to do anything to escape their wrongdoing, even if it means playing the victim or refusing to GENUINELY apologize, it might be because she somehow thinks she can do no wrong.

It’s an immature entitlement that’ll threaten the health of any relationship.

Hence, the need for a lot of women to stop letting their egos drive their relationships to the dumps. Yes, need.

Evolved, modern women seem to be having and enjoying better relationships because they’re mature enough to know that admitting their mistakes and apologizing should come naturally.

Besides, aren’t we all humans bound to make mistakes that will in one way or another hurt others?

Of course, we are! Hence, refusing to show remorse, apologize, and make amends after hurting someone in any way is one of the most inhumane things one can ever do.

But some women will go as far as portraying themselves as victims as a defense mechanism to escape their wrongdoings, even to the extent of blaming their partners for their actions.

My ex once told me that I “caused” her to cheat when all I hoped to hear from her was a simple, “I’m sorry.”

You can imagine how terrible and traumatizing it was for me. If only she could sincerely apologize and make amends more often than she didn’t, our relationship would have been a lot easier.

4. Equating social media display of affection with true love

Ironically, evolved modern women are almost unconcerned with social media displays of affection or having their partners show them off to the world. Especially if that isn’t a thing for their partners.

In this age of technology, the internet, and social media, truly evolved, modern, and mature women know better than to tie their worth and self-esteem to some mushy or romantic statuses on their partners’ social media profiles.

It was so refreshing to find in my current girlfriend someone so mature enough to understand that we all have different ways of loving and showing it.

Ever since we’ve been together, she has never pressured me into posting about her on social media or even stalked my social media activities as a few of my past partners did.

Because with those kinds of women, if you don’t show them off to the world, post their pictures with poetic captions, etc., you don’t love them enough or might be cheating.

But that’s logically incorrect. I’ve seen lots and lots of couples who engage a lot in public displays of affection, even on social media, but are only doing so to mask their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their relationships.

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5. Failing to see jealousy for what it truly is

Maybe you’re one of those people who seamlessly believes that someone’s completely committed when he’s, in some way, a jealous partner.

After all, who doesn’t want some kind of reassurance of their partners’ love or commitment? Because there’s no point in staying with a partner who isn’t committed to you either.

But it’s ridiculous to think that jealousy in a romantic partner is proof of commitment.

Especially when you choose to subject or surrender yourself to some kind of psychopathic control and dictation, that’ll leave you feeling like a prisoner to some mentally sick asshole.

It’s even crazier when you deliberately try to make your partner jealous by getting flirty with other men. Entertaining advances. And even hanging out with guys who are obviously interested in you, so that he’ll get jealous and scare off his “rivals.”

Well, highly evolved modern women know better than to waste their time in any of these manners.

Contributed by John Emmanuel

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