🌼How to Solve Any Problem in Your Life


🌼How to Solve Any Problem in Your Life

The shovel-bending secret

Solving problems is a 100 trillion $ industry.


It sounds foamy, but solving problems is key to getting anything you want out of life.

By the end of this, you’ll know EXACTLY how to solve your money problems, relationship issues, or whatever else has been holding you back for years.

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In the first few years of my self-development journey, there were many things I struggled with.


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I was very unproductive, didn’t stick to my habits for more than a few weeks, had trouble focusing on work, and skipped the gym all the time.

Every time I started something new, I’d quit after a week. Consistency felt impossible, and with every additional failure, I lost more and more respect for myself.

I stopped believing in myself because I knew that I couldn’t trust myself.

I wasted most of my time stuck in a loop of watching Youtube videos, playing video games, scrolling through my phone, repeat.

But through relentless experimentation and countless failures, I was able to solve all of those problems. Breaking addictions, building discipline, getting jacked, and becoming more focused and productive.

Now, 3 years later, I have reverse-engineered the exact process that allowed me to solve my most painful problems.

And in this piece, I’m going to share with you what I found.

First, some good news: it’s an undeniable truth that EVERY problem, no matter how difficult or impossible it seems, has a solution.

Without darkness, there is no light.

Without evil, there is no good.

And without a solution, there is no problem.

Now, in the next few minutes…

We’ll explore why EVERY problem has to have a solution,

I’ll hand you the easiest method for problem-solving on a silver platter,

and give you an actionable process you can start using today.

Let’s dive in.

Why EVERY problem has a solution

The absence of a solution = a problem.

When it’s winter and you take away someone’s jacket, he will be cold.

The absence of the solution (something that keeps him warm) becomes the problem (he’s cold).

To solve the problem, you’ll have to find the missing piece — which becomes the solution.

This means that if there is a problem, there HAS to be a solution — you just have to find it.

You might think this is stupidly simple, so why even bother talking about this?

Well, working with clients made me realize that many people tend to view problems as something mysterious and intangible.

Especially big problems often seem almost impossible to solve, which makes most people give up before they have even started.

But here is what’s important:

(1.) Every problem has to have a solution and (2.) there is a clear-cut process that will allow you to solve ANY problem.


To find the solution, understand the problem

Why would someone as brilliant as Einstein spend less than 10% of the available time and effort looking for a solution?

Well, you already know the answer:

A problem is the absence of a solution. This means that to find the solution, we only have to understand the problem.

Once you understand every aspect of the problem, the solution will be self-evident — because you’ll see precisely what is missing.

But to gain such clarity, you’ll have to pull out your shovel and start digging:

Every problem has a network of roots you have to dig up

Think about the last time you walked through a forest.

The big trees have massive networks of roots, while smaller plants have much smaller and fewer roots.

And problems work EXACTLY the same way.

Small problems have a few sub-problems that you’ll have to solve, while big problems can have 20, 30, or even 50 root problems.

When someone is unhappy in their relationship, there is no single solution. But once you start digging, you’ll find a jungle of smaller problems that lie beneath the surface.

Understanding this is the key to problem-solving.

Unless you are digging for roots, you’re treating symptoms or will be too overwhelmed by the sheer size of a problem.

But how do you do that? Well, take this shovel:

To dig up the roots of a problem, ask “why?” until you get to the very bottom.

A big problem might have 5 root problems below the surface. Those problems might have 2–10 smaller root problems beneath — some of which will have 2–10 even smaller root problems.

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Here is an example:

I’ve only spent 10 minutes coming up with this example, so it only contains a small fraction of all the root problems that are possible.

But you get the idea

Every big problem in your life boils down to a set of root problems that you can address and fix one by one.

This is important. One by one!

This is how you can tackle seemingly impossible problems. You deconstruct them into their parts and then tackle every small sub-problem individually.

Keep asking “why?” to start digging, and you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

Once you get to the bottom of a sub-problem, the solution becomes self-evident.

When you see all the moving parts, you’ll know exactly what is missing. Problem-solving becomes easy.

This simple process will allow you to solve ANY problem in your life — no matter how overwhelming, impossible, or painful it might seem.

Now, this will require a lot of effort, but what is the alternative?

I hope you found this helpful.

Contributed by Max Wesener

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