How to gain admission with low JAMB score


How to gain admission with low JAMB score

One of the major setbacks that wanna-be university students face is a low JAMB score. Truth is, getting a low JAMB score should not deter you from seeking admission into a Nigerian higher institution. That is why this article is dedicated to helping JAMB applicants learn alternative ways to gain admission should they wind up with some low score. Without further mouthing let us delve in.

Practical Ways to Gain Admission If You Wind Up With a Low JAMB Score


Here are actionable ways that you can get admission if your JAMB score is below a higher institution’s cut off mark:

1. Buy the University’s Shopping Form

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The first practical step to take is to purchase the shopping form of the university you applied for. It is important to note that most Federal and State universities in Nigeria have a form that students can use to gain admission while their previous application is still pending. If your JAMB score does not reach the University’s required cut-off mark, rather than waste time and depend on luck, it is best to opt for the shopping form.


The cost of shopping forms in Nigeria can range from 10000 to 30,000 naira. It is best to have a shopping form as a back-up plan, given that it does not invalidate your previous admission.

Also you have to be following up with the university to know when it releases its admission list and when it makes its shopping form available to the general public.

2. Study Hard So That You Can Nail a High Score and Make Up For Your Low JAMB Score

If you want to increase your chances of getting admission to a Nigerian university, you have to over-prioritize your post-UTME exams. This is because your post UTME score can be used to augment your low JAMB score. An average of your JAMB and post UTME score can be enough to make the cut off mark of a university and then used to land a credible admission. Do you have a low JAMB score, no problem? Start studying hard for your Post UTME!

3. Consider ELDS and Catchment Areas

ELDs or Educationally Less Developed States are states that allow indigenes to get admission despite a low score.

It is important to note that Federal Universities in Nigeria allocate 35% of their admission quota to indigenes of their catchment areas and 20% to ELDs. As for state Universities in Nigeria, they usually favor their own indigenes the most.

When you hit a low JAMB score, it is advised to apply for Universities that are around the State that you hail from. This way, you will boost your chances of getting admitted.

Persons from said Catchment areas and ELDs usually enjoy lower departmental cut off marks.

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4. Opt For Alternative Programs to JAMB

These practical approaches should come in handy if you had a very low JAMB result score. The two most common alternative programs to JAMB are IJMB and JUPEB. This academic program does not require a high JAMB score, and as a plus can give you direct admission into 2nd year.

The downside is that not all the Universities in Nigeria run JUPEB or IJMB programs.

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