🌻Absorbing these 7 tips in 3 minutes will make you more confident than most people (this isn’t a joke)


🌻Absorbing these 7 tips in 3 minutes will make you more confident than most people (this isn’t a joke)

Let’s dive straight in shall we…

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Stop trying to be confident.

You kidding me?

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We weren’t put on this Earth to TRY to be something we already are.


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You are confident by default.

Confidence is merely unrestricted energy flowing through our bodies.

You just THINK you’re not confident.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about what your dad said to you when you were 7, which hurt your feelings.

You’re already there.

Stop trying, stop looking for ‘hacks,’ and feel your confidence rise up in you again.

Give Drake the dragon a little nudge.

The little bastard is in there, snoozing smoke rings somewhere in the dark recesses of your inner psyche.

Coax his little eyes open and tell him you’re there for him.

There’s a part of you full of fire, healthy aggression and life.

All it takes is a connection, a welcoming stroke, and an emotional bridge.

Realise you don’t need to hold on to all that ‘baggage.’

Baggage can keep people trapped in insecurity until their dying breath.

Dumb move, bozo.

Baggage — in case you didn’t realise it — is an illusion.

We’re incapacitated by a freaking fantasy. The weight is lifted the minute you see this for what it is and step out into the world with pride.

It’s that simple.

Physical tightness and confidence can’t be friends.

We talked earlier about how we’re all naturally confident.

We will feel naturally at ease if we’re not preoccupied with critical and negative judgements about ourselves and others.

Physical tightness follows judgement and will make you less effective.

We can’t feel truly confident if our shoulders are up past our ears and our bellies are like breeze blocks.

The way to confidence is in letting go, shaking out nerves and staying loose.

‘Personality’ is some dumb shit you made up when you were 14.

Lmao. Why do you allow your spotty-teenager version of you to dictate the show?

The dude made it up because some asshole at school said you were a dweeb.

Your personality is based on nothing, only self-judgement.

There is no ‘personality’, and you are not tied down by anything that happened in your past.

You can be whoever you want to be; and whoever you need to be.

You really are free if you only saw that the door to your prison is open.

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While most people go to therapy, you’re focused on massive success.

Therapy for a few sessions may help those who need to share their pains with another human.

Fine. But to sit on that chair for months is like rubbing salt into a cut.

There’s no better cure for modern mental malaise than being in the throes of decisive action towards exciting goals.

Confidence is composed of doing, not waiting.

Decide to be the kind of person who lifts others up.

Picking your nose all day wondering what other people think of you is a fool’s game, and it will make your face wrinkly.

You will be gifted with a surprising renewed strength when you decide to quit obsessing about yourself and focus on becoming a leader.

You are now the instigator of happiness in other people’s lives.

Confidence is a game of compassion for others because you can’t possibly love yourself if that’s lacking.

Contributed by Alex Mathers

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